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Saiga MK-107: The Civilian AK-107 (With Balanced Recoil) Arrives



Izhmash will debut the long anticipated Saiga MK-107 at the IWA show in Germany tomorrow. This gun is the first ever civilian-legal variant of the AK-107 / AK-108 with its famous balanced recoil system.
The balanced recoil system moves a counter weight forward when it pushes the piston/bolt carrier back. This counteracts the force of the bolt carrier slamming against the rear of the receiver and against the chamber.  The animation below demonstrates how it works.
TFB AK-107 Animation
The MK-107 also features some improvements over the original AK-107. The standard AK charging handle has been replaced with a rounded, more ergonomic, handle. The iconic AK selector switch has been replaced with a button-style safety above the trigger guard. The AR-15 syle pistol grip and stock are made by Israeli firm CAA Tactical. Also unlike the original AK-107, the MK-107 features a full length top picatinny rail.
In its current form it could not be exported to the USA but I expect we will see it arrive in the near future.  It could be imported a sporterized form (no pistol grip), or imported as a parts kit with the final manufacturing done stateside. This gun would fly off the shelves!