Mobile App Aims to Make Archers More Accurate


Full Flight Technology, maker of the Velocitip electronic arrowpoint, has plans to build a mobile app for iPhones that will make sighting-in a new bow much easier and faster. The company recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $25,000 for the project, which Full Flight Technology CEO Bob Donahoe calls the “UNO.” The idea behind the app is simple: shoot the bow at a set distance, plug the bow’s specs into the app, and set sight pins to match the positions the app shows.

“Today, sighting-in a bow is tedious at best,” Donahoe said while introducing the app. “You can take a series of 50, 60 shots or more as you gradually move away from the target from 20 all the way out to 80 yards, and adjust pin positions in increments at each distance […] but there’s a certain amount of trial and error. With UNO, you only need to sight-in at one distance and the app does the rest.”

Donahoe explains the app in further detail in the video embedded below:

Full Flight Technology states that the funds raised by the Kickstarter campaign will go towards bringing an iOS developer to the team and producing a working prototype. The startup company is still a new player in the achery industry, yet it caused some waves in 2011 when it released the much anticipated Velocitip. The device is essentially a 100-grain field tip with an advanced electronics suite inside that measures arrow drag, time-of-flight, impact speed, and other pertinent flight data. The Velocitip may be expensive—$300 for every field point and even more for the complete system—but Donahoe hopes that the technology will change the game for archery manufacturers, professionals, and even how the average bowhunter practices shooting.

“Now we need your support so every archer who sights in a bow can have the benefit of the UNO’s app-enabled technology,” the company states on its Kickstarter page. “With your backing we will bring the UNO to life and deliver a fun, intuitive and useful mobile app for archers around the world.”

Stating at a pledge of $1 or more, Full Flight Technology will be rewarding supporters with an array of archery gear, free copies of the app, and even hands-on training sessions with collegiate champion archer Joe Wilkin. At the highest pledge level, the company offers a turkey hunting package in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, or Michigan.

The Kickstarter project started on June 1 and has raised over $1,500 so far.

Image screenshot of video by Full Flight Technology on Kickstarter