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Attend a U.S. Law Shield seminar at H&H!

Attend a FREE U.S. Law Shield seminar at H&H!
Attention H&H Guests,
You’re invited to attend our Situational Awareness Training Seminar on Tuesday September 26th, sponsored by our friends at U.S. Law Shield.

Just like your proficiency with a firearm, having the ability to understand and assess your surroundings is essential to your survival. Gain the training you need by learning to read your environment, assess your options, and react efficiently at a Situational Awareness Seminar. Being truly aware of your surroundings is critical to your safety, and the safety of your loved ones. Register now, and strengthen your skills.

If you bring a friend, someone who is new to the US Law Shield seminars there will be no charge to attend.

Sign up today at
and bring your friends. This seminar costs $10, but the guests of H&H Shooting Sports get in for free, just mention this blog post when you come on Tuesday night!
Situational Awareness Workshop
Tuesday September 26, 2017
Time: 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
H&H Shooting Sports
400 South Vermont Ave, #110
Oklahoma City, OK 73108
Think owning a gun is all the protection you need? Get the facts about gun laws- presented by U.S. Law Shield firearm program attorneys and law enforcement professionals.