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Saiga MK-107: The Civilian AK-107 (With Balanced Recoil)

Information About the AK-107 Rifle

Innovative Rifles

H&H Shooting Sports in Oklahoma City, OK, informs our gun enthusiasts about the revolutionary Saiga MK-107, or The Civilian AK-107. The Saiga MK-107 is the first civilian-legal variant of the AK-107 / AK-108. With its famous balanced recoil system, the AK-107 rifle is a semi-automatic rifle mainly used by sport shooters for practicing sports like 3-Gun, IPSC, and IDPA. Though H&H Shooting Sports carries the state’s largest selection of rifles for sale, the Saiga MK-107 is still banned for US import. Our team of experts is here to explain all about the AK-107 and help you understand its features. You will not find a Counterbalanced AK in the US, because of the Saiga ban.

AK-107 Rifle Specs

The AK-107 is a gas-operated, selective fire weapon based on the AK-74 design. It uses a balancing action to counter recoil. The rifle has an adjustable M4-carbine-style telescoping shoulder stock. A cross-button manual safety sits above the trigger guard with a bolt hold-open device with a release lever above the magazine catch. The AK-107 rifle specs include:

  • Calibers – 56×45 / .223 Rem
  • Length – 940 mm
  • Weight – 2 kg empty
  • Barrel length – 415 mm
  • Magazine Capacity – 10 or 30


How Does the Civilian AK-107 Work?

The AK-107 rifle features two gas pistons, including a rear gas piston attached to the bolt carrier group and a forward gas piston connected to a sliding counterweight. The recoiling masses synchronize with a pair of rotating gears. After each discharge, the movement of the bolt group balances with the counter-moving mass to cancel impulses by the heavy reciprocating parts. The movement allows for quick recovery from recoil after each shot, allowing for accurate double-taps and precise semi-automatic fire.

AK Improvements 

The MK-107 was produced with multiple improvements over the original AK-107. The most significant improvements include:

  • A rounded handle replaces the standard AK charging handle.
  • Features a full-length top Picatinny rail.
  • A button-style safety above the trigger guard takes the place of the AK selector switch.

TFB AK-107 Animation

The Importance of Recoil Management

The Civilian AK-107 makes a name for itself with its famous recoil management system. Recoil management is vital for fast and efficient shooting. It helps increase the accuracy of your shooting by limiting the upthrust of the muzzle.

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