Gun Owner Pet Peeves

It’s tough to be a shooter these days. A list of maligned groups in America would have gun owners ranked somewhere between neo-Nazis and dog-fight organizers on one end and Tea Partiers and homophobes on the other. It wasn’t that long ago that gun ownership was considered normal and desirable. Youth were trained in responsible firearms use and almost everyone had at least some practical firearms knowledge. Anyone who blanched and cowered in fear at the sight of a gun, or even seemed overly concerned, would have been thought a ninny or a wacko.
And, naturally enough, gun owners are resentful of this change. Gun enthusiasts are, by definition, among those who still hold to an old-fashioned perspective and thus are crabby, mean-spirited and easily annoyed. Kinda like Clint Eastwood’s character in “Gran Torino.” Here are some things that tend to tick gun owners off:


Silly Gunplay In Movies

Whoo-boy, this has to be one of the top pet peeves. What gun owner hasn’t hooted in derision at the fantasy-fueled treatment firearms receive in movies and TV shows? This trend could arguably be traced all the way back to the days of Roy Rogers and Hopalong Cassidy, but many would say it really took off with the “Rambo” movie franchise. Full-auto weapons that would be empty in seconds magically keep firing for days; bodies fly twenty feet or more when hit; protagonists walk through fusillades of gunfire unscathed while mowing down bad guys; physical damage that would more realistically be caused by a cannon or LAWS rocket; and, worst of all, the trendy hold-your-handgun-sideways fad. All these things cause a gun enthusiast to cringe, if not shed tears of frustration. It gives an uninformed public potentially dangerous false impressions. Certainly some artistic license is acceptable in clearly campy, over-the-top movies like “From Dusk Till Dawn,” but in movies represented as being realistic, not so much.


Gun Owners Are Illiterate Idiots

Everyone knows that if you own a gun you’re uneducated, live in the woods, drink liquor from a jug and prefer to go barefoot, right? Recent research from the folks at Pew would beg to differ. Some 41 percent of Americans surveyed report having a gun in the home, and most of the them are white, college educated, and as likely to live in an urban area as a rural one. Many are hunters who have gone through hunter education or firearm safety courses. Women and Hispanic gun owners are rapidly growing in numbers, too. There’s even a gay gun rights group called The Pink Pistols, proving that gun ownership truly spans the social spectrum.


Where’s The Ammo?

It’s probably the number one gripe with gun owners today. Seemingly a result of a combination of stockpiling caused by fears of anti-gun legislation and government demand, the ammo shortage has caused prices to soar sky high. Nothing ticks off gun enthusiast like hitting them in the wallet. It’s enough to make one want to go out and shoot something, if it weren’t so darn expensive.