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Rand Paul on Gun Control: Do You Think That Criminals Are Worried About The Law? (VIDEO)

Not everyone supports the President’s plans to fight gun violence with more gun control. Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul said, he agrees something needs to happen in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, but went on to say, he doesn’t agree with Obama’s proposal that includes 23 executive orders that do not need Congressional approval.
“If he tries them through executive order, there will be a full scale debate in our country and it wouldn’t be an easy task for him to try to do this unilaterally through executive order,” Senator said.
Senator Paul said the President’s proposal infringes on the Second Amendment and punishes responsible gun owners, not the bad guys.
“What happens a lot of times with gun control is the law abiding citizens who want to get a gun for protection can’t get it, but do you think that the criminals out there are worried about the law? They’re already breaking the law,” the Senator explained.