Bushnell Expands the Equinox Family with a New 3x 30mm Night Vision Unit

The new 3x 30mm Equinox night vision monocular.The new 3x 30mm Equinox night vision monocular.

Bushnell Outdoor Products, an industry-leader in high performance sports optics for more than 60 years, has introduced a new 3x 30mm digital night vision device. The Equinox series from Bushnell features night vision monoculars in four popular configurations.

The new 3x 30mm Equinox night vision monocular uses digital technology to provide crisp, clear images and a dual output mode that allows users to display images in green or black and white at the push of a button. The green display is ideal for almost-dark to completely dark conditions, while the black and white display is optimal when some ambient light is available, either at dusk or dawn or under bright moonlight.

Built with a rugged, water-resistant housing that meets IPX-4 waterproof specifications, the Equinox series offers all-weather performance. With two integrated polarized filters that defuse the light intensity and make it more natural to the eye, the Equinox provides a more comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience. The screen brightness and image contrast are both easily adjustable for optimal viewing.

The Equinox devices are tripod mountable and include integrated accessory rails that facilitate the addition of an IR light to dramatically extend the viewing range. Equinox night vision monoculars are popular for wildlife watching, hunting, landowner security, or any other nighttime activity.

The Bushnell Equinox 3x 30mm digital night vision monocular has a suggested retail price of $329.99.

Image courtesy Bushnell