Operators Suppressor Systems Range Demo Day | Sunday June 21st from 10am – 5pm

For all you suppressor junkies, have I got a good one for you. Tired of all that nasty blowback on your ar platforms when running a suppressor? Come by H&H this sunday and check out OSS suppressors. The guys from OSS will have a table set up and several models for you to test fire. The OSS suppressor system was designed by actual u.s. army operators and mimics the action of a jet engine with blades internally instead of baffles, it’s known as flow thru suppression, so all the gasses still exit the muzzle end instead of your ejection port. They offer over the barrel systems as well as flush mount and models that go all the way up to 338 lapua! www.osssuppressors.com/

OSS – Operators Suppressor Systems will be hosting a Range Demo Day this Sunday June 21st from 10am – 5pm. Join us on the Range.