Outdoor Adventure Destinations: 3 Must-Visit Places to Hunt & Fish

Hunting, fishing and general outdoor survival skills have moved from a pastime we learned from our fathers to a quickly growing trend in the 21st century. Television shows and even dedicated networks highlight the lifestyle of the great outdoors with content covering everything from hunting and fishing to survival prepping.

Hunting is attracting a much younger audience in 2015 as well, for a number of reasons — the sport in general is more televised, there are a number of hunting “celebrities” in the media, and hunting travel around North America is increasing due to enthusiasts who crave new and exciting places to hone their skills.

No matter your outdoor passion, there’s a place in North America to experience the very best of it, and maybe even learn some new skills along the way.


Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, and home to some of the best fly fishing on the planet. To enthusiasts, fly fishing is more of an art then a skill. The novel “A River Runs Through It” describes fly fishing in beautiful detail, highlighting the meticulous practice it takes to master the craft. So what better place to learn the art of fly fishing than surrounded by the natural beauty of Yellowstone?

Fly fishing season lasts six months at Yellowstone, spanning waters all across the park, in areas that are both easy and difficult to reach. For more information, this site has details on each spot and the best time of year to fish.

Lake Winnipeg

If boat fishing is more your thing, venture up to Ontario, Canada for some of the biggest fresh water catches in the continent. Lake Winnipeg is known for large Walleye and the waters are very well protected and strictly governed, so the fish are always large and abundant. The seasons are shorter for fishing, but it’s an excellent summer trip with friends or family. Plus, if you still need a boating license, it’s easy to grab a Canadian one here in the U.S., so leaving the country isn’t an issue.


Think of Arizona and a desert immediately comes to mind for most people. In much of the state, that’s true. Arizona is a hot, arid state with one exception — the north. The mountains of northern Arizona resemble something you’d expect in Colorado and they come with most of the same wildlife, which means plenty of hunting opportunities.

Deer, elk, moose, and black bear are just some of the game roaming around Flagstaff, Arizona’s biggest city in the northern part of the state. Combined with excellent campgrounds, this is one of the best places in the U.S. to hunt. And since Arizona is very gun-friendly, options for hunting are even more accessible.

It doesn’t matter what you love to do outdoors. What matters is that you explore new places to do it. We live in the greatest part of the world for hunting, fishing, and outdoor survival, and it’s a shame to not explore those hobbies outside of your own backyard. No matter where you visit, there will always be plenty of resources on what to expect and where to stay, as these hobbies are growing quickly in popularity and rising fast in availability.