2nd Admendment Friendly smartphone application



As responsible gun owners obeying the law is paramount. Sometimes that can be confusing especially when carrying a firearm into local businesses that may or may not allow legal carry.  For businesses that deem it appropriate to violate our freedoms and post no firearms signs, the law reads the signage must be conspicuous but there is no law governing the actual sign. That can just add to the confusion.

As business managers and policies change it can be a feat just to keep up with where you can legally carry.  Also it would be nice to plan ahead to patronize businesses that allow legal carry and avoid those that infringe on our right.

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That is where the 2A Friendly app comes into play. It is as simple as going to the app store and downloading it for free, create a free account, and you are able to look up businesses and see if they have been rated. You also have the ability to rate businesses as “Friendly”, “Neutral”, and “Unfriendly”. If you rate the business friendly you then have the option to show if you open carried without a problem.

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So 2A Friendly is a database at your fingertips put together by the real world experience of gun owners such as yourself in order to keep up with where you can legally carry.

I have had the app some time now on my Android device and have used it many times to look up businesses and even rate a few based on my personal experience.


It is of course, available for Apple and Android systems.

There is also an option to upgrade 2A Friendly +P for $2.99 that will give you information on which states reciprocate your concealed carry permit based on the state you selected as where your permit(s) were issued. There is also a quick guide to states’ laws, and deeper business ratings.

The app originated from NC Gun Owners which is also a fine resource for firearms enthusiasts from all over, not just North Carolina.

I exchanged a few emails with one of the creators and asking him to explain to me what the 2A Friendly app is all about and this is what I was told.

“Our goal is to make the biggest and easiest-to-use list of gun-friendly and gun-unfriendly places ever assembled. As the list grows, we hope that eventually gun owners will daily use it when making decisions about where to spend their money. We hope to further gun rights in this manner, by helping people who care to vote with their wallet – sending business and income to those places who respect the right to keep and bear arms. We aim to make it simple for pro-2A folks to quickly tag a business as friendly or unfriendly to the Second Amendment. We’ve tied web users, Android users, and iPhone users into the same database, and are working on ways to make that data more and more useful with search tools and stats. As far as we can tell we’re the first to tackle this at a professional level with thought to usability, good design, and future growth.

We have a long way to go and a big list of improvements to make, but it’s just a matter of time.”