Mid-Year Bow Introduction from BOWTECH: Fuel


BOWTECH Archery, the industry leader in archery innovation, is launching another bow sure to drop jaws at the archery shop and drop bucks in the field.

The unveiling of the BOWTECH Fuel is only a few days away, and a teaser video offering more insight into the bow is now available at www.BowtechArchery.com.

“At BOWTECH, we don’t do ordinary,” said Jeff Suiter of BOWTECH Marketing. “And with the Fuel bow, we don’t do average. The Fuel is proof that we continue to leave other manufacturers in the dust when it comes to putting outstanding bows in the hands of our customers. We’re excited to share a little bit more about our latest creation on May 12.”The BOWTECH Fuel will be introduced May 12 to the bowhunting masses on www.BowtechArchery.com via live video stream from the company factory in Euegene, Ore.