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Permitted Firearms include:
All Pellet Guns – All Pistols – All Black Powder – Most Shotguns – Most High Power Rifles

To get the most from your ammo and rifle you need to know the performance all the way to the target.  Years ago you had to search through ballistics tables and guess.  With the help of Oehler’s Ballistic Explorer software program you can now quickly calculate the performance under your exact conditions!  We offer this as a free service to our guests.  This program will help you ballistically sight in your rifle at up to 2500 yards!


Be sure to check out our Range Rules page.

Standard ammo is required on all firearms.

Our Traditional Archery lane rental rate is $10 per person, plus $8 per each additional shooter on your lane. Every lane rental is good for an entire day’s worth of shooting.
Be sure to check out our Range Rules page.
Firearm Range Rules
Archery Range Rules
We offer great memberships to fit your needs!