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Browning Dog accessories now available at H&H


Browning Kennel Club dog products have got you covered with everything you need. Train and protect man’s best friend with our extensive new line. Browning loves dogs — and when it comes to hunting dogs we have generations of expertise on the gear you and your dog need.

Innovation? Yes, you will see innovative dog care products from us, because we are real hunting dog owners and dog care users. So we are always thinking about what would work better and help our hunting dogs with their jobs. In fact the dog in the photo above belongs to a web team member. Real dog, real hunting.

But even more importantly, you will see the kinds of products you and your dog use every day — crafted to a level of quality that you want. It’s Browning quality that you get. And it is what sets us apart from the rest.

Included in the line of dog training products are bumpers, collars, leads, check cords, whistles and bells. The Buckmark bumpers come in the best heavy duty polymer and poly cover versions in black and yellow in small and large versions for retriever training.

Browning offers a wide variety of collars from field collars to adjustable collars in colors and materials to fit your hunting dogs needs. The Browning leads come in training and walking versions and the rope check cords allow trainers to control dogs and longer distances.

Browning offers four whistles including ball whistles and ball free whistles and the brass bell lets you know where your dog is in heavy cover.

Browning’s Kennel Club dog care products include beds, vests, water box and feed bowls. After a hard day’s hunt, your dog can rest easy on the washable round or rectangle dog bed with large Buckmark logo.

Protect your dog with a neoprene or blaze orange safety vest. These vests keep your dog warm and protect them from thick brush.

Keep your dog fed and hydrated with the water/feed bowls with angled base to prevent tipping. The Browning water box has a self-filling design and will hold 2 ½ gallons of water.

Does Browning Kennel Club gear live up to the promise of being “The Best There Is?” Absolutely. Each item has been proven and tested before it is offered to you. And we test our dog gear with all the game you hunt: ducks, geese, pheasants, grouse, chukar, partridge, quail . . . every game animal hunt that involves a dog. And we do it with our own hunting dogs in the field under the same conditions you encounter. And we do it with the dogs of our Pro Staffers across the country  too. So no matter what breed or what conditions, we have the gear that works. For you and your best friend.



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