Hoyt Partners With ArcherZUpshot Scoring App

Hoyt Archery is proud to announce their new sponsorship of the ArcherZUpshot Archery Scoring and Analysis App.

“The ArcherZUpshot app is already the go-to app for many of the Team Hoyt shooters,” said Kevin Wilkey, Hoyt Pro Staff Manager. “All three of the 2014 Gator Cup Men’s Recurve medalists – all Hoyt shooters — use ArcherZUpshot regularly. Brady Ellison credits the ArcherZUpshot app with significant improvements in his shooting after he began using it shortly after its initial release in 2013. Jake Kaminski not only uses the app every day, but has partnered with the ArcherZUpshot developers to work on his own app, APPtitune. Clearly, the ArcherZUpshot people are making a difference in the archery world.”

“ArcherZUpshot uses an archer’s shot data to provide a truly robust Analytics section. Their easy-to-read results-based plots and graphs reveal an archer’s strengths and weaknesses, giving every user the opportunity to make an intelligent, informed assessment of their own performance, and to change what needs to be changed,” said Wilkey. “But perhaps even more important to Hoyt is the personal presence of the ArcherZUpshot developers in the archery community. They travel to events such as the Gator Cup, Easton JOAD/USA Outdoor Nationals and the Vegas Shoot, to make themselves accessible for users to ask questions and suggest new features. It’s an obvious partnership.”

Wilkey notes that ArcherZUpshot is the only scoring app on the market that supports all three styles of archery: Target, Field and most recently, 3D. In addition, a unique and unprecedented ArcherZUpshot app for Archery Coaches is in active development.

More information on the ArcherZUpshot Archery Scoring and Analysis App is available at www.archerzupshot.com.