Everyday Essentials for Your Range Bag

Have you ever been to the shooting range and forgot to bring any eye protection or any other essential range gear?  Well here is a list of essential items to bring to the range.

  1. Range Bag – A must, even if it’s a backpack. As long as it will carry your range gear from your vehicle to the range.  There are a wide variety of bags, many that are versatile enough for any situation that may arise on the range. SRB-13
  2. Magazines – It wouldn’t be any fun to load rounds one after the other by hand. You can never have enough magazines with you on the range.ar15-magazines
  3. Ammo –  This one is almost a no brainer, but you can never have enough ammo with you on the range.IMG_20130821_152613_383
  4. Ear Protection – Personal ear protection is the way to go. Also sometimes it’s good to double up.HLT-3
  5. Eye Protection – Eye glasses don’t work. It’s best to use eye protection that are ballistic.Eye-Oakley-1
  6. Targets – You need something to shoot at, so if your range doesn’t have targets or the fun-loving zombie targets you like to shoot at, then don’t forget to add these as well.ZombieTarget_1
  7. Trauma Kit – You never know when you can be the person to help yourself from a wound or anyone else.Tactical Development Group
  8. Bench Rest – Target practice or zeroing it is key to be stable. A bench bag like the Outdoor Connection Leather Filled Bench Bag pictured below provides a steady platform and grips the rifle forend for added stability. 81yB02J4GWL._SL1500_
  9. Spotting Scope – Sometimes this is helpful when you don’t want to walk down to your target outdoors.97824_ts
  10. Cleaning Kit – A clean firearm is a happy firearm. This Remington Universal Cleaning Kit is available for $50.01 Remington-17187-047700171876
  11. Allen Wrenches – Unless you have everything lock tight, then this is extremely helpful to reset the screws back down.1977_moped_parts_Metric-Allen-Wrench-Set-50140
  12. Lubrication  – Lubrication is very important for the metal on metal contact on firearms. AR’s love lubrication!Frog-Lube-CLP
  13. Speed Loader  – If you’re going to be loading your magazines constantly this will help out with speed and the fatigue of your hands.458590


Remember everything that you could bring to the range could be needed by you or the fellow shooter next to you that wasn’t well prepared like you were to have fun at the range. Do you have any items in your range bag that we didn’t list? Feel free to tell us about it in the comment section below!