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How to get the best results from your gunsmith of choice.

Guns, like any machine will eventually break down.  It’s no wonder really, they hold small explosions in them.  So for guns that are big and small they will need some one to fix them at some point.  SO who would you take them to?  A gun smith of course.  These experts go to schools on the ways and means of gun repair.  Unless you know what you’re doing it would be best for you to take your gun to some one who does know.  With that in mind here’s what you need to know when visiting a gun smith

Make sure your gun(s) are unloaded.

This may seem like a no brainier for some, but for others it might be new information to them.  Having you gun unloaded, magazine out/action unlocked) lets the gunsmith know that what ever is coming their way is not dangerous.  This starts you off on the right foot with them so you can get straight to business.

Have all the parts with you.

Most of the time a gun smith needs all the parts of the gun.  At the end of their project they will need to test every thing to make sure it works properly.  Giving them only the part that needs work can slow down progress or might make it impossible for them to continue their work.  So have the gun fully assembled or in a box or bag.  And if a missing part is the problem then just let them know real quick.

Accurately describe the problem.

Some guns experience problems more often than other ones.  And some times the problems are common between users.  The more specific you get, the faster thy can think of a solution.  After it’s handed off they can get back to work.

Expect to wait.

Fixes take time.  Some times a part needs to be ordered or manufactured.  If you want quality you just have to wait for every thing to come together while it’s worked on.  Just let them work and try not to bother them.  Their work require them to work at projects that can’t be put down easily.  Also you’re not the only gun they are working on.  Their shop is full of projects and if you’re last on the list just ask real quick before you hand the gun over to them how long it might be.

Expect to pay.

Quality takes money too.  If you need something very sensitive worked on then you simply have to fork over some cash.   An quality gun smith will want to be fairly compensated for their hard work.  Some projects need a lot of time put into them rush as re-blueing.  Some guns are also no longer in production and their parts are no longer being made.  That scarcity makes them expensive.  Bad quality smiths don’t stay in business and good ones charge a fair price.

So in short this list is an overview of what to expect while at the smith’s shop.  They want to work on guns and you want your gun fixed so make sure you do your best to help them out.  And you need to keep in mind that some guns are lost causes.  Eventually some guns will be beyond repair and you’ll just have to make it a wall hanger after that.  Some part might just be too hard to either make by hand or too expensive to order and you gotta just roll with it unfortunately.  So how what kind of results have you gotten with your local gunsmiths?  Sound off in the comments below and share your experience.