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H&H Shooting Sports, Oklahoma’s place for Guns & Gear. We have over 4000 firearms, ½ million bullets and Shells, 3500 units of knives and blades, and 1200 optics to choose from.

Join us May 29th to June 4th for our Summer Kickoff for great savings, the largest assortment in Oklahoma. Visit our newly expanded Knife Pro Shop, Optics Super Store, and Pistol Department. Imagine looking over 500 different styles in one store!

Come take advantage of all the great summertime deals only at H&H Shooting Sports –

– Oklahoma’s Shooting Sports Headquarters™



Whats New In Store at H&H

Shoot and Shop at H&H and chances are you’ll discover something exciting. To help guests navigate our store, we put a lot of thought into how things are laid out and organized.
As part of that, we have expanded our Optics Department and our Knife Pro Shop to be front and center, near the entrance of our store. Our Handgun selection has been relocated to be in line with our selection of Long guns near our Gunsmith counter.
We thank our guests all the time for helping us get better at what we do. We’re always listening to your feedback, and it is your thoughts and ideas that help us make H&H Oklahoma’s Shooting Sports Headquarters™.
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Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 11.16.15 AM

Now is the perfect time to add the Winchester you’ve always dreamed about to your gun collection and save 15% in the process.

Get a 15% Rebate when you purchase any NEW Winchester Firearm at H&H Shooting Sports. Only May 20th to May 30th 2016.

Winchester Repeating Arms was founded on May 22, 1866. To help mark 150 years as an American Legend, when you purchase any new Winchester rifle or shotgun from H&H Shooting Sports between May 20th and May 30th, you will qualify for a 15% rebate from the purchase price.  

Learn More about it on the official Winchester rebate page. CLICK HERE

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An empty house, car or even cabin can be an easy target for potential burglars. Most cabins are used on the weekends or seasonally, making them an easy score to a thief. Without the proper precautions, you may visit your cabin and find everything from the tool shed to the bedroom stripped of valuables. Prepare yourself and your cabin with these burglar deterrents.

Big-Time Thieves and Amateurs

There are more than 8,000 home burglaries in the United States every day. Fewer than 15 percent of these criminals are caught, which means many repeat offenders are still on the loose and searching for their next targets.

While professional burglars can spot a cabin or house that’s been empty for a long time, you’re more likely to be vandalized by opportunistic amateurs. These thieves aren’t cracking any vaults, but they’ll certainly break a window or force a door open if they know you won’t be around for the next couple months.

That’s why you should either pay or enlist a friend who lives nearby to check up on your cabin periodically. They should check locks, windows and even the mail. And consider installing a home security system with cameras for added peace of mind.

Don’t Lend Cover

A cabin in the woods generally removed from the hustle and bustle of civilization will naturally have more shrubs, trees and bushes around it. While you may enjoy the ruggedness of an overgrown forest on the steps of your cabin, these plants can lend cover to any burglars seeking an easy hit.

Trim back the forest so that burglars can’t use your landscaping as cover as they break in. While this may seem like a waste of time if your cabin is miles from neighbors, amateur burglars get cold feet if they don’t have the cover they want.


Light is a sure sign someone is home. In a burglar’s mind, a dark house translates to an empty house. Give the appearance of an occupied home with timers on your lights and TV. This might not fool a veteran of the burglary trade, but the chance that your cabin will be a target is slim.

With the TV on at typical times of the evening and lights on a realistic time schedule, only the most nuanced burglars will know if you’re actually home or not. If you’re reluctant to have your TV come on, fool burglars by purchasing an inexpensive Fake TV that emits a television’s flickering glow.

Don’t Advertise Your Absence

Not everyone you know needs to know you have a cabin, and unless you plan on sharing it with them, they don’t ever need to know. There’s no reason you should advertise on Facebook or Twitter that there’s a vacant cabin the majority of the year. While part of the fun is sharing your adventures, do so carefully.

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2016 Readers Choice Voters Guide


Its that time of year again, time to nominate your favorite people, places, and things, for the 2016 Readers Choice Awards. We would be honored if you would pick H&H Shooting Sports and our 4U Cafe for the 2016 Readers Choice. Below we have listed the categories that we think that we qualify for. Remember, you can make one nomination per category, per day!

DSC_1000 2

H&H Shooting Sports –

Just for Fun – Local Company’s FB – CLICK HERE TO VOTE

Shopping – Shooting Ranges  –  CLICK HERE TO VOTE

Shopping – Sporting Goods Store  – CLICK HERE TO VOTE

Shopping (Local Retail) A-D – Archery Range/SuppliesCLICK HERE TO VOTE


4U Cafe –

Restaurants – American Cuisine  – CLICK HERE TO VOTE

Specialty Foods – Hamburgers  – CLICK HERE TO VOTE

Best Local – Diners/Drive ins/Dives  – CLICK HERE TO VOTE


H&H Shooting Sports Summer Expo –

Life Styles – Annual Event  – CLICK HERE TO VOTE

Life Styles – Sporting Event  – CLICK HERE TO VOTE




National Archery Day is observed annually on the second Saturday in May. In 2016 it is Saturday May 14th. Join us at H&H Shooting Sports to celebrate National Archery Day with Half Price Archery Range time all day on May 14th.

Celebrate National Archery Day by sharing your archery activities using #NationalArcheryDay on Social Media.


Mother’s Day Specials at H&H


Need a great way to spend the day with Mom on Mother’s Day? Bring Mom to H&H this Mother’s Day where she will get FREE lane and firearm rentals all day Sunday May 8th. PLUS let Mom pick out her own gift at H&H where we will be offering a FREE $20 gift card with every Concealed Carry Purse sold on Sunday May 8th.



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Swap Your Safe

Ranger 31 Burgundy Open

Trade in, Trade up, or Trade out your old gun safe. H&H Shooting Sports is holding our first ever safe trade in event. May 8th – May 14th

Trade In your dad’s old safe from the 70’s for a modern safe with all the upgrades and features. Trade Up from your current safe to a larger safe that fits your current needs. Trade Out your current safe to get the best deal in town!


Simply follow these simple instructions and we will give you an offer on the spot. Pickup and Delivery charges are extra.

1. Take pictures on your phone of your safe. (Front, Sides, Top, Interior)

2. Record your Model, Year of Manufacture, & Serial Number.

3. Visit H&H Shooting Sports to get a quote on the value of your safe.

4.Pick out your new safe or just sell us your old one.


Only at H&H Shooting Sports, Your Oklahoma Gun Safe Headquarters™

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Whether it be a grid crash, natural disaster or external attack, it is never too early to begin preparing for the worst. Everyone has a theory on the most likely cause of a widespread blackout, and the plans for coping with one are as diverse as the possible causes. Some like to keep it simple, planning to revert to the hunter-gatherer days if disaster strikes. Others plan to go full-on Tony Stark with high-tech gadgets and equipment for survival. But as it is with many of life’s challenges, sometimes the middle of the road may be the safest place to be.

Whether you are prepping for a temporary power outage or full-on apocalypse, this list of high- and low-tech items to have on hand when the lights go out has something for everyone.

Low-Tech Items

Most low-tech proponents cry “Electromagnetic Pulse” (EMP), a phenomenon that has the potential to zap all tech containing microprocessors, including computers, cellphones and vehicles. While no one can be certain that when disaster strikes it will be of the nuclear variety or due to solar flares, but both have a high EMP probability. So, let’s begin with a few low-tech items on the list.

  • Your own eyes. Forget fancy GPS and radio systems that are vulnerable to EMP and likely to glitch without an incredible pulse. Learning how to read your environment is about as low-tech as you can get. A savvy prepper should know how to interpret the weather and sky for advanced warning of potential Mother Nature threats. Clouds are of particular importance in identifying a threat, with the general rule being that tall clouds mean bad weather. If you observe clouds stacking upward instead of across, you are in for a thunderstorm or possibly a tornado.
  • Solar garden lights. These low-tech, inexpensive and practical ornaments have a dozen different uses. Where you need light, these easy-to-transport solar torches will abide. Keep them outside during the day to charge and store solar power, then use them at night to light up dark, exterior walkways or bring them inside at night to be used as flashlights or placed in large jars or vases to use as stationary room lighting.

High-Tech Items

Assuming the disaster does not wipe out all communication and technology or that the outage is discerned to be short-term, here a few items to add to your high-tech want list:

  • A reliable vehicle should be a staple in your prepping plan. Depending on the circumstances, it could be used as a temporary shelter and storage, or if the streets are still relatively clear, it could be your getaway transport. Your driving capabilities could also serve you well in a disaster situation. But if you’re lacking driving skills, it could be a hindrance. What good is a fast getaway car if it’s an automatic transmission and you never learned to drive stick? Possessing know-how and defensive driving skills is of paramount importance.
  • An ultraviolet, handheld water purifier. The SteriPEN quickly purifies water, making it safe for consumption. This handheld device uses UV light to destroy about 99.9 percent of protozoa, virus and bacteria from a water source. Depending on the kind of disaster you are prepping for, you have your choice between a model that runs on lithium batteries or requires a USB cable.