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Marine chooses special spot for wedding

Story via KFOR-TV


OKLAHOMA CITY—Saturday marked the 237 anniversary of the United States Marine Core and one couple wanted to celebrate it in a big way.

Steven Ridenour and his new bride Linda had been dating for about 13 years and would often meet at H&H Shooting Sports for dates.

To commemorate his service to our country and a little bit of their past, Steven popped the question and planned the wedding in a unique spot.

Steven said, “It’s the U.S. Marine Corp. birthday, Nov. 10, and it’s the 237 birthday. I just felt like it would be something really nice and easy to remember for an anniversary.”

It has been 40 years since Steven wore his dress blues.

However, the former Marine was determined to wear them again for his wedding.

He lost more than 100 pounds as he worked with doctors and nutritionists at the VA hospital in preparation for the big day.

He said, “The uniform fits good and I’m just proud to be able to wear it.”

Linda said, “Anybody who would go to that length to be able to fit into a uniform, that meant so much to him because his service to our country and to honor me. It’s incredible.”

Even some of the former Marines Steven went to boot camp with were in attendance.