Five Facts About Guns That Will Surprise You

1. They Make ‘Em Like They Used To


The original bolt action invented by Paul and Wilhelm Mauser back in 1898 was so rugged and precise that it’s the exact same action used today in the highest quality competition rifles.

2. Guns in Battle


The M1 Garand project was abandoned several times during its 20 year development. If it was never revisited and not issued into service, many believe the US would have lost WWII.

3. That Took How Long?

The liberator pistol of WWII took longer to reload then to manufacture.

4. That’s A Lot of Heat


There are enough AK-47’s in the world to arm every adult male in the United States.

5. Kinda Creepy


The earliest version of the M1 carbine was designed by David Williams…while he was in prison…for murder.