Basic Handgun Safety And Shooting Fundamentals Class


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Basic Handgun Safety and Shooting Fundamentals Class –

This class is designed for the beginner shooter.  The training will consist of a blend of lecture, demonstration, weapon manipulation with your unloaded handgun, and will end with live-fire exercises on our range. This is an excellent course for beginners and first-time shooters, but it is also beneficial for anyone who wants to brush up on their safety and technique.

The instruction will cover the following areas:

•Firearms safety rules

•Introduction to storage and carry considerations

•Function of a semi-automatic pistol and revolver

•Basic handgun shooting fundamentals

Class requirements:

•Semi-automatic pistol (with at least two magazines) OR a revolver (.22, .38 special, or .357 magnum)

•At least 50 rounds of factory/new ammunition (no reloads)

•Eye and hearing protection.  If you do not have your own, H&H will loan you a set.

•Comfortable clothing. Please wear close-toed shoes (no flip flops/sandals) and avoid wearing a loose necked shirt (ejected brass is hot.)

•We encourage you to wear a hat with a brim to deflect hot brass.

Cost: $100 per student. H&H has all required equipment available for rent or sale. Please come early if you need to purchase or rent equipment, handgun, or ammo.

Train with Instructor CD Perkins: CD Perkins has been in Law Enforcement for 21 years. He has been instructing Law Enforcement officers and military for over 10 years and is a Federal (FLETC), State (CLEET), and NRA certified Firearms Instructor. CD is an U.S. Army Infantry veteran. He has been working with firearms professionally for more than 30 years.

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