This is definitely smarter than most “smart watches”. I gotta say this looks simply amazing!  Incredible innovation and modernization on display here.  The Leatherman Tread should be introduced to the market later in 2015.

A version of the Tread bracelet that includes a watch will be available in Fall 2015. The Leatherman TreadTM QM1 will feature a unique Leatherman-designed and Swiss-made timepiece with precision quartz movement. A shock resistant sapphire crystal ensures scratch resistance for heavy duty wear, and the curved watch limits reflection and increases outdoor visibility.

Extended Hunting Trip Packing 101


There are few things better than an extended hunting trip, whether heading out on your own or spending some time away with your friends or family. Getting out of the hustle and bustle of hectic city life, enjoying the peace and tranquility of nature and the excitement involved in tracking and bagging your trophy are all great reasons to pack up and hit the woods. Just remember that extended hunting trips can take a toll on your equipment and accessories, so here’s a few things to remember when packing so that you don’t find yourself in a fix halfway through the trip.


Today everything is portable, so make sure you are covered. Even if you are set up at camp with a generator or additional power, make sure you have enough batteries to operate things like flashlights, headlamps or GPS devices.

Repair Kits

Be sure to include a variety of items, everything from a standard sewing kit to repair clothes to a gun repair kit, to a personal repair kit to fix and address any minor injuries that might occur as you are trekking through the wilderness.

Sun Glasses

Eye protection is crucial regardless of where you are hunting or what time of year it is. Winter snow can harm your eyes as easily as summer glare. Having a pair of sunglasses like the Oakley Flak Jacket are a good option for the outdoors. The Oakley frames are compatible with both polarized and non-polarized replacement lenses. Be sure to select lenses with 100 percent UV protection to keep your eyes protected and nano coating to repel dust.

Scent Prevention

Scent control is one of the biggest factors of successful hunting, and one of the things you can’t really control about yourself. Using items like Under Armour Scent Control can help, but having a stockpile of sprays like Nose Jammer can keep your scent concealed when you’re in the woods.


Make sure you have the right clothes for the right situation, and plenty of them. You can never go wrong with packing extras of items like socks, especially if you are going to be in damp or cold weather. Also, don’t necessarily trust the weather report. It never hurts to back an extra rain poncho or hat.


Staying hydrated can be key, especially when out hiking or tracking your prey all day. Having access to plenty of clean water will help to make sure you stay healthy throughout your extended trip. Make sure you bring enough for everyone, and just to be safe, pack along a water filtration system to ensure you have a safe water supply, even if you run out.


Take into account everyone who is going and where you will be going. If it’s just you, you know your limits and abilities, but if you are with a group they may not be as tough as you. If it’s cold, bring plenty of hand warmers. For warm weather, make sure to pack items like sunscreen and bug repellent.

Don’t be afraid to over pack with necessities. It’s always better to have too much than to find yourself in need.


Franchi’s ever-popular Affinity is now available with an A-Grade satin walnut stock, in a Mossy Oak® Bottomlands™ pattern, and in a left-hand model. The Affinity is a versatile, semiautomatic shotgun that’s right at home in every type of shooting situation, whether it’s hunting birds or busting clay targets.

“At under 7 pounds, the Franchi Affinity is light and lively. This gun embodies perfect balance and performs in any situation,” said Tom Kaleta, Vice President of Marketing for Benelli USA. “We’re especially proud to offer our first left-hand Franchi. It’s a great option for lefties looking to own an affordable, fine Italian shotgun.”

The sleek, perfectly balanced Affinity is a versatile Inertia Driven®, semiautomatic shotgun. It’s slim forend, light weight, precise symmetry and refined design allows responsiveness that only few shotguns in history can claim. The integration of form and function makes the Affinity a natural extension of the shooter.

The Affinity’s ultra-reliable Inertia Driven® system features a bolt assembly with a rotating bolt head that ensures a positive steel-to-steel lock-up.

As soon as you shoulder the Affinity you instantly know it feels right. When your gun handles like it’s second-nature you have the confidence to make shots that you might not have even tried before. Franchi has total confidence in their shotgun products and stands firmly behind every Affinity with a seven-year warranty.

New Affinity Versions

Affinity A-Grade Satin Walnut – A classic shotgun style.

COMMON SPECIFICATIONS: Gauge: 12-Gauge Barrel Length: 26″ and 28″ Weight: 6.65 lbs and 6.75 lbs Finish: A-Grade satin walnut Magazine Capacity: 4+1 Chokes: IC, M, F and wrench Sights: Fiber optic red-bar front sight Length-of-Pull: 14 3/8″ Drop at Heel: Adjustable 2 – 2 1/2″ Drop at Comb: 1 1/2″ Minimum Recommended Load: 3-dram,
1 1/8 ounce MSRP: $949

COMMON SPECIFICATIONS: Gauge: 20-Gauge Barrel Length: 26″ Weight: 5.85 lbs Finish: A-Grade satin walnut Magazine Capacity: 4+1 Chokes: IC, M, F and wrench Sights: Fiber optic red-bar front sight Length-of-Pull: 14 3/8″ Drop at Heel: Adjustable 2 – 2 1/2″ Drop at Comb: 1 1/2″ Minimum Recommended Load: 7/8 ounce MSRP: $949

Affinity Mossy Oak® Bottomlands™ – A new camo pattern for avid hunters.

COMMON SPECIFICATIONS: Gauge: 12-Gauge Barrel Length: 26″ Weight: 6.4 lbs Finish: Mossy Oak® Bottomlands™ Magazine Capacity: 4+1 Chokes: IC, M, F and wrench Sights: Fiber optic red-bar front sight Length-of-Pull: 14 3/8″ Drop at Heel: Adjustable 2 – 2 1/2″ Drop at Comb: 1 1/2″ Minimum Recommended Load: 3-dram,
1 1/8 ounce MSRP: $949

COMMON SPECIFICATIONS: Gauge: 20-Gauge Barrel Length: 26″ Weight: 5.6 lbs Finish: Mossy Oak® Bottomlands™ Magazine Capacity: 4+1 Chokes: IC, M, F and wrench Sights: Fiber optic red-bar front sight Length-of-Pull: 14 3/8″ Drop at Heel: Adjustable 2 –
2 1/2″ Drop at Comb: 1 1/2″ Minimum Recommended Load: 7/8 ounce MSRP: $949

Affinity Left-Hand – A south paw shotgun.

COMMON SPECIFICATIONS: Gauge: 12-Gauge Barrel Length: 28″ Weight: 6.5 lbs Finish: black synthetic Magazine Capacity: 4+1 Chokes: IC, M, F and wrench Sights: Fiber optic red-bar front sight Length-of-Pull: 14 3/8″ Drop at Heel: Adjustable 2 – 2 1/2″ Drop at Comb: 1 1/2″ Minimum Recommended Load: 3-dram, 1 1/8 ounce MSRP: $899

For the latest news and product information, visit



Stoeger Industries is proud to introduce the M3000 R, M3000 with walnut stock, M3000 Compact and M3020 Compact. These are the latest additions to a line of quality, affordable shotguns for hunters and shooters.

Stoeger’s semi-auto shotguns all utilize the same superior inertia technology that has proven itself so reliable over many years. The Inertia Driven® M3000 and M3020 lines feature the patented inertia bolt with its rotating locking head – the same system that has given inertia operated shotguns their reputation for being among the most durable and reliable shotguns in the world.

The M3000 R slug gun with 24″ slug barrel, and a 1:35 rate of twist, means taking accurate longer range shots is the rule, not the exception. “We’ve spent years developing the M3000 R, waiting to release it until everything was just right,” said Keith Heinlein, product manager for Stoeger Industries. “The Cantilever barrel is an exceptional feature that makes this model unique among the M3000 line. This gun is practical, reliable and great for hunting in states with slug-only regulations.”

Stoeger’s M3000 is now available with an A-Grade walnut stock. A classic look flatters this shotgun that handles loads up to 3-inch Magnums without adjustment. For reliability and performance, no other semi-auto in its price range compares to the M3000.

The M3000 Compact, with a shortened stock that offers a 13 1/8″ length of pull, is a perfectly fitted gun for smaller statured hunters and shooters.

Stoeger’s M3020 Compact is an easy-handling, short stocked, auto-loading 20-gauge offering a 13 1/8″ length of pull. The M3020 compact is great for smaller framed shotgunners who prefer the fit and feel of a lightweight compact. Versatility, value and solid reliability make this gun ideal for waterfowl, wild turkey or upland game.

New Stoeger Shotguns

M3000 R
COMMON SPECIFICATIONS: Gauge: 12-Gauge Barrel Length: 24″ Weight: 7.3 lbs Finish: Black synthetic Magazine Capacity: 4+1 Cantilever Rifled Barrel: 1:35 twist Length-of-Pull: 14 3/8″ Drop at Heel: 2 1/2″ Drop at Comb: 1 1/2″ Minimum Recommended Load: 3-dram, 1 1/8 ounce MSRP: $649

M3000 Wood
COMMON SPECIFICATIONS: Gauge: 12-Gauge Barrel Length: 28″ Weight: 7.5 lbs Finish: A-Grade satin walnut Magazine Capacity: 4+1 Chokes: IC, M, XFT Sights: Fiber optic red-bar front sight Length-of-Pull: 14 3/8″ Drop at Heel: 2 1/2″ Drop at Comb: 1 1/2″ Minimum Recommended Load: 3-dram, 1 1/8 ounce MSRP: $649

M3000 Compact
COMMON SPECIFICATIONS: Gauge: 12-Gauge Barrel Length: 26″ Weight: 7 lbs Finish: Black synthetic Magazine Capacity: 4+1 Chokes: IC, M, XFT Sights: Fiber optic red-bar front sight Length-of-Pull: 13 1/8″ Drop at Heel: 1 3/4″ Drop at Comb: 1 1/4″ Minimum Recommended Load: 3-dram, 1 1/8 ounce MSRP: $599

M3020 Compact
Stoeger M3020-Compact.jpg
COMMON SPECIFICATIONS: Gauge: 20-Gauge Barrel Length: 26″ Weight: 5.5 lbs Finish: Black synthetic Magazine Capacity: 4+1 Chokes: IC, M, XFT Sights: Fiber optic red-bar front sight Length-of-Pull: 13 1/8″ Drop at Heel: 1 3/4″ Drop at Comb: 1 1/4″ Minimum Recommended Load: 7/8 ounce MSRP: $599

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Benelli New Shotguns at #SHOTShow 2015!

Benelli Releases 828U Over-and-Under

Bucking convention while honoring classic design has always been the Benelli stock in trade, and the advent of their new 828U over-and-under shotgun promises to exceed that expectation nicely.For the double-gun purist, Benelli’s newest offering delivers the mandatory point-ability, custom comb and drop adjustments and the kind of ergonomic feel and balance inherent to all fine shotguns. And the Benelli faithful who are familiar with the brand’s iconic semi-auto’s will instantly see the trademark Benelli performance design aesthetic. The 828U is at once both contemporary and beautifully practical, from the smooth body and exquisite checkering to the wide, low-profile rib bridge, no side rib and monoblock treatment.

Functionality and safety of the 828U is a given, with an auto-safety, easy-operating opening lever and steel lock-plate opening system, paired with impulse-driven ejection to keep unfired shells handy. Constant opening means no recocking, and for both the traditionalist and the contemporary camps, the 828U fulfills the requirement of Benelli quality-floating crio barrels and crio chokes, weight-reducing carbon fiber rib and high-grade alloy receiver, complimented by fine walnut stock, and forearm. Durable steel-on-steel hinges, removable guard and easy-to-remove trigger system make for easy cleanup when the hunt is done.

The 828U comes in nickel-engraved and black anodized models and both sport interchangeable 26″ or 28″ barrels. Drop and cast fine regulation means the gun can be tuned to 40 unique, personal settings in order to get that perfect fit and sight picture. One traditional element wasn’t lost on the design team-the patented, recoil-taming Progressive Comfort System already popular with many Benelli shooters is nicely integrated into the 828U and helps keep muzzle flip to a minimum.

The 828U is the result of several years of development, and its near-perfect mix of design innovation and practical functionality came from exhaustive research of the marketplace, the competition and the personal insights of shooters, engineers and product development experts.

“From the first prototype to the final design, the 828U started and finished as a hunter’s shotgun-the style, weight and comfort which field and sport shooters appreciate is apparent the first time you pick one up,” said Tom Kaleta, VP of Marketing for Benelli USA.

While the 828U may seem like a departure from the Benelli line of semi-automatic shotguns for which the brand has earned its loyal following, the company’s devotion to customer preference and legacy of pushing both the design and performance envelope made the decision to produce the 828U a natural for the company. “We’ve always created markets at Benelli-but we do so by knowing the market and building the shotgun that customers want to own and shoot,” said Tom Debolt, Benelli USA General Manager. “We know there’s a market for a fine Benelli over-and-under shotgun that incorporates so many features, points and shoots like a dream and fits the budget for so many customers.”

With the nickel-engraved version coming in at $2,999 retail, and the black-anodized model at $2,499 retail, Benelli anticipates the 828U’s competitive price will spark high demand for their newest product. The first production run is near completion and the 828U will soon be available at Benelli’s network of retail dealers.

New Benelli M4 Cerakote™ Tactical Shotgun


Already battle-tested as the US military’s Joint Service Combat Shotgun, the new Benelli M4 takes optimal performance to another level-an M4 Cerakote™ model that can handle the harshest treatment a modern tactical weapon can expect. Cerakote™ is an abrasion and impact-resistant material that can be applied to firearms and parts including metal, plastic, composite and other surfaces, reducing maintenance and adding years of service life and functionality to any weapon.

The new Benelli M4 Cerakote™ can operate in virtually any environment. The rust-resistant qualities of Cerakote™ are up to 50 times stronger than competitive coatings, and make the weapon nearly impervious to the corrosive effects of water, salt spray and even abrasive grit and grime. The improved hardness and scratch-resistance of Cerakote™means a much longer wear cycle, and the adherence quality of Cerakote™ is phenomenal and resistant to impact, heat or the extreme treatment inherent in tactical and combat environments.

Functionally, the new M4 Cerakote™ is the same M4 currently in service with America’s Armed Forces and many law enforcement agencies, and employs the same super-reliable Auto Regulating Gas Operated (ARGO) system. With dual, self-cleaning pistons, the ARGO system requires only ½ inch of movement for complete cycling, minimizing vibration and maximizing target re-acquisition. Featuring a synthetic stock, the new M4 Cerakote™ comes in AI Dark Earth only, with an 18.5″ barrel length and a total length of just 40 inches. Set up with ghost-ring sights (optional three-dot Tritium inserts are not included but are available) and a Picatinny rail just forward of the sight assembly, the Benelli M4 Cerakote™ can take on specialized optics like night vision, red dot sights and standard scopes.

The new model M4 Cerakote™ weighs in at 7.8 pounds and comes with a standard Modified choke. Like it’s predecessor, the M4 Cerakote™ cycles everything from 2 ¾” Heavy Target to 3″ Magnum flawlessly and interchangeably, and the shotgun can be ordered with either tactical or pistol grip stock.

COMMON SPECIFICATIONS: Gauge: 12-Gauge Overall Length: 40″ Weight: 7.8 lbs Finish: Black synthetic, AI Dark Earth Cerakote Magazine Capacity: 5+1 Chokes: M Sights: Ghost-ring Length-of-Pull: 14 3/8″ Drop at Heel: 2 1/4″ Drop at Comb: 1 1/2″ MSRP: $2,399


Benelli Performance Shop 20-Gauge Waterfowl Edition


Waterfowlers want performance-cold, foul weather and wet, muddy conditions combined with long shots at fast-flying ducks and geese require it. The new 20-Gauge Waterfowl Edition delivers all the punch needed in the blind, all in a slimmer, lighter sub-gauge purpose-built with the same optimal performance and specialized features found in the Performance Shop’s SBE II Waterfowl Edition 12-Gauge.

Based on the fast-swinging, easy-toting M2 Field 20-Gauge, the Waterfowl Edition M2’s streamlined and lightweight design, paired with the steadfast reliability of the honed and polished Inertia Driven® system, make it the ultimate sub-gauge waterfowl gun. Trigger group tuning for a crisper let off and better shot timing, combined with a larger bolt-cocking handle and longer, wider bolt release gives the shooter confidence handling the gun in the field, even in cold, wet conditions and wearing gloves.

The Waterfowl Edition comes with a set of Rob Roberts Custom Triple Threat™ chokes, specifically designed for waterfowl hunting at short, medium and long-range distances. The Waterfowl Edition’s Crio® barrel features a lengthened and polished forcing cone to insure uniform patterns while reducing recoil. Every WaterFowl Edition 20-Gauge has been test-fired and patterned for optimal accuracy and punch when shooting high-flying waterfowl. Felt recoil is further reduced with Benelli’s ComforTech® stock, so magnum loads in 20-Gauge are almost trivial compared to the 12-Gauge. Each Waterfowl Edition’s barrel is fitted with a HIVIZ Comp front sight with a variety of colored fiber optic inserts for quick target acquisition in low or flat light conditions. A paracord design survival sling leaves hunter’s hands free for managing dogs, decoys or gear, and in an emergency situation provides over 50 feet of 550-pound paracord within seconds.

“This is a duck and goose shooting machine, just in a smaller, slimmer package,” said Tom Kaleta, VP of Marketing for Benelli USA. “We live and breath the waterfowler’s world-and we know long shots and tough conditions are always part of the program. “The Performance Shop 20-Gauge Waterfowl Edition fills a niche that’s demanding that a magnum Benelli performance in a specialized, lightweight package.”

COMMON SPECIFICATIONS: Gauge: 20-Gauge Barrel Length: 28″ Weight: 5.9 lbs Finish: Realtree® Max-5™ Magazine Capacity: 3+1 Chokes: 3 Rob Roberts Custom Triple Threat® Sights: HiVIZ Comp front sight metal mid-bead Length-of-Pull: 14 3/8″ Drop at Heel: 2 1/8″ Drop at Comb: 1 1/2″ Minimum Recommended Load: 2 1/2-dram, 7/8 ounce MSRP: $2,399

Benelli is a world leader in manufacturing quality semiautomatic shotguns and rifles that are known for their ultra-reliability and high-performance standards. For the latest news and product information visit


From left to right: Matt Reintjes, ATK; Major Ed Pulido, Folds of Honor; Ben Leslie, Folds of Honor


Bushnell, an industry leader in high performance sports optics and outdoor accessories for more than 65 years, has announced its 2014 contributions to Folds of Honor Foundation totaled $364,500. Since establishing a partnership in 2010, the optics leader has donated more than $1,000,000 to Folds of Honor.

Founded by Major Dan Rooney in 2007, Folds of Honor provides educational scholarships to the spouses and children of service members killed or disabled during U.S. military service. Major Rooney, a former F-16 pilot who served three tours in Iraq, founded Folds of Honor to ensure that families of fallen service members are never left behind on the field of battle.

According to the foundation, more than 1.4 million dependents have been affected by the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq alone, with 85 percent of those not qualifying for federal educational assistance. Without the help of civilian organizations like Folds of Honor, many of these families would not receive aid.

“With support from partners like Bushnell, we’re able to help lift up military families and honor the sacrifice our service men and women make to protect our freedom,” said Major Dan Rooney, Folds of Honor founder.

Since its formation, Folds of Honor has awarded thousands scholarships to deserving families across the nation and provided necessary assistance to many more. The foundation continues to support the needs of the spouses and children of fallen or disabled service members, and encourages all citizens to do the same.

For more information about the Bushnell and Folds of Honor partnership, visit To learn more about Folds of Honor and to join the mission, visit


Daniel Defense, engineering and manufacturing the world’s finest firearms, precision rail systems and accessories, is exhibiting this week at the 2015 SHOT Show at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Accompanying the release of the DDM4v11 Pro Series Rifle, Daniel Defense has released accessories to fit the SLiM Rail, the company’s first railed forend with the KeyMod system. “We modified a few of our existing tried-and-true accessories, like the Flashlight Mount and 1 O’clock Offset Mount, to incorporate the KeyMod attachment,” said Jordan Hunter, Director of Marketing for Daniel Defense. Other accessories include a QD Swivel Attachment and Bi-pod Mount, which is also available in a Rock & Lock version.


Many of the new products developed in 2014 are now visible on the 2015 models, including Daniel Defense Rail Panels and a newly designed Rear Receiver QD Swivel Attachment Point. “What might seem like small enhancements are actually projects that have been ongoing since this same time last year,” Hunter exclaimed. “We’ve been busy developing new products like our AR Pistols and MK12 finished in our Tornado gray.”

Visit Daniel Defense Booth# 20371 to see the new product offerings.

About Daniel Defense
President and CEO, Marty Daniel founded Daniel Defense at the turn of the 21st century. From its humble beginnings as a start-up company, creating rails and accessories for the AR-15 platform in small batches, Daniel Defense has grown exponentially over the last decade, and is now known for its premium line of rifles and firearms accessories. Now with two locations and a combined 137,000 square feet of available manufacturing space, Daniel Defense looks forward to continued growth, as well as the opportunity to better serve their customers.

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S&G’s New EMP-Proof Lock!

The people have spoken and S&G has delivered.  Sargent & Greenleaf is the industry leader in security lock mechanisms for safes.  Those that might have been afraid to make the switch to an electronic lock due the fact they are unsure of an EMP(Electro Magnetic Pulse) can now rest easy with the 1st ever Electronic Gun Safe Lock to pass the Military MIL-STD-561F standard.  The lock can with stand a 50 Kv/m blast.

Leading safe manufacturers have already been adapting to this new lock and will become the standard electronic lock for their safes.  Winchester, Liberty, and Browning have also stated that there will be no added cost to the consumer for the new EMP-Resistant lock on future safes.

Sargent and Greenleaf

1st Electronic Gun Safe Lock to pass the MIL-STD-461F (50 kV/m Blast)
Independent Test Lab Certified
UL Listed

S&G EMP Lock
Winchester Safe pictured with the Spartan lock from S&G



To address a specific military request, firearm silencer manufacturer SilencerCo released the shortest possible hearing-safe versions of the Octane and Osprey pistol silencers.

The Octane K 45 and Osprey K 45 were designed for several leading handgun manufacturers for submission to the U.S. Army’s Modular Handgun System (MHS) competition – a program intended to select the next standard issue side arm for multiple branches of the U.S. Military.

At 8 and 9.4 ounces respectively, the Osprey K 45 and Octane K 45 provide an option for those looking for a minimalist profile without sacrificing the need for a hearing-safe alternative to unsuppressed gunfire. In addition to weight, the lengths of the K 45 versions were also reduced by nearly 2 inches when compared to the standard Osprey and Octane 45 suppressors.


“We engineered these silencers to meet a military need for products suited to close-quarters combat,” said Joshua Waldron, CEO of SilencerCo. “At the same time, we also wanted to answer the request of many of our civilian customers that asked for a shorter, hearing-safe pistol can.”

The silencers also feature a dark grey Cerakote finish to reduce their visual signature compared to traditional black anodizing.




About SilencerCo:
Founded in West Valley, Utah in 2008, SilencerCo began with a belief in the fundamental premise that firearms don’t have to be loud and has now become the market leader in sound suppressors, muzzle devices, and related products. By investing in innovation, customer service, organic manufacturing, advocacy, education, and talent, SilencerCo is now focused on making firearms hearing safe for all hunting and shooting applications, introducing products that have never been made before, and improving the buying experience.


Since Winchester last introduced a new bolt-action rifle design a half-century ago huge advances have been made in metallurgy, materials and manufacturing processes. At Winchester Repeating Arms our engineers were tasked to design a rifle that capitalized on these cutting-edge technologies and create a high performance bolt action that was tough, reliable and accurate. The result is the innovative all new XPR™ bolt-action rifle that is ready to meet the performance expectations of today’s demanding hunters.

The new XPR™ will feature the Winchester M.O.A. Trigger System that is adjustable and is set at the factory at a crisp 3 ½ pounds with no perceptible overtravel. The trigger housing and all internal components in the XPR rifle’s M.O.A. trigger are constructed of polished and hardened carbon steel, with a blued finish for added durability and corrosion resistance.

The XPR™ receiver is constructed from chromoly steel barstock that is precision machined and through-hardened during heat-treating to create a strong, stiff and solid receiver capable of delivering pinpoint accuracy. The ejection port is generously sized for more reliable ejection and easier access when loading single cartridges by hand.The robust XPR™ bolt has a short 60-degree lift for improved scope clearance when cycling. The full-diameter bolt body creates a more rigid component and is coated with Nickel Teflon® for smoother operation and added corrosion resistance.

The chromoly steel barrel on the new XPR is precisely button-rifled to create outstanding accuracy and is free-floating to eliminate any accuracy pressure points. The barrel has a recessed target crown that protects the muzzle rifling from wear and impact damage to help maintain greater accuracy.

The Advanced Polymer Stock on the new XPR™ bolt action rifle features textured panels to help improve wet weather grip and flattened fore-end profile that improves stability from sandbags or a benchrest. A steel recoil lug is inletted into the stock to prevent the receiver from twisting under recoil form more reliable and predictable long-range accuracy. An Inflex Technology recoil pad directs energy down and away from your cheek to reduce felt recoil.

Other features found on the new XPR™ bolt action rifle from Winchester Repeating Arms include a two-position thumb safety and cocking indicator, bolt unlock button that allows the chamber to be unloaded with the thumb safety in the on-safe position and a detachable box magazine in a single stack design constructed from a rugged polymer for greater reliability.

The new XPR™ bolt action rifle will be offered in 270 Win and 30-06 calibers with 24″ barrel length and in 300 Win Mag and 338 Win Mag with 26″ barrel length. Metal surfaces are matte blued to minimize glare with black polymer stock. Weight is 7 -7 ¼ lbs. New XPR™ bolt action rifle Suggested Retail, $549.99.