4 Ways to Include Your Special Woman on Your next Hunting Trip

Hunting has traditionally been the job of a man. From the time when the first cavemen went out in search of animals to kill in order to provide meat and clothes for his family, men have monopolized this outdoor activity. And while today little has changed in the male-dominated sport, the truth is there are many ways to include the women of your life in the exciting adventures that go along with a hunting trip.

Hunt With the Right Weapons

Anyone who has ever been hunting knows that you have to have the right weapon for the hunt. You wouldn’t, for instance, normally take a 9mm handgun when going after black bears, and quail are notoriously difficult to hit with a bow and arrow. For the women in your life, the right weapon takes even more planning.

While pink camo on a gun might look cute, what’s even more important is function and design. Hunting requires long treks over difficult terrain so when looking for a gun to give the woman in your life, companies like Remington offer several light-weight options that are both highly-effective hunting weapons while still remaining stylish. Some companies like Savage Arms have actually gone one step further and designed a rifle specifically for women that take into account the different shapes of women’s bodies. They have shortened the back end of the stock to accommodate shorter arms and have raised the chin-rest on the stock to allow for the longer lengths of most women’s necks. This provides a more comfortable holding position resulting in better aim and comfort.

For the female bow hunters in your life, the same considerations apply. Hunter’s Friend has an entire line devoted to women archery enthusiasts no matter what skill level they are at. Many of the bows are lighter weight, shorter in height, and have a short draw length without sacrificing power. And bow kits like the Diamond Infinite Edge Package have fully adjustable draw lengths and weights with no need for additional gear or equipment to change it, not to mention the always popular pink camo on not only the bow, but the quiver and arrows as well.

Get Her Some Gear

The right apparel can make or break a hunting trip. As with the weapon, when shopping for clothing, you have to make sure the equipment is not only functional but fashionable. Taking that little extra step to give them something they will enjoy wearing instead of just some extra camo you happen to have lying around, can give them the feeling that they are appreciated and wanted on the hunt rather than just an afterthought.

Companies like Prois Hunting Apparel has a wide variety of gear available for every type of hunt in any weather. They offer everything from thermals and underwear to high-quality boots and custom fit outer gear with a variety of camo patterns. They also have t-shirts and hats available for a more comfortable option after at the end of the day around the campfire.

Surprise Her with Accessories

Here’s where you can have some fun and think outside the box. Unique water bottles and backpacks designed for women can be a great gift. Custom sunglasses with interchangeable lenses from Revant Optics will allow the woman in your life to have shades of the perfect color—with the right amount of protection too. You can even go a little crazy and get her a keychain or bumper sticker so she can show off her love of hunting wherever she goes.

Teach Her How to Hunt

Even if you are an experienced hunter with years of adventures under your belt, consider going to a class with your lady so that she feels included and a part of the experience with you rather than just another “hunting buddy”. The International Hunter Education Association in association with state conservation and game and fish departments offer classes in every state for every skill level.