Kahr® Arms Offers a Gift This Holiday Season

Pomona, NY – During this season of gift-giving, now is the time to purchase any Kahr Premium Series product and qualify for a free Kahr E-Gift Card worth $50.

The E-Gift Card promotion applies to the purchase of any one of the 50+ models from the Kahr Premium Series, which includes the TP, T, P, K, PM, and MK Series. The $50 E-Gift Card can be used towards the purchase of any parts and accessories from the Kahr E-commerce website. IMPORTANT NOTE: CW, CM and CT models in the Value Series Kahr pistol product line are not included in this promotion. Kahr pistol SKU numbers starting with the letter “C” are not included in this promotion, for example the CW9093.

This promotion runs November 19 – December 31, 2014. To qualify, just go to http://www.kahr.com/E-giftcard-Offer.asp and fill out the Kahr $50 E-Gift Card Offer Application and submit it along with a copy of your receipt from the purchase of your Kahr Premium Firearm.

Whether it is a gift for someone else, or for you, now is the time to take advantage of $50 worth of free parts or accessories for your new Kahr Premium Series firearm.
For more information on the complete line of Kahr handguns, please visit www.kahr.com.