S&G’s New EMP-Proof Lock!

The people have spoken and S&G has delivered.  Sargent & Greenleaf is the industry leader in security lock mechanisms for safes.  Those that might have been afraid to make the switch to an electronic lock due the fact they are unsure of an EMP(Electro Magnetic Pulse) can now rest easy with the 1st ever Electronic Gun Safe Lock to pass the Military MIL-STD-561F standard.  The lock can with stand a 50 Kv/m blast.

Leading safe manufacturers have already been adapting to this new lock and will become the standard electronic lock for their safes.  Winchester, Liberty, and Browning have also stated that there will be no added cost to the consumer for the new EMP-Resistant lock on future safes.

Sargent and Greenleaf

1st Electronic Gun Safe Lock to pass the MIL-STD-461F (50 kV/m Blast)
Independent Test Lab Certified
UL Listed

S&G EMP Lock
Winchester Safe pictured with the Spartan lock from S&G


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