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July 28, 2016 Oklahoma City, OK: H&H Shooting Sports, Inc. (H&H) announced today the appointment of Leroy Ussery as President. Since 1996, Leroy has provided funding for H&H and has served in a variety of roles at H&H, including Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chairman of the Board. Leroy has 50 years of experience serving in many executive roles for successful growth and turnaround companies, including a multi-national company listed on the NYSE. In addition to his new role, Leroy will continue to serve as the Chairman of the Board for H&H.

H&H has also announced the appointment of Christopher Merritt to the Board of Directors. He will focus on the operational and marketing aspects of the business. He has worked in all aspects of the firearm industry including manufacturing, wholesale, and retail. Brand building, merchandising and operations are a few of the areas he has excelled in during his career. Christopher is currently the President of Tres Consulting Group LLC. Christopher is bringing valuable expertise for continued growth at H&H that will allow H&H to improve and expand products and services to their guests.

Along with the appointment as President, Leroy has entered into an agreement to purchase the shares of H&H held by Miles Hall, the previous President and founder that started the original H&H Gun Range. Miles over the years has made a conscious effort to help grow the shooting sports and H&H wish Miles success on his new consulting business, Hall-N-Hall Consulting.

H&H Shooting Sports is a store dedicated to all shooting sports enthusiasts and it’s their goal to make H&H the Oklahoma headquarters for everyone participating in the shooting sports. This is exhibited by H&H’s transition from a ten lane gun range to the current 90,000 square foot facility with 36 firearms lanes, 21 archery lanes, 6 air rifle lanes, a retail store, a conference center, training rooms and a café.

H&H Shooting Sports is located at I-40 & Meridian and can be reached at or (405) 947-3888

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The fastest way to turn a hunting trip into a chore is to come unprepared. Whether you’re a hard-working bachelor or dad in serious need of some quiet time, you know how tough it is to get away, so make sure you get the most out of your time. Plan ahead and make sure you don’t leave out these essential, yet all too often overlooked, items:

1. First Aid

Blood clotting powder, emergency blanket, poncho, iodine tablets and bandages all make sure you are ready for the unthinkable. While it’s not likely that something will happen (not everything is like “Naked and Afraid” and “Dual Survival”), it’s better to be prepared. Bring extra first aid and survival gear to ensure you won’t end up having to come home early, injured and empty handed.

2. Sleeping Pad

You want to enjoy your trip just as much as you want to bring home a trophy. Just because you’re out in the great wide open all alone doesn’t mean you have to rough it. In fact, investing in a few luxuries can make all the difference. A supportive sleeping pad is the way to go if you’re staying overnight. The newest versions are lightweight, self-inflating and insulated. This way you’ll be warm and comfy after a long day in the wilderness.

3. Baby Wipes

Yes, baby wipes. These let you clean up and feel like a million bucks for the rest of the day. They are especially useful if there’s not a port-a-potty around for miles.

4. Sunglasses

Make sure you bring sunglasses even if the weather calls for cloudy skies or storms. Even an overcast sky can deliver powerful rays and exhaust your eyes after a long day of tracking. This can greatly effect your accuracy. Invest in a good pair that are comfortable enough to wear all day, have UVA and UVB blocking, and are polarized.

5. Smartphone Apps

Smartphone apps can increase your success rates no matter what you’re hunting, from white tail deer to largemouth bass. Some useful apps include weather prediction, location specific camo guides, knot tying tutorials and recommendations for choosing the right bait for the stream you’re fishing. But remember, you won’t be able to use map or location services unless you invest in a personal hotspot, which still may only give you spotty service. Download maps, videos and tutorials ahead of time or take screenshots of important info you may not be able to access in the bush.

6. Walkie-Talkies

Speaking of spotty Wi-Fi, you need to be able to communicate with your hunting buddies or call for help. Beartooth Radio, for example, is a smartphone case that turns your cellphone into a walkie-talkie, even if you don’t have service. It can call within a 5-mile radius and text within a 10-mile radius. So whether you want to check on others in your group or you need to call for help, this gadget is a good investment.

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Hoyt Archery is giving you a chance to win a New Ram 1500 just by test driving the All – New Defiant Bow Series at H&H Shooting Sports.

Just come by H&H Shooting Sports before September 30th, 2016 and test drive any of our Hoyt Defiant Series bows in our archery range.

We will give you a certificate to enter into the drawing held in October to win this truck! It’s that easy and fun. Get here today for your chance to win, and make sure you enter before 9/30/16.


Well its that time of the year again, time for the annual H&H Shooting Sports Summer Expo, the three day event that brings the shooting sports industry directly to Oklahoma City. This years Summer Expo will take place from Thursday the 14th until Saturday the 16th from 9am to 9pm. Each year over 100 factories are represented, including all of the major companies, and they come and show off their product lines directly to the public. While all of this is happening the main focus is the storewide savings that are offered all over the store. Deep discounts and several items offered below dealer cost! This is truly a one of a kind event.


What I believe will be the main attraction of this years Expo will be the Smith & Wesson table where they will be showing off the M&P line of Smith & Wesson firearms, including the M&P Shield. Smith & Wesson’s M&P Shield now joins the growing crop of palm-size, slim-and-trim single-stack 9mms that have been appearing on the handgun market at a rapid rate over the last few years. It is the lightest and smallest 9mm personal-defense auto S&W has yet offered: only six inches long, 4½ inches high, less than an inch thick and weighing just 19 ounces. Based on the duty-proven full-size S&W M&P design, it will undoubtedly take a prominent place in the concealed carry world. Moreover, the new Shield is also available chambered in .40 S&W. Same size, same weight, same design. The only difference between the M&P9 Shield and the M&P40 Shield, in fact, is that the magazines for the M&P40 Shield hold one less round than the M&P9 Shield magazines. The M&P9 Shield comes with one semi-staggered flat-base seven-round magazine and one extended-base eight-round mag; the M&P40 Shield comes with one six-rounder and one seven-round magazine. The Shield, along with the rest of the M&P line will be a highlight of the Summer Expo, and will keep the Smith & Wesson booth pretty busy for sure.


The H&H Shooting Sports Summer Expo is an event that the whole family can enjoy, as there will be something to keep everybody entertained. I have it on good authority that there will be a special appearance by the mascots for the Oklahoma City Dodgers,Brooklyn, who will be at the Summer Expo on Saturday from 12:30pm to 3:30pm. The Dodgers will also be sending out their inflatable bounce houses and other fun inflatables Friday 2-6 & Saturday 10-6.


The Kids Archery 101 Classes will be returning for the 2016 Summer Expo. The last two years these classes have proven to be one of the highlights of the Expo, and this year is sure to follow the trend. Young Archers will want to be sure to participate in these classes!

IMG_3054 (1)

This years Summer Expo will be so exciting, the building wont be able to contain it all, as there will be several activities out front, including Alan Broerse’s Storm Tracker News 9 truck, a knife forging demo & cutting competition.


While visiting the manufactures tables you will be given the opportunity to take any of their display firearms out onto the range for a test fire. It is this kind of hands on test firing that attracts shooters of all experience levels to the biggest party of the summer, the H&H Summer Expo. Outside of the factory representative tables there will also be storewide sales on many items. Highly attractive discounts will be given on the already low prices on merchandise storewide.


This years event will be bigger than ever with HOURLY DOOR PRIZES offered all 3 days (you must be present to win) leading up to the grand prize drawing on Saturday night (where you do not have to be present to win). Each ticket that you buy to shoot a firearm from the manufactures tables will enter you into that hour’s door prize drawing and into the big drawing on Saturday night. The tickets are $4 each or 3 for $10.

This year’s Summer Expo will attract shooters young and old, and of all experience levels as they take a look at what is new from the industry, all gathered conveniently in one location at H&H Shooting Sports off of I-40 & Meridian.


For the right price, nearly any animal can be hunted – an African lion permit costs most than $50,000; a polar bear permit goes for $30,000. However there are a handful of hunts that make the aforementioned look like hobbyist hunts. Here are the four most expensive and difficult permits to obtain. Anybody who can check off all of these hunts will most likely be the only hunter in the world to ever do so, making this a dream grand slam for the well-off and super dedicated hunter. If you’re headed out on one of these trips, don’t forget pack mosquito repellent, your passport and a good pair of boots.

Antelope Island State Park Mule Deer

Only two mule deer permits are issued each year to hunt in Utah’s Antelope State park, which makes this an elite hunting experience. The hunting is so good that Canadian hunter Troy Lorenz has spent $800,000, at two separate auctions, to be able to hunt the biggest mule deer in North America. In 2015, he bagged a massive 231-inch buck.

If you are lucky enough to get to a permit for this hunt, park officials will guide your stalk in November. Bring along warm clothing — we like SITKA Big Game Systems — since the average temperature hovers between 28 and 50 degrees that time of year.

Namibian Black Rhinoceros

Each year, Namibia’s Ministry of Environment and Tourism issues three to five permits to hunt the critically endangered black rhino. It’s part of a very scientific herd management program. Permit holders are allowed to take one of a handful of male black rhinos that have been designated as dangerous and/or non-productive to the health of the black rhino population. Last year, Corey Knowlton, an affluent Texan who lives a Hemingway-esque life, used a permit he won in a Dallas Safari Club for $350,000 (for just the permit). The proceeds from the auction went to anti-poaching efforts, which didn’t stop people from sending death threats to the Texan.

With the help of guides and Namibian officials, Knowlton stalked his 3,000 pound black rhino through dense, thorny brush for hours a day. He donated the rhino’s meat to a local village.

Hunting Pakistani Houbura Bustard with Falcons

This is a status hunt and probably the hardest hunting permit in the world to secure. Unless you are an Arabian Gulf Sheikh, chances are slim you will ever get the opportunity to hunt the endangered Houbara bustard. Since the chicken-sized birds, that many believe are an aphrodisiac, have nearly been hunted to extinction on the Arabian Peninsula, wealthy sheikhs pay Pakistani officials to hunt their houbara population. While permits are good for 10 days and 100 birds, a Saudi Prince killed more than 2,100 of the endangered species over a 21-day hunt in 2014. You see where this is going, right? You need connections, clout and a vault of cash if you want to go on one of these controversial expeditions. If you do manage to go hunting for houbara in Pakistan, you will be one of very few westerners to have completed the hunt.

Montana Big Horn Sheep

While resident permits for Montana bighorn sheep only cost around $200, they are so hard to get that permits are routinely auctioned off for $300,000 at the Wild Sheep Foundation’s annual convention. The owner of Jimmy John’s, James Liautaud, has dropped nearly $600,000 for two separate Montana Bighorn Sheep hunts. While this sounds expensive, Liautaud actually got a bargain. In 2013, an anonymous bidder paid a record-smashing $480,000 for the same tag. After spending that much money on a single hunt, you’ll want to make sure you hire the best possible outfitter to guide you and that your marksmanship skills are well above average. You’ll also need to bundle-up for this chilly fall hunt and bring a high-speed field bag like the American-made, special operations tested OAF -96 Jumpable backpack for stalking.

The Semi Annual Red Tag Clearance Event is happening NOW at H&H Shooting Sports. If you’re looking for hot deals on optics, knives, archery equipment, ammunition or anything in between, we have you covered with storewide savings up to 60% off! There will also be over 1,000 new and used guns reduced for this event, from great brands like Browning, Beretta, Ruger and many more. So hurry in and see some red and save some green before this Clearance Event is over Only at H&H Shooing Sports just off I-40 and Meridian Oklahoma’s Shooting Sports Headquarters™