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Made in Oklahoma: House Passes Firearms Freedom Act

Guns made in Oklahoma would be from free federal laws if the Senate approves and Governor Mary Fallin signs the Firearm Freedom Act.
The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed the legislation Wednesday. The bill would allow firearms that were manufactured and remain in the state to be free of any federal laws, taxation, or regulation. The guns made in the Sooner State would be required to be clearly marked “Made in Oklahoma”.
“The Firearms Freedom Act would allow for Oklahoma citizens to be free of any federal regulations on any Oklahoma made firearms,” said Sean Roberts, R-Hominy in a press release. “The freedom of Oklahoma citizens to be subject to their own taxations, regulations and laws regarding firearms should definitely be made a state matter if it was produced in the state of Oklahoma. Oklahoma citizens should have more of a say in their firearm regulations with state made firearms.”
The measure passed the House by a vote of 79-12 and heads to the Senate for consideration.