H&H Summer Expo – Kids Archery Class

Join us at the Summer Expo in the Archery Department, where your children ages 6-18 will be able to learn that basics of Archery. During the Expo U class they will learn the fundamentals and safety of Archery. With the help of Joe and Stacey Goodwin, who are certified Archery instructors that will be teaching the class, kids of all ages will get hands on experience on the Archery Range. Classes are offered each day of the Summer Expo from July 16-18 2015, with 24 slots open each day to join. The classes will be an hour-long, from 3pm-4pm. (All parents/guardians must stay with their children during this period on instruction.) The classes are $5.00 per student with the proceeds going to the H&H Helping Hands Fund, which donates to the 501(c) charities that support growing the Shooting Sports.

Classes can be registered for online here


Here are some select pictures from last years Expo U Kids Archery Classes.KIDSARCHERY-683x1024