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How To: Properly Painting Your Rifle

That tactical advantage to have your rifle blended in with your surroundings will help with your next hunting trip. To cerakote your rifle can be extremely expensive. The least time-consuming and cheaper way of painting your rifle is to use Krylon spray paint. Of course, spray paint is going to scratch off and it won’t look pretty, but you can always go back in and spray paint that area again. You’re also able to change the design of your rifle in breaking up the pattern, instead of having one solid color.krylonpaint

First you want to degrease your rifle, using simple green is the best way in degrease your rifle. You want to ensure that you get all of the access carbon and grease from your rifle, so that way the paint can settle in on the rifle. Next you want to tape up all of the parts you don’t want to get paint on. Lenses on your optics, turrets on your scope, any rubber, inside of your magazine well, and in your muzzle are the areas to ensure you tape and not get paint inside. Make sure you have the rifle a little suspended off the ground to make sure you can get all the way around the rifle and you’re not getting any dirt on your rifle when painting.



To start with the first coat of paint depending on what terrain you will be in its best to go from light to dark and bake it on, because you want it to last longer then the other colors. On the first coat start off with a light coat then bake it on for a couple of minutes. The second coat of the same color make it darker than bake it for a couple of minutes. You also want to repeat the same steps with your accessories. Before you begin the pattern of the rifle you want to ensure the rifle is completely dry.


Now to begin the pattern you want ti figure out what design you want to create. to have the snake-skin pattern you can use a laundry bag and put it over the rifle. You can also use brush and lay it on the rifle and paint over it. Theres also rope or twine that you can use and just wrap it around the rifle. now is when you can go with the lighter colors like the flat dark earth. It’s almost difficult to not break up the pattern unless you make straight lines.



The easiest way to know what your rifle will look like is to practice on a magazine before your rifle. Remember that nothing in nature is a perfect straight line or black, so stay away from black and use a pattern to break up the pattern. Before spending money on that next expensive paint job think about using spray paint. Sure your rifle won’t be pretty anymore, but at least your rifle will look differently from other rifles and you’ll have that tactical advantage on your next hunting trip.