Are You a Gun Nut Ready for Your Chance at TV Stardom? Now’s Your Chance!

A “major production company” is now looking for gun enthusiasts (that means you) for a possible TV position.

The advertisement was posted by Reality Wanted, a web-company that specializes in connecting aspiring and professional actors with production companies.

According to the advertisement, it doesn’t matter where in the United States you live, they only ask that you “work in the gun industry or are obsessed with them and just wish you did.” They emphasized that they’re only looking for “passionate gun enthusiasts.”

The guess is that the solicitation is for a production that will have some kind of reality TV element, so if you’re waiting for your 15 minutes of fame then this may be your golden opportunity.

The casting call has the same downside as most fourth grade tree house clubs: no girls allowed. Sorry gals, they’re only looking for men between the ages of 20 to 60, preferably guys who are an excellent shot.

If you’re tempted, register and shoot them an email.