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Marianne Kelley Wins National Engraving Competition

Oklahoma Native Marianne Kelley has won a national firearms engraving competition called “The Tyler Gun Works Engraving Extravaganza.”  The contest involved amateur engravers from all over the country, engraving a Colt Single Action Army pistol.  Marianne was picked from of 63 entrants.  Those 63 engravers had to send in a sample of their work on a metal plate.  Then the judges of the contest would pick 10 people to go on to engrave an “in the white” Colt SAA.  Marianne went onto win the competition!


Her work features a lovely color case hardening with eye catching gold outlines.  Other great additions include stars, the Statue of Liberty, the word Freedom on the ejector rod tube and a Liberty Bell on the side opposite of the loading gate.


The factory grips have been replaced with carved antler grips.  And finally Marianne Kelley has her name engraved above the trigger guard.

Because she won, Marianne takes home $10,000 and the title of Master Engraver!  Let’s give this Okie a big round of applause!