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H&H Shooting Sports has a better way to do Black Friday, with our doors opening at 9 AM on Friday morning. So rush in, stock up, and save big on great deals storewide. Starting on Black Friday they’ve got special door-buster savings on Firearms, Safes, Accessories, Knives, optics and more! Get the Champion Model T Safe for $599, and the Walther PPS M2 9mm is now just $339. All Pietta Cowboy Action Revolvers are now $175 OFF. Plus everything from Browning will be at least 10% OFF storewide.

H&H Shooting Sports will be open during normal store hours, 9am – 9pm on Black Friday. We understand that other stores will be opening earlier, some even on Thanksgiving Day. We want to ensure that our team members and their families get a chance to enjoy their Thanksgiving celebrations. We will see you at 9am!

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Giving a Firearm as a Gift? Some Reminders From NSSF
The holidays are just around the corner. As hunters, shooters, collectors or just plain plinkers, it’s a natural instinct to want to share our enjoyment of firearms with others. What better way to do that than to make a gift of a firearm to a family member, close friend or relative?
The first thing to remember if you’re thinking about giving someone a gun is that . . . it’s a gun! You already know that ownership of a firearm brings with it some serious legal and ethical obligations that other consumer products don’t. So let’s look at some questions you may have about giving a firearm as a gift.
The first question you have to ask is whether the intended recipient can legally own the firearm where he or she lives. With more than 20,000 different gun laws on the books, even the kinds of firearms that law-abiding citizens can own vary from place to place; for example, juveniles (under age 18), generally speaking, are precluded by law from possessing a handgun. Check out the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) website for an overview of local laws and, whatever you do, don’t forget that you can never under any circumstances transfer a firearm to someone you know — or have reasonable cause to believe — legally can’t own one. That’s a federal felony, so be careful.
There’s no federal law that prohibits a gift of a firearm to a relative or friend that lives in your home state. Abramski v. United States, a recent Supreme Court decision involving a “straw purchase” of a firearm did not change the law regarding firearms as gifts. The following states (California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington State) and the District of Columbia require you to transfer a firearm through a local firearms retailer so an instant background check will be performed to make sure the recipient is not legally prohibited from owning the gun. Maryland and Pennsylvania require a background check for private party transfer of a handgun. There are exceptions, so it’s important to carefully check the law of your state or ask your local firearms retailer.
The ATF recommends that if you want to give someone a new firearm, rather than going to a gun store, buying it on your own and giving it to, say your father, consider instead purchasing a gift certificate from that retailer and giving it to Dad as his present. That way he’ll get the exact gun he wants, and there’s no question about who is “the actual buyer of the firearm,” which is a question any purchaser must certify on the Federal Form 4473 at the time of purchase.
You can only ship a handgun by common carrier (but not U.S. Mail) and a long gun by U.S. Mail or common carrier to a federally licensed retailer, but not to a non-licensed individual in another state. With all carriers, federal law requires you to declare that your package contains an unloaded firearm. To be safe, always consult your carrier in advance about its regulations for shipping firearms.
What if you want to give “Old Betsy,” your favorite old deer rifle, to your son or daughter as a college graduation gift? Again, in most states, there’s no law that says you can’t, but some states require even inter-family transfers to go through a licensed retailer. Remember, you can never transfer a firearm directly to another person who is a resident of a different state. In that case, you must transfer the firearm through a licensed retailer in the state where the person receiving the gift resides. Using a gift certificate from a firearms retailer near where the recipient lives might be a good solution. Pre-1898 antique firearms are generally exempt from the retailer requirement. Be safe and check with your retailer or local law enforcement before you hand over your prized possession.
It’s often an emotional moment when a treasured family heirloom is passed down to the next generation. These moments are part of what our cherished enjoyment of firearms is all about and represent that unique bond that sportsmen have with their fellow enthusiasts.
So enjoy the holidays and do it right!
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With the calendar already flipped to fall, another successful hunting season is likely on your radar. You’ve decided on your location, which game you plan to hunt and who’s joining you on your outdoor expedition.

But to ensure your carefully-planned hunting trip is a success, it’s time to focus on your equipment. Even if this isn’t your first rodeo — err, hunting trip — it’s important to double check your supplies to make sure you’ve accounted for everything. Of course, if anything is missing or showing its age, you can purchase something new or replace it before you head out.

With that in mind, check out these five essential pieces of equipment you’ll want to pack to enjoy your hunting trip.

1. Solid Pair of Boots

Whether you’re walking in the woods hunting for deer or duck hunting in a marshy swamp, hunting boots can make or break your day. If your pair showing signs of wear, definitely replace them before you head out. Pro tip: Always look for waterproof boots no matter what type of game you’re hunting. Insulated boots can also ensure your feet stay dry, warm and protected during your hunting trip.

2. Proper Clothing

As Cross Bow Critic notes, wearing the right clothing on your hunting expedition will make a huge difference, both for your comfort and safety. Additionally, wearing the proper gear means you’ll have the energy to focus on your hunt and stay out longer, as opposed to worrying about the weather.Â

Traveling to areas where camouflage is recommended? Then you should definitely invest in a jacket and pants that conceal your appearance and movement and which are designed for a range of outside temperatures. Locate a popular outdoor retailer, like Cabela’s or REI, in your area to find some great hunting gear at reasonably low prices.

3. Sturdy Truck and Accessories

Of course, getting to and from your hunting site safely is the name of the game. And, if you’re fortunate to haul some big game back home, a solid and dependable vehicle is a must. While you likely own a trusty pickup truck that’s provided countless hunting trip memories, you’ll want to make sure it’s ready to handle your next big journey.

First things first: Check your tires. After all, your vehicle should be ready to travel on a number of different surfaces and terrain, including paved highways and muddy side roads with ease. If your tires look worn and are showing signs of rot, consider replacing them altogether from a reputable tire shop or online retailer like

4. A Headlamp

As Tracks and Wings notes, investing in a headlamp is even more important than a flashlight while hunting. Of course, with a headlamp, both of your hands will be free to carry a gun or dress an elk or deer after sunset. A headlamp with a red/green light is ideal, as animals tend not to be scared off by this type of color.

5. Pair of Binoculars

Binoculars are a must-have for any hunting trip; after all, they can certainly help you spot deer from a long distance or see a group of ducklings by a marsh dozens of yards away. If you’re at a high vantage point, like the top of a mountain, use your pair of binoculars to scope out the areas below and/or choose your next nearby hunting spot.

The H&H Pre-Black Friday sale starts Friday the 17th and H&H has the lowest prices of the season on firearms, ammo, and accessories. All available while supplies last!

Starting a full week before Black Friday they’ve got incredible deals all over the store. With over 700 firearms on sale and an incredible selection of ammo and accessories to choose from, the H&H Pre Black Friday sale has massive discounts on all the best products.

H&H is the place for all your Outdoor Holiday needs.

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Let us make your Thanksgiving and Christmas meals a little bit easier… The H&H Shooting Sports – 4U Cafe is now taking orders for their famous 5lb made from scratch cobblers. Serves 12-14 … Apple, Peach, Cherry, Blackberry and Pecan. Please stop by or call 405-763-5932 to place your orders. All Thanksgiving orders must be placed by November 21st… All Christmas orders must be placed by December 20th. Hurry while supplies last.