PSE Reveals 2015 Bow Line

PSE Reveals 2015 Bow Line, introduces Dream Season® Decree™, three new Bow Madness™ Models.

On October 2nd, PSE Archery introduced the newest flagship addition to its Pro Series bow line with the 2015 Dream Season Decree. Though it shoots at an ATA/IBO speed of 355 fps, PSE is confident that the Decree is going to be immensely popular for more than just its speed.

“The Decree may be the best bow we’ve ever produced,” says Blake Shelby, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for PSE. “Yes it’s fast, and at PSE we are known for our speed, but it’s also got a very, very smooth draw, a nice valley, a high (75%) let-off, and a solid back wall. It really redefines the modern ‘speed bow’ as something that’s impressive in all-around shooting performance.”

According to PSE, these high marks in overall performance comes in part from a marriage of the Full Throttle speed pockets and their new Inertia Cam, as well as a redesigned 3rd Generation B.E.S.T. grip and a riser forged of 7075 aluminum and cut with a new Planar X 3D structural design.

The 2015 Dream Season Decree is also the first bow available in the new Mossy Oak Break-Up County camo pattern.

For their Mainline, PSE also introduced three new Bow Madness models, the Bow Madness 34, the Bow Madness 32, and the Bow Madness 30. The Bow Madness 34 and 32 are numbered based on Axle-to-Axle length, and both feature the new Madness Hybrid Cam, which according to PSE, delivers the performance of a hybrid cam, but still adjusts like a single-cam. The Bow Madness 34 and 32 both shoot above 340 fps and feature an 80% let-off. For those who still prefer a compact single-cam model, PSE has also introduced the new Bow Madness 30.

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