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Remington Scrubs Almost All Mention of R51 Pistol From Their Website


The rollout of the Remington R51 handgun has been full of controversy. The firearm was mysteriously absent from SHOT Show’s Media Day at the Range this year, despite the fact that Remington brought along numerous R51′s to be handled on the showroom floor.

Then, the reviews started rolling. Some experienced reviewers even had malfunctions that they considered to be unsafe (see Military Arms Channel’s review below). It seems that most of the reviewers encountered multiple failures to feed, return to battery and properly eject spent brass. To be fair, some reviewers did give the little gun rave reviews, but it seemed like something was up with quality control at best, and the actual design of the gun at worst.

Now, it seems that Remington has scrubbed their website of nearly all mentions of the R51 pistol (H/T Tactical Existence). It is not easily found listed among their other firearms, and using thewebsite’s built in search engine returns only 1 hit for the website homepage. However, when you actually visit the homepage there is no mention of the R51 (except for an image of this year’s catalog cover).

There are still a few mentions of the R51 in old press releases on the website, but not in the list of current products. While you can find tidbits here and there, the compact 9mm is notably absent from all of the areas one would expect it to appear in.

Clicking on “Handguns” under Products takes you to, a page dedicated to Remington’s 1911 line of pistols.

The only official Remington source I can find online that even mentions the R51 besides old press releases is on, Remington’s R&D website, and that is only a promo video from over six months ago.

Does this mean Remington is scrapping the R51 pistol? Ceasing advertising while they address issues? Your guess is as good as ours, but one thing is for sure, they certainly aren’t pushing it online right now.