Guns Don’t Have To Be Loud #FIGHTTHENOISE (Silencerco Infographic)

Guns don’t have to be loud. An inventor by the name of Hiram Percy Maxim understood this fact over a century ago when he was awarded his first patent for a firearm silencer in 1909. Sold over the counter at sporting goods retailers, hardware stores, and in mail order catalogs, these “Maxim Silencers” cost as little as $3.00, and promised a more pleasant experience for the shooter and everyone around them. Sportsmen and hunters freely enjoyed the benefits of silenced shooting until 1934 when this right was violated by an ill-conceived piece of legislation called the “National Firearms Act” (NFA). This law created a number of unreasonable barriers to silencer ownership that are still in place today, including a $200 per-item tax; a sum equivalent to over $3,500 in today’s dollars.

Despite these antiquated laws and draconian restrictions, silencer ownership is spreading like wildfire across every facet of the hunting and shooting community. In 2015 we aren’t slowing down. With grass roots education initiatives and strong support for advocacy groups such as the American Suppressor Association and National Rifle Association, SilencerCo is fighting every day to win back your rights that were stolen in 1934.

Visit WWW.SILENCERCO.COM/FIGHTTHENOISE to learn more about silencer ownership and how you can help fight the noise.

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