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Going hunting is one of the best ways to leave the technological world behind and get back to nature, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave all your technology at home. A hunting trip might be just the respite you need from Netflix, your flat-screen and your laptop, but bringing your phone and a few accessories with you on the hunt can make your trip less stressful and increase your success rate of bringing home something for the freezer. Here’s your guide to some clever gear for your phone for your next hunting trip.

The Case for a Serious Phone Case

If you’re going to be using your phone on the hunt, it’s time to get serious about your case. Remember, just because a case feels heavy duty or is covered in camo, doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for your personal needs.

Are you often hunting in rainy weather? Many bow and rifle experts are huge proponents of hunting in the rain and for good reason. There are fewer hunters willing to brave inclement weather, and big bucks are driven to move during daylight storms. And while a downpour will have most whitetail hunkered down, they are much more likely to move before and after a big storm.

A waterproof case is a great investment, but the operative word here is investment. While knockoffs are available online for anywhere from $5 to $30, the quality and the warranty comes with a heftier price tag. Otterbox, Pelican and Lifeproof brands offer shock- and rain-resistant options that are under $100. All offer cases in a variety of colors to match the terrain, as well as some pretty cool camo options.

Recording and Connecting

Whether you belong to an online hunting community, have a Facebook hunting group or like flying solo, consider making a video the next time you’re on the hunt.

It’s easier to do than ever before, and it’s amazing the uses you can find for these video recordings. They’re a great way to study your technique, teach young hunters about safety, remember landmarks and honey pots and, of course, maintain your bragging rights. And no, you don’t have to wear a helmet and a GoPro and put up with shaky footage.

The new LG V10 cell phone’s Steady Record feature stabilizes your video and allows you to capture all the action. And the AM-Sportsman action mount fits all cellphones and allows you to mount your smartphone to your rifle, compound bow or fishing pole.

Apps to Help Your Hunt

Some apps are helpful during the hunt and some are helpful while preparing, but they’re all reasonably priced and worth checking out. For example, Hunt Predictor has received rave reviews, and its detailed five-day forecast predicts the movement of deer, turkey and waterfowl. It also keeps track of your friends’ location during the hunt.

The HeyTell app is another great tool to have in the field or in case of an emergency. It basically turns your phone into a walkie-talkie. You don’t even have to sign up for an account to communicate.

Remember that using apps and taking videos will drain your battery. Be sure to invest in an external charger so you don’t have to worry about conserving battery life.

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Let me say something to every political hack pretending you know an AR-15 from a

double-barreled shotgun in the wake of the Orlando terror attack:

Stop talking. Every word not only exposes your ignorance, but your utter contempt for

ordinary Americans trying to survive in an age of terror you still won’t fully recognize.

Hillary Clinton says “weapons of war have no place on our streets” and that we need to

ban AR-15s immediately.

Unlike Hillary, I’ve actually used an AR-15 … but fully automatic. I was a SEAL for 12

years. Now I train average, everyday Americans to protect themselves and their

families. And for the vast majority of people I work with, there is no better firearm to

defend their homes against realistic threats than an AR-15, semi-automatic.

It’s easy to learn and easy to use. It’s accurate. It’s reliable.

And I guarantee if the Founding Fathers had known this gun would’ve been invented,

they wouldn’t have rewritten the Second Amendment—they would have fortified it in


Because they knew the only way for us to stay free was by having whatever guns the

bad guys have.

This firearm gives average people the advantage they so desperately need—and

deserve—to protect their life, liberty and happiness.

But it isn’t just the anti-gun politicians attacking our rights. With every broadcast, the

media proves how ignorant and desperate for ratings they truly are.

(Gretchen Carlson: Do we need AR-ˇ15s to hunt and kill deer? Do we need them to

protect our families?)

Look. Gretchen is a great broadcaster. And I’m glad she’s on the side of freedom on

most Second Amendment issues.

But the fact of the matter is, she simply does not understand what she’s talking about.

The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. And when it comes to

defending your family—what does it say to you when I … a veteran Navy SEAL …

someone who trains on every conceivable firearm platform as well as trains in hand-to-

hand combatives … someone who is more prepared for and capable in a firefight than

almost every American alive … turns to the AR-15 to defend my family?

Choosing to defend your home with an AR-15 is a common-sense choice that tens of

millions of Americans are making—and our neighborhoods and communities are safer

for it.

Let’s run through some of the latest attacks and see how banning so-called “assault

weapons” would’ve turned out.

California already bans assault weapons. That didn’t stop San Bernardino.

No ban on ARs, or any guns, would have stopped the Boston marathon bombing.

ISIS’ well-coordinated attack in France wasn’t deterred by the country’s strict gun

control laws.

Brussels’ gun ban did nothing to stop terrorists from killing.

But every single one of those tragedies ended with police officers carrying AR-15s

rushing to the scene as fast as possible.

Hillary’s solution to stopping terror attacks … is to ban the very gun that stops terror

attacks. And she calls that common sense!

Why would you want to ban the gun that you pray for police to show up with?

Here’s a common-sense solution to stopping Islamic terror: law-abiding citizens

prepared to deal with the imminent threats we face.

Hillary Clinton is prepared.

She knows ARs are a powerful defense against radical Islamic terrorists. That’s why

she’s been surrounded by guards armed with them for the past three decades. AR-15s

are fine for Hillary and her family. But average Americans who watch the news and feel

genuine fear for their safety, and their families’ safety—she wants to deny them the

level of protection she insists upon herself.

I fought this enemy face-to-face for 12 years. I know how they think, and I know the

hatred that burns inside them.

I urge every law-abiding American to take measures to defend yourself. Arm yourself.

Get the proper training. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Call upon your politicians to get rid of the dangerous lie of gun-free zones.

Demand your national right to carry—and use it.

This threat is real. Our leaders are either incapable of or unwilling to protect you.

And the AR-15 is one of the most effective tools available to protect yourself and your


Embrace your freedom. Buy one if you want to. Get trained and learn how to use it.

Your safety is in your hands. And thank God we have the Second Amendment.

Dom AR Asset 1

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

JUNE 11 & 12, 2016

Results Shooting, The State Games of Oklahoma



Gary M



Adam B



Charles M



Brian P




Jo E



Dawn P




Ethan C




Gary M



Adam B



Charles T



Brian P




Jo E



Dawn P




Ethan C


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

JUNE 11 & 12, 2016

Results Shooting, The State Games of Oklahoma



Charles M



Lawrence T



Brian P




Olga N.



Jo E



Dawn P




Donald C



Michael N



Lawrence T



Charles M



Brian P




Jo E



Dawn P




Charles M



Michael N



Brian P


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For any parent, your children’s safety comes first in the case of a crisis or emergency. That’s why, in cases of disaster, it’s imperative to have the essential items for survival like an effective emergency survival bag that includes items for safety, recreation and sustenance. After making sure you have everything you need, prepare a smaller bag for your child.

Although you might have packed everything necessary for survival for the entire family, providing your child with their very own “bug-out bag” can instill a sense of tranquility in a crisis. Depending on your child’s age, you can place various items in the bag, but be sure to also include a source of comfort, no matter the age. In an emergency, comfort items and foods can do a lot to alleviate stress and anxiety.

If you’re not sure what specific items to include, get your child involved and ask them what kind of food, games and comfort items they would want when disaster strikes. This will give them the chance to communicate with you their concerns about such an emergency and will help them be better prepared. Here are some items to include in your child’s bug-out bag.

Safety and Basics

First, choose an emergency survival bag that fits your child well. Keep in mind, depending on your child’s age, they probably won’t be able to carry as heavy a load as you. If their bag is too heavy or bulky, it may be cumbersome for them to carry and slow them down in cases where they must quickly run away.

Include a first-aid kit and teach your child how to properly use the items inside. The more familiar they become with those items, the better they will be able to use them in case of a minor cut or even a more serious injury. In addition to a first-aid kit, include a surgical mask to protect them from breathing in airborne bacteria and viruses, as well as a(n):

  • Flashlight
  • Emergency whistle
  • Pre-paid cell phone
  • Jacket
  • Blanket
  • Underwear/socks
  • Hat or beanie
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Toilet paper.

Again, talk to your kids about each item in their bag and discuss the types of situations in which they would need to use them.


Food is crucial in an emergency situation, and while you’ll probably be the one carrying most of the food, it’s important to equip your child with some food as well in case they ever get separated from you. Be sure to include high-energy foods, like granola bars, canned tuna or chicken, a small jar of peanut butter and a small bottle of honey.

Prepare your child by including water purification tablets and a water canteen. Also include hard candy and gum, so they have a small treat on hand. You know your child best, so include a few of their favorite snacks. Having familiar foods during an emergency can calm your child’s nerves and provide comfort.


While food can be a source of comfort for your child, it’s likely they’ll find themselves bored after some time has passed and the urgency of the situation has settled down. That’s why it’s smart to prepare a few recreational items, like games, coloring books with crayons, a ball, deck of cards, puzzles, or a stuffed animal. These items will keep your child occupied and out of trouble. Modify the aforementioned list to your child’s age.

Last Reminders

Remember, rotate your supply of food and water every six months to keep your supply fresh. Make sure any clothes you include still fit your child comfortably. Use your best judgement and allow older children to carry a pocket knife or any fire-starting tools. Of course, talk through how to use these items beforehand.

If this emergency survival bag is for an infant, you should prepare a separate diaper bag to carry. And, if you are the type of parent wanting to feel prepared for an emergency, take your family on a hike and camp out with the survival bags to become more familiar with each item and determine what might be missing.


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shutterstock_384222676For the avid outdoors enthusiast, the summer season means one thing — a hunting trip. A tradition as old as time, people have looked forward to this magical time when they could head off into the woods with their friends and tune out all of life’s daily responsibilities. Though part of the fun is leaving behind distractions, here are 10 items you need to remember to bring with you.

1. Cellphone

Though the point of your trip is to relax and unwind away from all of the distractions that tether you to the daily grind, you’re not a savage. The baseball season stops for no one, so your cellphone lets you check scores while you are away, and you can also load it up with helpful apps like a compass, range finder, radio and GPS. So, if you happen to get injured you can call for help, and, if needed, a pizza delivery.

2. Zipper Bags

Sealing baggies have 101 uses, but on a hunting trip they are particularly helpful. For example, you can store scent lures separate from your other belongings, so your favorite sweatshirt doesn’t end up smelling like elk urine.

3. Wet Wipes

Also providing multiple uses, the convenient and disposable wet wipe will serve you well after dinner, after a messy field dressing and after nature calls when you are in the middle of the woods. Wet wipes are more durable and sanitary than standard toilet paper, so they are perfect for your trip.

4. Tools

One goal when packing for a weekend hunting trip is to pack light, so a single item with multiple applications is ideal. For this reason, the tried and true Swiss Army Knife is invaluable. There are so many versions of this baby that you can find one that serves all of your needs. However, you may want to carry a separate hunting knife or a small wood saw or ax.

5. First-Aid Kit

If you have not had to break into yours yet, you will. Carry one with you if for no other reason than to account for Murphy’s Law.

6. Sunglasses

The sun will get to you after awhile. Don’t leave home without a pair of sunglasses and extra lenses, since you will be spending the majority of your time outdoors, sitting, standing and waiting in the sun.

7. Food & Drink

Hunters tend to have mixed feelings about carrying water into the woods. There will always be that one friend who refuses and boasts about his ability to head off into the dark with nothing more than a weapon in hand and a license. This is also the person who refuses to eat anything while on the trail and thinks doing a few squats every few hours will keep him warm in the chilly night air.

Ignore him.

There’s nothing wrong with packing a few energy bars for the hike. Even though you don’t want to lug around a gallon of water and have to pee every 45 minutes, you also don’t want to get lost in the woods without it. A canteen or water bottle is fine. And when you return to base camp, nothing beats a cold brew, either as a congratulatory toast to a successful hunt or as a consolation prize for your empty hands.

8. Fire-Starters

Your trusty Zippo is great to have on you, but a few additions to your fire-starter kit will save you a massive headache when it comes time to kindle. Bringing waterproof matches, a metal match, Vaseline-coated cotton balls for tinder and a plumber’s candle along with you will ensure that starting a fire will be a snap.

9. Spare Release

Here’s one for bow hunters in particular. If you know the sense of dread and disappointment that washes over you when you take aim on an approaching deer and then hear that god-awful clinking sound that your release makes as it hits the tree stand on its way down, then you know the importance of having a spare release on your person before making your climb up that tree. Check and recheck your pocket or vest to verify.

10. Silk Scarf

Men have been wearing scarves for hundreds of years, so get past your senseless aversion. The cowboys of the Wild West understood that wrapping your neck in a silk scarf protects it from the dreaded neck chafing that comes with wearing a wool shirt. It also can be used to block cold drafts from your skin or as a sling if you’re in a pinch. You can question the manliness of wearing a scarf all you want, but you cannot deny its applicability.

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The Attleboro Knife Story –

A true story of sacrifice and honor commemorating those SF soldiers who fought and died during the Attleboro operation. Attleboro Knives began to take formation in the middle of 2012 when Ken Hunt and Casey Foster started talking about a knife design. This design would need to meet the demanding requirements of both the serious outdoorsmen as well as those serving our country on the battle field. The knife would need to fit well and be balanced in one’s hand. It also needed to provide excellent performance in the field to become the inaugural knife from Attleboro Knives.

The Attleboro as seen at the 2016 Blade Show


“We wish to recognize one heroic soldier who during this operation epitomizes the spirit of our knife, Master Sergeant William B. Hunt. His heroic actions during the battle led to several saved lives but in the process causing his wounding then his loss.” – Attleboro Knives

Becoming a fan of the Attleboro is easy to do. Just pick one up and your sold!


The Attleboro Battle Knife Features

  • Industry leading s35vn stainless steel
  • Thicker than normal 8-32 hardware
  • Steel hardness – 55-57 HRC
  • Overall Knife Length – 9 3/4″
  • Blade Thickness – .150″
  • Blade length – 4 1/2″
  • Spine to Edge – 1 3/8″
  • Cryo-treated blade
  • Hollow ground blade
  • Combat utility knife designed by retired Special Forces operators
  • Ergonomic handle design for maximum comfort and grip
  • Black Phenolic canvas laminate (black micarta) handle
  • Practically placed lanyard hole away from glass breaker
  • Machined grooving in handle for added grip and style
  • Glass breaker with Polycarbonate cutting edge
  • Unique slanted serrations for better cutting
  • Spear point design with aggressive swedge
  • Skeletonized handle for weight reduction
  • Kydex sheath (tan or black) with TEK-LOK™
  • H-146 Graphite Black Cerakote Coating
  • Latest large hollow grind technology
  • Large Choil for added blade control
  •  Machined Gimping for added grip
  •  Thumb ramp for indexing
  • Certificate and Coin