Crimson Trace: Still Made in the USA


-America has renewed a love affair for products that are Made in the USA. There are good reasons for the fondness-those products create American jobs and often use cutting-edge technology. As our nation takes a break this Labor Day holiday, it’s important to note that Crimson Trace continues its 20-year Made in the USA tradition. All of the company’s products-more than 160-are proudly engineered and made in Wilsonville, Oregon. That was one of the early guiding principles established by company founder Lewis Danielson.

At Crimson Trace’s production facility and headquarters, there are production workers, support staff, engineers, customer service representatives, marketing and sales personnel, and shipping agents along with executives to design, build, test, package, and ship the many Crimson Trace products. Since 1994, the company has stood by its commitment to build products in America.

Customers across America welcome the high Made in the USA standards. Crimson Trace’s Rail Master®, Rail Master Pro®, Laserguards®, and Lasergrips® are some of America’s most popular laser sighting systems for firearms. The Crimson Trace laser product line is also the most comprehensive offered by any manufacturer and fits the widest array of handguns and long guns. Plus, the company now offers many laser sight models in both red and green lasers. These items have helped Americans defend themselves, their families, their homes- and our nation. Many Crimson Trace products are also used by military soldiers and law enforcement officers around the globe.

Where are the many “Made in the USA” products available this Labor Day weekend? The quickest method to make a purchase could be to visit the company’s online store at If you have unanswered questions about fit and feel, you can also visit the website to find a local dealer. The company website also has a FAQ segment to learn about beam visibility, batteries, holsters and other topics. The website has a custom holster guide and many videos showing how the laser grips are installed and adjusted. Customers with questions can also call Crimson Trace customer service at 800-442-2406.

The many products from Crimson Trace proudly bear the U.S. flag and “Made in the USA” logo.

Thank you, America.

Crimson Trace-based in Wilsonville, Oregon-is the acknowledged industry leader for laser sighting systems. The company’s many innovations, include: Lasergrips®, Laserguard® and Lightguard™ — all with Instinctive Activation ™–plus the Defender Series™ and Rail Master®. These products are engineered and manufactured in the USA. To reach Crimson Trace, visit or call 800-442-2406.