Holiday Gift Guide

With the holiday season right around the corner, we thought we would share our thoughts on a few unique gifts for the hunters, shooters, and outdoors lovers on your gift list. NOTE: There will be another list dedicated just to guns coming soon!

  1.   Half Life Knives

    Made by Michael J Cleveland from Mustang OK. Half Life Knives has been featured in Blade Magazine recently 3 different times. Visit our Knife Pro Shop and check them out! If you have any questions about these, or any other knives, speak with Michael McKee our Knife Pro Shop Manager.

  2. Handgun Hangers 

    Handgun Hangers are an innovative way to store your handguns and utilize the least used space in your safe-under the shelves. Vinyl coated finish protects barrels. Best of all, now you will have quick access to your handguns and save space in an efficient way.

  3. New Range Bag 



    outdoor-connection-bgrng6blk-28116-the-extreme-duty-tactical-range-bag-0-1A shooter needs something to be able to carry all their gear too and from the range so they need a good range bag. A range bag for a shooter is the place where all things shooting related usually end up some how so it needs to be large and comfortable to carry with plenty of room for everything. This will be the staple of the range for them. This is always a good buy for your special shooter.

  4. TrailKeg Package

    The TrailKeg is a dream come true. Back at the campsite at the end of the day the TrailKeg is a great way to unwind with a great beer. The complete TrailKeg pressurized growler system! Just add beer! This package is adventure ready and makes it possible to enjoy great beer in great places.

  5. H&H Range Membership
    Though we don’t require a membership to use our facility, it will save you a ton if you are going to come in more than a couple times a year.
  6. DULUTH MEN’S FIRE HOSE WORK PANT  How can you go wrong with a pair of pants of which the manufacture offers a “We Dare You to Wear ‘Em Out” guarantee? I don’t think you can. These pre-washed, soft, 11.5-oz. fire hose cotton canvas pants with a “Comfortable Crouch Gusset” are perfect to wear afield, in the shop, or just hanging around dreaming about being in the field or at the shop. And again, if you wear them out the company will replace them no questions asked. That sounds like a dare to me.
  7. HOYT CARBON DEFIANT BOWcarbon-defiant-31-buckskin-blackThis is carbon done right.

    You are no ordinary bowhunter, and this is no ordinary bow. This is hand-laid, thermoset carbon; a painstaking cross between meticulous engineering and devoted craftsmanship. Mastered only by Hoyt, carbon’s strength, weight and thermal characteristics make it the ideal material for premier bow construc­tion. From vibration reduction and cold-weather comfort, to lethal accuracy and rugged durability, the advantages of carbon are definite. This is next-level bow­hunting design that flies in the face of industry norms. This is carbon done right.

    Packed with innovative cam, pocket and limb technologies, the sleek Carbon Defiant is designed to deliver unmatched forgiveness, accuracy and efficiency, to help you drop bucks in the clutch. The Hoyt Carbon Defiant series continues to push boundaries as the flagship of the Hoyt line, and the premier series of the bowhunting world. Get Serious. Get Defiant.

  8.  Mag Loadersbutler-creek-mag-loader If you’re getting someone special a few magazines, how about a mag loader too? They’ll save their thumbs after a long day of shooting. We’re fans of the Mag Lula pistol loaders.
  9. Merrell’s ARCTIC GRIP Boots 


    Merrell and Vibram® have joined forces to change the industry—again. The Vibram® Arctic Grip outsole compound is the most advanced cold weather gripping system ever created by Vibram. It is designed to improve grip perform on cold, wet, icy or snowy surfaces compared with existing Vibram soles. It’s like nothing else on the market, and we’re going to keep it that way with exclusive rights to this technology through Fall 2017. Scramble over snow and ice with unparalleled traction thanks to Vibram® Arctic Grip. Breathable, waterproof, and insulated to keep toes toasty without overheating. Buy here

  10. Stryker Assault Vehicle

    stryker Well, just… because. Who said Santa had to be practical? You can ask him for anything.