Benchmade 950 Rift: Great or greatest?

950 Rift is a Warren Osborne design made in Oregon City, Oregon by Benchmade. This amazing knife is made out of quality steel and has great functionality from a utility knife or every day carry knife. The blade is made out of 154 cm stainless steel material that almost four inches long. The functionality of the blades reverse tanto makes the knife perfect for self-defense. The blade comes in with a straight edge and the edge retention is amazing. The billy of the blade is well-rounded enough for cutting.


The locking mechanism on the Rift has the best feeling lock. knowing that its locked into place when the blade is out makes it feel a lot safer when in use. With the ambidextrous controls of the knife the unlocking mechanism makes it simple to use left-handed or right-handed. The downside to the lock is that it does allow more debris to enter the locking mechanism if dropped. With the G10 grips texture makes the knife comfortable in the palm of your hands feeling like the knife is glued in your hands. With the black and charcoal the 950 rift makes it a well attractive knife. The shoulders on the knife are a little rough, but bearable to grip. 



For the quality of the 950 Rift the price of the knife makes it worth buying. You will not be disappointed when knowing that you have purchased an outstanding knife from a reputable company like Benchmade. The knife is extremely simple, sleek, and durable making it a reliable folding knife. Although it’s in benchmades tactical knife classification it’s not tactical at all, except the look. The 950 Rift is still a great functioning knife with a great blade and locking mechanism.