Plinker Tactical Magazine S&W M&P 15-22 22 Long Rifle 35-Round Polymer $29.98

Plinker Tactical Magazine S&W M&P 15-22 22 Long Rifle 35-Round Polymer

Product Information
The Plinker Tactical M&P 15-22 magazine is a 22 long rifle, polymer,35-Round magazine. This magazine is specifically designed for theSmith & Wesson M&P 15-22. The magazines have the look and feel of real 5.56x45mm Nato magazines. The Plinker Tactical magazines function just the same as factory magazines, but give you an increased capacity for longer shooting sessions. These mags are specifically designed to work with the Plinker Tactical magazine loader. The magazines are constructed of impact and solvent resistant polymer and are sonically welded for long term durability. The solid mag body, without exposed springs or loading tabs keeps dirt and debris out, increasing reliability and long term durability.
Technical Information:

  • Polymer Construction
  • Sonically Welded to Eliminate Fasteners
  • 35-Round
  • Works with Plinker Tactical Magazine Loader

With more Americans obtaining firearms for self defense, home protection and target practice, the new-and many long-term-gun owners also have questions about laser sights. These pointers can aid in the decision making process:
1) Holding Is Aiming: If your firearm has a laser system (such as Crimson Trace’s Lasergrips® or Laserguard®) installed and aligned, where the laser is projected is where the firearm is aiming-period. Crimson Trace lasers are factory sighted at 50 feet.
2) Lasers Instill Confidence: Any firearm with a laser sight can be quickly aimed, even in low light conditions or when the user-or the target-are moving.
3) Laser Sights Offer Distinct Advantages: Handguns are compact firearms that can be difficult to aim because of small or no sights, but adding a laser sight can help the shooter with point of aim and to achieve more accurate shot placement.
4) Laser Sights Can Reduce Threats: Everyone has seen laser sights on firearms used in movies and TV, and in the real world lasers can Help Bad Guys Make Good Decisions™.
5) More Guns, and More Models: Firearm owners and models are increasing in America. To help match laser sights to firearms, Crimson Trace now offers nearly 150 models.
6) Real World Application: Having a laser sight can save your life. More details are at:
7) Start Seeing Green: Today, more firearm owners are buying green lasers that are easier to see under brigter light conditions. Crimson Trace now offers more than a dozen green laser products.
8) Details on a DVD: To learn more about laser sights, and how to use them, request a free copy of “The Laser’s Edge” DVD at More than 250,000 copies of this DVD have been viewed in homes and CCW classes across America.
9) Back Up Is Available: If you have questions or problems with any Crimson Trace laser sight, a 24/7 staffed customer call center is available.
10) Increased Fun: Laser sights can help turn any firearm practice session into a fun time. Laser sights make guns cool and more fun to shoot.
Crimson Trace, the acknowledged industry leader for laser sighting systems, is based in Wilsonville, Oregon. Its award-winning innovations include Lasergrips® and Laserguard® with red and green lasers, as well as Lightguard® –all with Instinctive Activation ™. Additionally, the company’s product line includes the Best-in-Class Defender Series® and Rail Master® platforms – all of which are proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA. More details are available at: or by calling 800-442-2406.
For more information contact:
Michael D. Faw
Media Relations Manager
Crimson Trace
9780 SW Freeman Drive
Wilsonville, OR 97070

At a glance, with the orange tip removed, the two pistols do look very much alike. (Photo credit: WBAL)
At a glance, with the orange tip removed, the two pistols do look very much alike. (Photo credit: WBAL)
A juvenile court official in Maryland is pushing for legislation to ban the sale of toy guns, which she says puts children in danger and contributes to gun violence in the area.
Zakia Mahasa, master in Baltimore’s juvenile courts, used a recent incident involving two young boys to try to prove her point.
“The boy pulled out a pistol, pointed it at another boy, and the other boy started running. So, of course, he says his heart went in his mouth because it looked like a gun,” Mahasa told a local news station.
Federal law requires that toy guns have an orange tip to distinguish them from their genuine counterparts. According to Mahasa, the orange tip of the boy’s fake gun had been removed.
Reporters went to the local corner store in the neighborhood, which sells the toy guns, to discuss the issue of gun violence and the impact that these toys are having on the local children. The store owner was willing to talk with the media from behind the confines of his bulletproof glass counter, but he admitted that he didn’t see anything wrong with the toys.
And the toy guns are popular with the young residents. The store owner told reporters that just earlier that day two kids, about 5 or 6 years old, had come in to buy two of them. In fact, the remnants of the opened packages still lingered on the sidewalk outside of the store, a sign that, according to the reporter, “as if whoever bought them couldn’t wait to pretend they were armed.” Or perhaps the trash left outside of the corner store already shows the sheer disrespect the children, at such a young age, already have for their neighborhood.
Not everyone is convinced that these toys are – well, just toys. “Because there is so much gun violence, I abhor the situation. Water guns, any guns, I’m serious,” one resident said, apparently implying that the toys somehow contribute to the violent activity in the neighborhood.
“To me, doing what I do is not a question of if but when somebody is going to die. Some little child is going to die, or somebody is going to use that in the commission of a robbery. It looks that real,” Mahasa said.
Of course, Mahasa is right. Children and adults alike have already used toy guns in commission of crimes, and yes, sometimes the incidents end in fatalities. However, these sometimes very real looking guns aren’t just used in questionable activities either, sometimes they’re actually used to ward off criminals.
So who’s to say what the right call is? Will banning these toy guns help to cut down on crime in Baltimore and make for more peaceful neighborhoods?

Volunteers spent 53 hours training for school shooting scenarios. (Photo credit: AP)
Volunteers spent 53 hours training for school shooting scenarios. (Photo credit: Associated Press)
One rural Arkansas school will resume classes in the fall with some administrators and other staff packing pistols. It’s a groundbreaking move, even in the primarily pro-gun and conservative state, but it’s also stirred a bit of controversy over what is considered safe for school kids.
Over 20 teachers, administrators and other staff will be armed next month when students return to school, including the school’s assistant principal, Cheyne Dougan. Despite the federal law designating school campuses “gun-free zones,” Arkansas law allows for armed security guards on school grounds. After completing a course consisting of 53 hours of intense training, the 20 plus volunteers will become certified security guards, thus allowing them to legally carry weapons to school.
The training was provided by Nighthawk Custom Training Academy and focused primarily on active school shooter scenarios, using practice drills, real kids, protective gear and airsoft pellet guns.
“The set of circumstances here are to focus on really the worse possible situation you could have in the school,” Jon Hodoway of Nighthawk explained.
“This program exceeded all of the state requirements including what would be required for a new police officer who graduated from the Arkansas Law Enforcement Academy,” Hodoway added.
And opinions are split over the school’s decision to arm teachers.
One student, Sydney Whitkanack, who will enter the seventh grade this year said, “If they’re concealed, then it’s no big deal. It’s not like someone’s going to know ‘Oh, they have a firearm.’”
The district’s superintendent, David Hopkins, said that he received a flood of phone calls from concerned parents following the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut in December. The majority of those phone calls supporting the decision to train and arm teachers and other staff.
Participants in the program practiced with airsoft pellet guns. (Photo credit: AP)
Participants in the program practiced with airsoft pellet guns.(Photo credit: Associated Press)
But at least one parent is taking her child out of the school over the controversial decision. Sherry Wommack, whose eighth-grade son will not be returning to the school this year, thinks that life and death decision should not be made by teachers.
“I think police officers are trained to make those decisions, notteachers,” she said.
But Dougan disagrees. “We’re here for the kids. And we want to protect them and we want them to be safe. And this gives us an avenue to protect them until regular law enforcement can get here,” he argued.
Colleen Daley with the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence fears what arming teachers might do.
“If the best cops in the world are inadvertently hitting innocent pedestrians, what’s going to happen in a school if a gunman comes in and teachers pull out of their guns. Scared to think more kids will lose their lives,” she said.
“The plan we’ve been given in the past is ‘Well, lock your doors, turn off your lights and hope for the best,’” Hopkins explained. “That’s not a plan.”

Technically, George Zimmerman can just go buy a new gun if he wants.
Technically, George Zimmerman can just go buy a new gun if he wants.
The Buckeye Firearms Association collected $12,150.37 in donations and delivered it to George Zimmerman on Friday in the form of a check. What started as a simple fundraiser to gather money for the purchase of a new gun for Zimmerman resulted in far more donations than the association ever anticipated, as well as a few bumps in the road from some who were none too happy about the fundraiser.
The association started the fund about two weeks ago when the Justice Department refused to let Zimmerman have his Kel-Tec PF9 back despite the Florida justice system clearing him in charges related to the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. The DOJ did not allow any of the evidence from the case to be returned, as the department is currently investigating the possibility of a civil lawsuit against Zimmerman.
The association views the action of the DOJ as “an unacceptable abuse of power” and added, “the threats of federal charges on civil rights grounds is little more than blatant pandering for political gain.” And according to the association, that’s why they decided to take action — that coupled with the apparent immediate need for protecting Zimmerman and his family.
When Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara was asked during an interview with NBC News if Zimmerman intended to carry a gun since being acquitted, O’Mara replied, “Yes. Even more reason now, isn’t there?” as he cited death threats abound for both Zimmerman and his family.
In fact, the hate against Zimmerman is so vivid that a family that he helped after a car wreck just days after his trial’s end, refused to speak to the media out of fear that they will portray him as a hero and become targets themselves for violence.
The Buckeye Firearms Association, an Ohio-based gun rights advocacy group, said they had raised over $2,000 within the first few hours of establishing the fundraiser, but as word spread, more and more donations continued to accumulate, and more and more people – including those who did not agree with the association’s actions – took notice as well. The story began to spread throughout the media and trouble began for the somewhat small association.
Just days after setting up the fund, the group became the victim of hackers. “This isn’t the first time we’ve been the victim of an attack. In fact, it happens all the time. In most cases, though, these attacks are unsuccessful or so minor that they go largely unnoticed. The attack on Wednesday, however, not only took out our website, it effectively shut down our hosting company, disabling thousands of other sites,” thegroup said.
Although the hack temporarily took out the website, the fundraiser was still successful. The group said that they collected 774 separate donations from residents of 48 states as well as donations from Australia, Lithuania and Switzerland. At the start of the fundraiser, the association only anticipated raising $1,000 to $2,000.
The check for more than $12,000 was delivered by FedEx and according to O’Mara’s office, they received the check Friday afternoon.
The Buckeye Firearms Association legal chairman, Ken Hanson said, “The money is intended to be used for anything he needs to defend himself or his family. He has complete discretion on how to use the money.”
Zimmerman’s spokesman, Shawn Vincent, also stated that Zimmerman has been offered free guns, but has yet to accept any such donation.

Americans are closely divided over whether it is more important to control gun ownership or protect gun rights, with the trend edging back in favor of gun rights.

In the days after the school shooting in Newtown, Conn. last December, more prioritized gun control than gun rights (49% vs. 42%), the first time this had occurred since Barack Obama became president. Roughly five months later, the public is again evenly divided over whether in general it is more important to control gun ownership (50%) or to protect the rights of Americans to own guns (48%), according to our May survey. This mirrors the close divide in opinion that existed prior to Newtown. You can use this interactive to see 20 years of public opinion on this question, as well as break-outs of opinions by demographic groups.
Americans overall see both positive and negative consequences in enacting stricter gun laws.

By 54% to 43%, more agree that stricter gun laws would reduce the number of deaths caused by mass shootings, according to our Feb. 13-18 survey. However, by comparable margins, the public also says that stricter gun laws would make it more difficult for people to protect their homes and families (by 58% to 39%) and give too much power to the government (57% to 40%).
There are wide partisan divides in views about the effectiveness of new gun laws.

In most cases, the gaps between Democrats and Republicans about the consequences of new gun laws are much wider than they were 20 years ago. The February 13-18 surveyfound that no more than about a third of Republicans agree that stricter laws would reduce the number of deaths from mass shootings (29%) or accidental gun deaths (32%), or would keep guns out of the hands of criminals (31%). More than seven-in-ten Democrats agree with each of these assertions.
Republicans’ views about whether stricter gun laws would reduce the number of accidental gun deaths have changed markedly over the past two decades. In a 1993 Gallup survey, 61% of Republicans agreed that stricter gun laws would reduce the number of gun deaths caused by accidents and suicides; in the current survey, which asks only about accidental gun deaths, just 32% of Republicans agree.
Consequently, there is a significant partisan divide over importance of passing major legislation about guns this year.

While overall views on gun control vs. gun rights showed only a modest change, there was a more noticeable shift in public opinion after the Newtown shootings about whether such incidents reflected broader social problems or not.

After the Jan. 2011 shootings in Tucson, Ariz. and the July 2012 shootings in Aurora, Colo., clear majorities said the incidents were just the isolated acts of troubled individuals. But the public was divided on that question after Newtown, with 47% saying the shootings reflected broader societal problems and 44% calling them isolated acts.
There is broad support for a few gun policy proposals, but sharp partisan divides on others.
More than eight-in-ten (81%) of Americans support background checks for private and gun show sales, a position for which there is broad partisan agreement, according to our May survey. But while the public overall supports proposals to ban assault-style, it is by much smaller majorities.
While solid majorities of Democrats (80%) and independents (69%0 support creation of a federal database to track all gun sales, only 48% of Republicans share that view, according to our May survey. About seven-in-ten (68%) of Democrats favor a ban on assault-style weapons compared with 54% of independents and 39% of Republicans. About half (51%) of Republicans favor more teachers and officials having guns in schools, a view share by only a minority of Democrats and independents.
The overall public backing for expanded background checks did not translate into support for the background checks bill that was killed in the Senate in April. While 81% of Republicans supported expanded checks, only 57% backed the Senate bill.
There is a substantial gap between those who prioritize gun rights and gun control when it comes to political involvement.

The biggest difference is in the area of making contributions to activist organizations: 25% of those who prioritize gun rights say they have, at some point, contributed money to an organization that takes a position on the issue, but just 6% of those who prioritize gun control have done so, according to our May survey.
Also, among those who prioritize gun rights, 41% say they would not vote for a candidate with whom they disagreed on gun policy, even if they agreed with the candidate on most other issues. Fewer gun control supporters (31%) say gun policy is a make-or-break voting issue for them.
The Who and Whys of Gun Owners and Non-Gun Owners
About four-in-ten Americans report having a gun in their household, either their own or someone else’s.
Pew Research Center survey in early May found that 41% of adults reported having a gun in their household: 27% said they personally owned a gun, and 14% said the gun or guns in their home were owned by someone else. Men are almost three times as likely as women (40% vs. 14%) to personally own a gun.
The reason now cited most frequently by gun owners for having a gun is protection of their homes and families, in contrast to 1999 when the reason cited most frequently was for hunting.

Nearly six-in-ten of those who do not have guns in their households  say they would not feel comfortable with having a gun in their home and most cite worries over an accident or other safety concerns as the top reasons.

Read more Pew Research reports on Gun Control.


Strategic Armory Corps (SAC) have purchased ArmaLite, makers of the AR-10 semi-automatic rifle and .50 cal. AR-50 bolt action, from Mark Westrom. Strategic Armory Corps are better known by thier brand name Surgeon Rifles and AWC Silencers. Mark Westrom will remain an investor in SAC and will serve on its board.
The full press release …

Phoenix, AZ July 23, 2013 – Strategic Armory Corps (“SAC”) announced today that it has acquired ArmaLite, Inc.  ArmaLite  is a leading manufacturer of a complete line of semiautomatic rifles, including the M15 and AR-10 lines, and an expanding line of advanced bolt action rifles in a wide range of calibers from .308 Winchester through .300 Win Mag, .338 Lapua, and .416 Barrett to the massive AR-50A1 .50 caliber rifle.   Mark Westrom, the seller of ArmaLite,  will remain as an investor in SAC and will serve on its board of managers.
The ArmaLite Division of the Fairchild Engine and Aircraft Company was the original developer of what has become known simply as the “AR”.  In fact, “AR” actually stands for ArmaLite. There have been many variations of the original rifle, and today’s ArmaLite produces some of the highest quality firearms in the market. ArmaLIte will continue to operate out of its facility in Geneseo, Illinois which houses approximately 90 personnel.
Strategic Armory Corps manufactures precision bolt action rifles under the name Surgeon Rifles, high quality firearm suppressors under the name AWC Silencers, and match grade ammunition.
“ArmaLite is a tremendous addition to our group of outstanding companies and broadens our product line so we can better meet the needs of our customers”, said Mark Johnson, SAC President and CEO. “The history of Mark Westrom over his 19 years of leading ArmaLite will provide a wealth of industry knowledge to our leadership team and allow us to further expand our ability to meet the ever increasing demands for the highest quality products by our customers and the marketplace.”
For additional information regarding Strategic Armory Corps, ArmaLite, Surgeon Rifles, or AWC Silencers, contact John Piscione 623-780-1050,


BOWTECH Archery stood its ground as the most innovative bow manufacturer in the archery industry in 2013. The company’s flagship bow, The Experience, was named “Best of the Best” by Field & Stream magazine after the publication’s editors tested the compound bows introduced during the year. BOWTECH’S 2012 flagship, the Insanity CPX, won the award last year.
“BOWTECH builds innovative, reliable bows every year, and this recognition from Field & Stream shows that we continue to lead the pack when it comes to performance,” said Samuel Coalson, Director of Marketing for BOWTECH. “The guys at Field & Stream thoroughly test the bows and the technologies utilized, so we’re not surprised to have won for a second year in a row. This is a very prestigious award, and we’re honored to continue to build bows worthy of the recognition.”
Field & Stream evaluates products for its “Best of the Best” roundup each year based on the significance of the innovation, the quality of the design, and the value brought to outdoorsmen. Bows are put through rigorous tests to see if they provide the ultimate shooting experience.
“Our staff spent the better part of the past year finding and testing the gear that will make readers’ time in the woods more productive and more fun,” said Slaton White, Deputy Editor of Field & Stream. “The winning products not only withstood our tough testing, but they stood head and shoulders above the rest displaying absolute excellence in their field. The Best of the Best is the highest honor Field & Stream bestows on gear and the winning products are the best of the year; worth your time, worth your money.”
The Experience adds several new features to BOWTECH’s unequaled technology platform including CarbonCore LimbsTM that deliver intense efficiency, stability and consistency with every draw and the ExtinguishTM Dampening System that reduces noise and vibration both in the shot and after release. Experience is also built on a specially designed riser that repositions the CarbonCore limbs for a smoother draw cycle and incredible stability at full draw.
Features widely praised on previous BOWTECH bows are also included on the Experience. Center Pivot ExtremeTM Technology resists shooter- induced torque for greater forgiveness; OverDrive BinaryTM cams eliminate cam lean and provide exceptional tuning for cleaner arrow flight; and FLX-GuardTM reduces cable guard torque for straighter arrow flight and easier tuning.
BOWTECH manufactures and distributes the world’s finest compound bows and archery equipment. Founded in 1999, BOWTECH’s corporate offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Eugene, Ore


Justin Moon
Justin Moon is the owner of Kahr Firearms Group.
Kahr Firearms Group released a statement this week informing the public that Kahr Arms, Magnum Research Group and Auto Ordnance is in fact owned by Justin Moon, the founder of Kahr Arms.
According to the statement, “Wikipedia lists inaccurate information with regard to the history and ownership of Kahr Firearms Group. The corporation would like to go on record that the Kahr Firearms Group was founded in 1994 by Justin Moon.”
Since has existed (we launched November 2010), there has always been speculation and assumptions about who exactly owns Kahr Arms, but the company has always told the same story and the evidence have always led to the same conclusion.
Kahr Arms formed in 1994 and the company propelled itself into the firearms business with the introduction of the K9 pistol at the 1995 SHOT Show. However, the company has roots that go back a bit further.
Kahr Arms is a division of Saeilo, a manufacturing company that specializes in metalworking such as CNC machining. Moon is also the CEO and president of Saeilo and has been since 1992, according to thecompany’s website.
According to New York state documents, Saeilo filed as a business with the state of New York in 1981, listing Pearl River, New York, as its home address.
Over time, Saeilo expanded, opening shop in four different locations across the U.S. and three locations overseas. However, Kahr Arms, which also expanded when it acquired Magnum Research and Auto Ordnance, became Kahr Firearms Group. Kahr is headquartered in New York, and its manufacturing plants are located in Massachusetts and Minnesota (and will soon expand to Pennsylvania), though the company itself is actually registered with Massachusetts.
Kahr Firearms Group now employs 250 men and women between its three locations across the U.S., and is listed as a $75-$100 million corporation, according to the statement.
But the question still remains, what exactly about Kahr’s ownership needed correcting?
The rumor that always pops up is that a South Korean company called the Tongil Group owns Kahr Arms, and frankly, it seems, representatives of Kahr are tired of setting the record straight, as they repeatedly referred to the press release.
However, there are obvious connections that can be made. For example, Moon’s father is listed as the founder of the Tongil Group, and Moon himself was once listed as the company chair in addition to heading up Kahr. So there’ s confusion there, but the connections get even more complex: the Tongil Group also owns a company called Saeilo. Although it’s the same name, it’s a different company.
According to the Tongil Group’s website, the South Korean Saeilo was founded in 1999 and dabbles “in different fields from building security, bodyguards, personnel protection, cleaning, logistics, and site clean-up after completion of construction to guessing airplanes. [Its] primary role is involved with the security, cleaning, and facility management of companies within and outside the foundation.”
And besides providing different services, the company has a different CEO — one by the name of Young-tae Kim. But again, the connections seem more than just coincidence. reached out to representatives from both Kahr and Saeilo for clarification, but did not get a response as this article went to print.
Saying that both entities are the same company would just be speculation as there is no physical evidence to support that. Nor would it, to’s thinking, really matter.  As it remains, Kahr started in the U.S. by an American citizen (Moon is an American citizen), employs U.S. workers and continues to operate in the U.S., so it’s an American company.

Dom Raso for NRA News: "Puppets"

Former Navy SEAL Dom Raso Rips Anti Gun Lobby, Champions Firearms for Home Defense

Former U.S. Navy SEAL Dom Raso recently appeared in an NRA News segment, slamming gun control advocates like Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his “crew of puppets” for their actions.

“I am getting more and more tired of celebrities, politicians, and high-ranking officials who don’t know what they’re talking about lecturing us on gun control,” Raso began. “…A few months ago they were proudly talking about gun control.  Now they’ve changed their language to ‘gun safety,’ as if that’s fooling anyone.  What the hell is gun safety legislation anyway?”

Raso said if Bloomberg really cared about gun safety, “he’d put his billions of dollars towards educating Americans on the reality of firearms: how they work, the consequences of using them the wrong way, and the job they do.”

The former Navy SEAL said the time for “guys like [him]” to remain quiet on the issue, while self-styled experts like Michael Moore dominate the airwaves, has passed.

After playing a clip of Moore saying the Founders were referring to “muskets” when writing the Second Amendment, Raso commented with disgust: “Oh, and by the way, that weapon gave you your freedom.  You’re welcome, you thankless excuse for an American.”

If that’s the case, he added dryly, the First Amendment must only protect speech written with quills on parchment.

“There is no logic in following the Constitution when you feel like it, and mocking it when you don’t,” Raso concluded.

Former Navy SEAL Dom Raso Rips Anti Gun Lobby, Champions Firearms for Home Defense

Watch the entire clip courtesy of the National Rifle Association, below: