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October Safe Sale


Take up to 20% OFF gun safes from Browning & Liberty during the month of October during the October Safe Sale at H&H!

Do you own a gun? Is it stored safely? Whether you’re concerned about fire, theft, or keeping your firearms out of the hands of the untrained and unsupervised, H&H has all your needs covered. One of the most secure places you can store a firearm in your home is in a gun safe. All of our safes are thoroughly tested for fire and theft protection. Come see our lineup of Browning ProSteel & Liberty Safes at H&H. As always professional in home delivery and installation are available. Located conveniently off I-40 & Meridian right in the heart of Oklahoma City, make H&H your first stop for gun safes.

So I was down at H&H Shooting Sports the other day in the Safe Department checking out the Liberty Safes. And I have just found out that H&H is going to have a 10% OFF sale on their safes.


These Liberty Safes are the best built safes on the planet. These made in the USA safes bring great peace of mind knowing that your guns, jewelry, important paperwork and other valuables are locked up and secure in your home. The friendly and professional staff at H&H can even deliver your safe inside your home.


During their September Safe Sale, Sept 27th – 30th, you can save 10% on all gun safes at H&H. With financing offered at 0% for 12 months it has never been easier to get a new safe.


Visit Liberty Safes online at or see the complete line of Gun & Home Safes at H&H Shooting Sports, just off I-40 & Meridian in OKC.


H&H Summer Safe Sale

Do you own a gun? Is it stored safely? Whether you’re concerned about theft, fire, or the unpredictable Oklahoma weather, the Safe Department at H&H Shooting Sports has you covered.

One of the most secure places you can store firearms or other valuables in your home is in a gun safe. H&H has the largest selection of made in the USA safes in the state.

Come in July 20, 21 & 22 During the H&H Summer Expo for the Summer Safe Sale. 10% OFF all Safes Plus a FREE $50 H&H Gift Card with the purchase of any Browning Safes,  Liberty Safes will pay your sales tax, and Champion Safes will give you a FREE lifetime lock warranty upgrade ($100 Value)!

July 20, 21, & 22 at the H&H Summer Expo



Sunday Strip Ad-Recovered

Come in March 6th to the 11th During the H&H March Safe Madness Sale. 10% OFF all 2017 safes, and 15% off all 2016 and older safes! Plus up to $100 back as a Mail in Rebate when you purchase a Browning Safe, and when you purchase a Liberty Safe, Liberty will pay your sales tax!

March 6th to the 11th at H&H – Oklahoma’s Gun Safe Headquarters



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Swap Your Safe

Ranger 31 Burgundy Open

Trade in, Trade up, or Trade out your old gun safe. H&H Shooting Sports is holding our first ever safe trade in event. May 8th – May 14th

Trade In your dad’s old safe from the 70’s for a modern safe with all the upgrades and features. Trade Up from your current safe to a larger safe that fits your current needs. Trade Out your current safe to get the best deal in town!


Simply follow these simple instructions and we will give you an offer on the spot. Pickup and Delivery charges are extra.

1. Take pictures on your phone of your safe. (Front, Sides, Top, Interior)

2. Record your Model, Year of Manufacture, & Serial Number.

3. Visit H&H Shooting Sports to get a quote on the value of your safe.

4.Pick out your new safe or just sell us your old one.


Only at H&H Shooting Sports, Your Oklahoma Gun Safe Headquarters™

The H&H Factory Direct Safe Sale is happening February 28th – March 5th. Join us for HUGE savings on all the top brands, including Browning​ Pro Steel Safes, Liberty Safe​, and Winchester​ Safes! As always, professional in home delivery is available on all safes. Visit us at H&H Shooting Sports, just off of I-40 & Meridian to join in the savings!

See our ad in The Oklahoman on Sunday February 28th!


Labor Day Safe Sale – Full Ad

Are you looking for a great deal on a new safe? Check out our selection of safes from Browning Pro Steel, Liberty Safes, and Winchester Safes!   Do you own a gun? Is it stored safely? Whether you’re concerned about fire, theft, tornadoes, or just keeping your firearms out of the hands of the untrained and unsupervised, H&H Shooting Sports has you covered. One of the most secure places you can store firearms in your home is in a gun safe. Come see the lineup of Safes during our Labor Day Safe Sale at H&H Shooting Sports, just off of I-40 & Meridian in OKC. And as always, professional in-home delivery is available on all safes.SafeSale_LaborDay_FrontPage


Using a dehumidifier to protect your belongings in your safe from the humidity is the best way to ensure your property is well-kept. There are many types of dehumidifiers that are very helpful to provide the protection you need. When choosing the type of dehumidifier you need, it’s based on where your safe is located. If your safe is located in the garage it is recommended to use an electric rod because of the ongoing battle against humidity. If your safe is located in the house using a silicon gel pack will work perfectly fine, because the home is temperature controlled.

Electric dehumidifiers work really well when it comes to blocking moisture from entering your safe. The electric rods are constantly running, so you do not have to worry about checking on it every week. With the electric dehumidifiers you will need to have an electric outlet located inside of your safe for an ongoing source of power. When checking to see if your rod is still on put the back of your hand on the rod to see if it’s still a little warm. Here are three well-known dehumidifier that are the highly recommended rods.

Liberty’s rod comes in a 12″ rod or an 18″ rod. The rods are good for 100 cubic ft. Backed by Liberty Safe’s warranty these rods are protected for a lifetime.




Another highly recommended rod is the Moisture King flexible dehumidifier. It comes equipped with a red light indicator to notify the user that it is still working. The rod is flexible, so you can store it in the corner of your safe to ensure that it’s not in the way of your belongings. This will provide complete freedom to place the rod in any position in your safe.



The Peet dryer is the best of the best when it comes to having an electrical dehumidifier. The rod not only emits heat inside of your safe but also circulates the warm air inside of your safe.


The silicon gel are little gel beads that help soak up moisture rather than putting out heat blocking moisture. When the beads are blue they will soak up moisture until they turn pink or white. There are two different versions of the beads which are the canisters or the renewable charging humidifier. When the beads are full and have soaked up the moisture you will need to plug-in the renewable charging dehumidifier in an electrical outlet for 8 to 12 hours to ensure that it’s completely dry. If you have the canister version just throw out that old one and insert the new fresh desiccant.

The Eva Dry 500 has a window to see the beads inside of the case to be able to indicate if the dehumidifier needs to be dried out. The humidifier works for 10 years and is wireless.


The canister made by Eva Dry is the E-100 low-cost humidifier. It last up to 60 days and is good up to 100 cubic ft. The canister is 4-6 ounces and comes in a 2 pack.



No matter which one of these humidifier you choose its safe to say that your belonging will be safe from mold, moisture, and rust. Moisture is a harmful annoyance that will harm the items you cherish the most. Electric rods, self absorbing silicon gels are inexpensive and key ways for protection.

Have you entered your home and discovered that your important belongings are missing? Every home owners worst nightmare is a break in. Safes are among one of the biggest investments that a home owner can make. Safes aren’t just for your firearms, but for storing documents, holding external hard drives, and anything else that you may hold valuable.  When searching for the perfect safe it takes a bit of time to find out what you are looking in a safe. There many types of safe brands that are being sold through out stores. While there are a wide variety of sizes available from the smaller pistol safe and the biometric safes. Today we are going to talk about the large gun safes. The gauge of the steel, fire rating, and size are going to be the deciding factor as to what you want. 12 gauge steel is the average steel a safe will have. It’s not the strongest, but it is not the weakest. The fire rating that you choose will determine how long your items will be protected from the hot temperature. The best fire rating to get in a safe is 60 minutes. I wouldn’t go below 60 minutes because then your running the risk of your safe not lasting in a fire. If you live out in the country and you have a volunteer fire department, it might be best to get a higher fire rating. Size is going to be where you want to put your safe or in some cases where you can put your safe. Bigger is better, more than likely a smaller safe will get filled the first year of having it in your home. Out of sight out of mind. If a thief can’t see the safe in plain sight, then usually they won’t bother trying to find it. In some cases if a robber see’s a safe then they won’t bother trying to open it because they no it will be a waste of time. The average thief is usually in a home no longer than 10 minutes. Depending on what you want in a safe whether fire rating, size, or gauge of steel just make sure your first safe is your last.

You’ll need to get a dehumidifier to help with controlling the humidity inside of your safe. The dehumidifier will help suck up the moisture inside of your safe preventing rust and pitting to any steel on your belongings. There 2 types: silicone beads and rods. The silicone beads soak up the moisture which means you will have to dry out the pack. The dehumidifying rod puts out a heat in your safe preventing moisture from going into your safe. That allowing you not to have to check on the service of your rod unlike the silicone beads. A lot of safe owners have lights in there safes as well. The best lights to use are the LED plug-in lights, so that way you don’t have to change out the batteries. Lights and dehumidifiers are important features when keeping your firearms protected from rust prevention and being able to see that they’re secure.

If you have any questions about safes visit our safe department or give the safe department a call at (405)947-3888 ext. 142 and we will be more than happy to find the right safe for you.safesale

Liberty Safes at H&H Shooting Sports Complex
Liberty Safes at H&H Shooting Sports

Browning Gold Series safeBrowningSafes

The annual H&H Shooting Sports March Safe Sale is happening March 1st – 7th. Join us for HUGE savings on all the top brands, including Browning Pro Steel Safes, Liberty Safes, Winchester Safes, Heritage Safes, American Security Safes, and more! As always, professional in home delivery is available on all safes. Visit us at H&H Shooting Sports, just off of I-40 & Meridian to join in the savings! Front page - March Safe Sale Liberty Safes - March Safe Sale Browning Safes - March Safe Sale Back Page - March Safe Sale