Law Enforcement

H&H Is Your Top Local Law Enforcement Resource

H&H is honored to have active-duty military and law enforcement personnel shoot on our ranges. It’s thanks to the sacrifice of these great service people that we are able to enjoy the freedom of this great nation.

H&H offers Law Enforcement discounts on select firearms. All that is necessary to qualify is a valid commission card and drivers license.

We are proud to work with local law enforcement agencies by providing the necessary firepower and accessories to let the good guys do their job.

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We are LEO (Blue Label) Sub-distributors (Can sell to Individual LE Officers/Military/First Responders):

GlockSig SauerCZ-USAFNH-USAKelTecBeretta,

WaltherDDI Arms, Gemtech5.11,  and many others

Full LEO Distributors (Can sell to LE/MIL/1st Resp AND LE Agencies):

Smith & WessonRemington, BushmasterDPMS, Marlin, Barnes, Benelli,
Advanced Armament Corp Suppressors, and many others.


H&H Shooting Sports is now the official home of Looper Brand Duty and Off-duty Holstsers and Leather Gear.  We are also a distributor for SafarilandEOTechAimpoint, & Vortex