Glock 43 Hits H&H Shooting Sports

Out for rental at H&H Shooting Sports is Glocks’ new pistol, Glock 43. The single stack 9mm everyone has been waiting to get their hands on. The most favorable slim size pistol to carry. With the weight of the gun being just overs 2 pounds in weight with rounds in the magazine makes the recoil easy to control allowing for faster follow-up shots. The slimline 1.02″ width design of the G43 makes the pistol fit like a glove. The length of the gun is 6.26″ which is only a little bit shorter than the Smith&Wesson M&P Shield in comparison. The trigger pull is still at 5.5 pounds which is Glock standard trigger pull. The con of the G43 is the mag capacity. 6 rounds is just not enough, especially when other single stacks have a higher capacity. All in all it’s a nice single stack pistol.



IMG_1974 IMG_1975