H&H Shooting Sports is doing the unthinkable – It’s the H&H End of the Year You Pay What We Pay Event – Happening NOW at H&H while supplies last.

Savings like you’ve never seen before on handguns from Smith & Wesson, Glock, Springfield Armory, and many more.

Over 160 models and 1,300 units must go! All will be sold for our cost.

So get to Oklahoma’s Headquarters for Guns & Gear while supplies last for the End of the Year – You Pay What We Pay pistol sales event.

H&H Shooting Sports just off I-40 & Meridian


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Using Your Smartphone as a Hunting Tool

Everyone is distracted by their phones these days. The incessant beeping and lit screens offer a distraction from any task that you are attempting to avoid. This new era of the smartphone has left us less productive than ever and with distracted and distant dinner dates. It is easy to forget that smartphones were designed as a tool to enhance our everyday lives, not to hinder them. Reconnecting with the useful functions, rather than the distracting features (i.e., games and social media sites), we can use them to enrich our experiences away from the screen. Next time that you head out on a big game hunt, make sure to pack your phone — not to play Candy Crush, but to help you bag that tag.

Native Features

Using your phone to its full potential while out in the field doesn’t mean that you need to bog down your phone with a ton of new apps. Your phone comes standard being GPS enabled to help you navigate your way through your favorite hunting grounds during the day or night. The satellite maps will allow you to see where territory boundaries lie, elevation gains and losses, as well as wind directions. You can drop pins in areas that you want to remember to visit again where you had seen your game eating or nesting but couldn’t get the shot right at that exact moment. The stock weather app will also give you the information you need about sunrise and sunset times.


If you were to use some apps that could help you track and locate your harvest, you will have plenty of room on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, which can expand up to 255 GB of storage. With apps like iHunt Journal ($5 on Google Play), you can use that large amount of memory storage to upload photos, record weather conditions, GPS locations and more information that will help you in next year’s hunt. For the bird hunters out there, download a Ducks Unlimited app that will allow you to see real time migratory bird migrations.

Accessorize to Optimize

As useful of a tool that your phone can be, it is not going to do anything for you if it gets submerged in water or is broken by dropping out of your pocket. Consider getting a camouflage Otterbox Preserver case for your smartphone to protect it against the elements. It will protect your phone from hard impacts and keep it dry in its waterproof case. To make sure that your phone always has a charge, pack along the ammunition shell shaped Reload charger by Brakerton. It is lightweight and fits in your pocket, but just make sure to not confuse it with your actual ammo and load it in your gun! If you don’t want to feel tethered to a phone charger, equip yourself with a phone that has an available wireless charger so that you’re not having to worried about tangled wires while taking aim.

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Christmas is around the corner and if you haven’t found the right gifts yet, you may be in panic mode. Fear not — H&H Shooting Sports has you covered.

The best gifts come from H&H. From now until Christmas take 20% off all Kershaw Knives , 25% off all Minox Optics, & 25% off all Blade Tech Holsters just to name a few of our weekly specials

Also don’t forget to ask about the Secret Santa pricing on all Sunglasses from Costa, Oakley, Maui Jim, & Zeal.

Hurry in and Save – December 18th to 24th only at Oklahoma’s Headquarters for Guns & Gear – H&H Shooting Sports just off I-40 & Meridian.



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This week only at H&H take 20% off on the purchase of all Liberty Safes (excluding centurion models) Liberty Safes are the #1 selling home and gun safes in America.

Nothing means more than a gift from H&H Shooting Sports. With over 500 items priced below $50 you will find comfort and joy when you give a gift from H&H.

If you cant remember if they have been naughty or nice an H&H Gift Card makes the perfect gift.

Hurry in and Save – December 11th to 17th only at H&H Shooting Sports – Oklahoma’s Headquarters for Guns & Gear – and Yeti!



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at H&H Shooting Sports

From December 4th to the 10th take advantage of special savings on handguns from Sig Sauer, Walther, Glock, and shotguns from Beretta, Benelli, Browning and many more.

Don’t miss out on the Browning Season of Safe-ings. One of the most secure places you can store a firearm and other valuables is in a Browning ProSteel gun safe. You can now get up to $100 back as a mail in rebate, PLUS this week only H&H will give you 20% OFF on the purchase of any Browning Gun safe!

Hurry in and Save – December 4th to 10th only at Oklahoma’s Headquarters for Guns & Gear

Look for the following ad in The Oklahoman on Sunday December 4th!

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