Learn A Skill. Save Money. Recycle.

Reloading is the process of reusing old casings to create new cartridges. The other 3 components (the bullet, the gunpowder, and primer) are exhausted during a shot and must be replaced. We offer classes and sell equipment and will gladly otherwise assist you in any way we can to ensure that your experience is safe, easy, and an economical solution for your ammunition needs.

Many people reload their ammunition in an effort to save money, recycle, resupply during times when ammunition is scarce, and also to create ammunition custom-tailored for specific purposes such as varmint hunting. If you have any questions concerning reloading, feel free to call our Reloading Team at
(405) 947-3888 Ext 137.

Reloading Courses

How The Get The Most Bang For Your Buck
H&H offers a 3-step approach with our Reloading Courses:

Class I: $60

In this class, you will learn the basics of reloading and how to reload pistol ammunition. We cover the basics of reading a loading manual, how to use the basic pieces of equipment found on a reloader’s bench, and how to set and adjust dies on a single stage press. This class is great for someone who is curious about how it all works and what equipment options are available to choose from. During the course of the class the students will perform hands on training and actually load pistol ammo that is fired on the range through a pistol provided by the instructor. The average class length is around 3 to 3.5 hours. All materials are provided by the range, all that is brought by the students are a writing instrument and a willingness to learn. This class is a required to take Class II.

Class II: $60

This is the basic rifle reloading class. In this class you will learn the basics of reloading rifle ammo. We will cover trimming cases, swaging primer pockets, removing stuck cases, and many other topics that are common to rifle reloading. To attend this class you must have already completed Class I as we will not spend time learning basic load data research and scale and caliper manipulation. The average class length for this class is 2 to 3 hours. All loading done in this class is done on a single stage press.

Class III: $60 per hour (up to two students at one time)

This class is a one-on-one instruction based on the student’s individual needs. We have several different presses to use and will tailor the class to the student’s specific questions. This can be a beginner class all the way through advanced loading. In this class the student is required to bring or supply their own materials depending on caliber being loaded. There is no average class length as this is dictated by the students.
This is the only class that is done on an hourly rate.