Benelli doubles down on 3Gun-sponsors 2015 Team

Benelli’s dominance in 3Gun isn’t exactly breaking news. But the company’s decision to field a sponsored team on the 2015 3Gun circuit is, and that development promises to elevate the brand’s prominence as a shotgun platform to an even higher level.

The unrelenting reliability of Benelli’s Intertia Driven System is popular across the 3Gun field, and Benelli shotguns have long dominated 3Gun competition. With shooter’s like Dianna Liedorff, Janna Reeves, Keith Garcia, and Taran Butler using the M2 or Vinci, the brand has developed a winning reputation in competitive tactical shooting. Individual Benelli shooters are already lighting up matches with winning scores all around the country, including recent matches like the Colt 3Man 3Gun, the Versamax Challenge and the Shooting Masters. “A sponsored 3Gun team was the next level of commitment to the sport for us, ” said Tom Kaleta, Benelli USA’s VP of Marketing. The company already maintains and will continue to support a cadre of top prostaff shooters and hunters, so the addition of 3Gun to the Team Benelli lineup is a natural extension of the brand, said Kaleta.

3Gun matches are virtual “torture tests” designed to put the guns, and the shooters, through an exhausting repertoire of scenarios-diverse courses of fire from short and fast targets to longer, more deliberate shooting with all three guns; rifle, pistol, and shotgun. Shooters use pistols, modern sporting rifles and shotguns in a variety of scenarios, with each stage presenting a different set of tactical challenges. “For us, 3Gun is similar to racing for automotive manufacturers. It allows us to test new technology-not in the lab, but in the harshest of conditions, with a live shooter, ” said Kaleta. “This gives us direct input from our shooters-many innovations found in our hunting guns were born from input from our 3 gun pro-staff. ”

3Gun has become one of the hottest competitive sports in the nation, and Kaleta said Benelli’s strategy to put a strong team together to meet the competition head-on will be an exciting new development for the sport. “It’s good for the brand and it helps bring new, younger shooters into the shooting sports, ” said Kaleta. Benelli sponsors a number of top competitive shooters across the country, and is an ardent supporter of shooting sports, competitive matches and the Second Amendment. For the latest news and product information visit