Polling Shows that Gun Love is On the Rise

Recent polls by the Pew Research Center have found that support for gun rights has risen substantially over the past decade, pretty much across all demographics.Yep, it looks like we’re on the winning side. Once you see by just how much, you’ll be wearing a smile all day.

Right now, about 49% of American say that gun rights are more important than gun control. Gun control advocates only represent about 45% of the population, while the remaining 6% didn’t weigh in. You probably wanted to see higher numbers, but what’s so important about this statistic is how much it’s changed over the past several years. Back in 1993, a mere 34% of the US population favored gun rights, so we jumped in numbers from one-third to one-half.

For every action, there’s an equal an opposite reaction: the number of Americans favoring gun control has plummeted from 57% (with a brief spike of 66% in 2000) to the current 45%. We’re guessing Kagan was among those who changed their minds.

If you’re wondering how these numbers break down, well, pretty much every demographic is adopting more favorable opinions about guns. Right now, 57% of whites give gun rights a thumbs up, compared to only 37% in 1993. About 35% of African Americans are throwing in with gun rights, but that number is also up from 1993’s 18%.

Guys and gals both are lending their support to the 2nd Amendment. A full 60% of men are on the side of gun rights (up from 44%) and women climbed to 39% (up from 26%).

These shifting demographics are reflected in the US government. Republicans favoring gun rights climbed from 45% to 72%, Independents shot up from 38% to 55%, while Democrats saw a teeny-tiny increase from 25% to 27%.

To sum it all up, all of America has become more gun-friendly since 1993. Who’s up for celebrating?

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