Keep it holstered while in the store!

So you’re finally going to the range, the gunsmith or you are day dreaming about buying a new LWRC rifle – whatever brings you in we are glad you went.  During your visit, we would just like to remind you of one incredibly important thing. Guns are welcome on premises (duh) however please keep ALL weapons holstered unless need arises – in such case, judicious marksmanship is appreciated! So keep it holstered there Huckleberry.  Here at H&H, or any gun store for that matter, your firearm needs to stay in its holster, box, or range bag until you are out on the range at the firing line.  Most, if not all, gun stores and ranges emphasize this policy, so whenever you pull out your firearm in the middle of the retail section you break the air of safety that we care so much about.

“Oh! Don’t worry its not like its loaded or anything.” Remember – The 1st Law: The Gun Is Always Loaded.  Accidents can happen at anytime so we do as much as we can to mitigate the risks involved at a gun range.

“Oh don’t worry I’m very careful with it”  Okay – that maybe true – but is everyone else careful?  How do you know that the firearm is in good working condition, and not broken or damaged in some way to where it could accidentally discharge?  Do you know if every one around you is careful?  Maybe someone behind you could trip into you and make you drop it.  Risk mitigation is every one’s job!

No one at any store wants to look down the business end of a firearm.  It doesn’t matter if it is loaded or not.  Lets all do our part for safety and remember to always treat every gun as if it is loaded.  If you absolutely need to show us a firearm away from the firing line we do have a few options.  If the gun that needs to be show is loaded in a holster then take it out onto the range.  There, the firearm can be safely removed from your holster, range bag, or case, and locked with the chamber open.

Accidents happen quickly and no amount of “Sorry I didn’t mean it!” can undo what has been done.  Always follow the 4 Laws of Gun Safety.

Earmuff vs Earplugs

When ever you are shooting or near some one that is shooting you need eye and ear protection.  Eye protection is easy enough and usually one size fits all.  But when it comes to ear protection, you have two options:  earmuffs or ear plugs.


Pros:  Ear plugs can be some of the most effective hearing protection around.  By its nature of fitting into the ear canal most sound is blocked out.  Even basic earplugs can reduce noise by 32 decibels.

Cost and transportation:  Earplugs can be dirt cheap!  Not to mention light weight, disposable ear plugs can sometimes even come in bulk bags that weigh less and take up less space than conventional earmuffs.

Custom ear plugs:  For the discerning shooter, ear plugs can be custom molded to a persons ear.  This can make ear plugs that are personal very reusable and comfortable. Not to mention they can be customized with all sorts of colors.

Cons:  Single usage.  Most cheap ear plugs are only used once.  Most people don’t care to reuse ear plugs and who can blame them.  They can be gross and might not hold up the second time around.

All sound is blocked.  Ear plugs can be too good at their job.  Some times you might need to hear something and the great noise reduction will block out gun shots but also comments from buddies.  This might be a good thing if you don’t want to hear from them.  You would have to either stop shooting and pay close attention or remove them and we certainly don’t recommend the latter option.




Pros: ease of use.  It doesn’t get any easier.  Just slip those bad boys over your head and you’re ready to go!

Re-usability:  A good pair of earmuffs can last you a life time.  I’m sure your dad has some that he’s been using to mow the lawn since the 70’s.  just take care of them and they will protect your ears for years to come.

Electronic earmuffs:  This has got to be one of the cooler developments in hearing protection since maybe ever.  With electronic ear muff you can listen to other people with them on.  The ear muff will automatically cut off their internal speakers and microphone once the decibel level gets to high.  It’ll cut off a gun shot for instance.  How convenient is that?  Now you can hear what others are saying during range time with out having to stop or risk our precious ear drums.

Cons: They get in the way.  While ear muffs certainly won’t get in the way of pistol shooting that all changes with a rifle.  Earmuff can be easily bumped around by the stock’s recoil and might accidentally expose you to unsafe noise levels.  Make sure they’re on tight.

No fun in the summer.  When shooting in the heat earmuffs can quickly get too damp.  They don’t let sound in and they certainly don’t let moisture out.  So make sure to sure to wipe them down after summer use so they don’t turn into a science experiment.

While this list is not completely exhaustive of all the options in the ways of hearing protection, it does at least give you something to think about the next time you reach for some.  I’m sure most every body has their favorites by now so sound off in the comments as to which kind you like!

Great trigger control for new shooters


Many of shooters have wondered “why are my shots low and to the left?”  Well wonder no more.  The root cause of such a problem is caused by improper placement of the index finger on the trigger.  The correct placement of the finger would be the middle of the top section of your index finger.  Try to get it as close to the middle as you can just like this military training photo.

By pulling the trigger with nearly the end of the finger, you make the trigger go straight back.  Using more of the finger will push the whole gun off to the side, thus making your shots not as accurate as they could be.

Do this and your groups will improve.  Try this tip the next time you come into the gun range at H&H Shooting Sports.


Fun new targets at the range

It seems like shooters have been blasting away at the same bull’s eyes and silhouettes since forever now.  But thanks to a GunFun Shooting Targets, you can have a choice as to what you put down range!  So next time you go to the range, perhaps for one of our daily range specials, keep your eye’s on the look out for some of their fun targets.

Hostage Crisis.

Push your tactical skills to the max with this target!  It features a Hollywood style situation where any real-life miss would be catastrophic!  It’s best used with a handgun to help you tighten up those groups but since it’s just paper you can use just about any firearm.  Shotguns are unadvised for obvious reasons


Vital dude.

Now here’s a great twist on the silhouette.  This great target shows off the skeleton and internal organs of an average male.  This x-ray look helps you to see the actual vital zones of a human attacker.  With this one you don’t have to aim for some arbitrary center but instead you can go for the actual heart, lungs and liver!



This one offers some fun for the whole family.  The sink-a-sub target can be set for any distance to test out your skill.  It’s best paired with an accurate .22LR.  The real skill involved here is making sure that you don’t accidentally hit the water or the wrong sub.  Pull the target all the way to the back for the maximum challenge.  This’ll really make sure your sights are zeroed.


What I’ve listed here is not even the full selection.  More can be bought from their website or at H&H Shooting Sports range check in section.  Look for the full color ones on the black shelf and test these fun one’s out at your next range visit!