Suns Out, Guns Out!

No more cold winter, so that means no jackets, sweaters, and coats.  This means carrying your firearm more discreetly under your shirt. When carrying concealed in the summer its not always easy to dress around the gun, so instead of dressing around the gun in the summer time, you should consider finding a smaller firearm. Carrying a smaller handgun is the best option without having to worry about printing. Here are a couple of firearms that are possibly the best summer time carry.

  • Smith&Wesson M&P Shield-This pistol has a 7 & 8 round magazine thats 6″ long. This pistol is extremely comfortable to carry anywhere on the body.

Smith and Wesson MP Shield - 2

  • Glock 42- This fairly new pistol that was introduced this year by Glock is maybe the new popular smaller pistol to carry. Its 6.26″ long with a 6 round magazine. Unlike other Glocks this handgun has a beavertail for added extra comfort.


  • Sig 938- Sig always makes quality pistols the P938 is still one of them. The 5.9″ pistol is extremely small, yet still fits perfect in the average size hand like a glove. Having a 7 round magazine in this small carry pistol is unbelievable. Although this pistol isn’t another $500 gun, the MSRP is at $893.


  • Ruger LCR 9mm- This revolver is probably the best carry revolver thats out there. With having a 6.50″ over all length still makes this holster concealable. The reliability of this revolver is very amazing. The con to this firearm is that it has 5 rounds with having to use moon clips. But its still a great reliable holster.


  • Springfield XD9 Sub-Compact- This pistol is a great little sub compact pistol. The pistol has (1) 13 round magazine and (1) 16 round magazine allowing for a more favorable capacity to carry. The con that most consumers will have with the pistol it the grip safety. If you don’t have a very good purchase of the grip then the safety might not activate. The heavy slide makes the pistol extremely easy to control the recoil.


  • Glock 26- The barrel length of the G27 is 6.49″, but has a small grip. This is allowing for the pistol to not have a print on the grip. Even though the grip is small this pistol has a 10 round magazine. The width of the gun is 1.18″ making the pistol still feel like a regular sized glock.


  • Kimber solo- This micro package Kimber has the same as the same 1911 ergonomics. The ambidextrous controls makes the SOLO comfortable for left and right hand shooters. The SOLO is a striker-fired pistol, completely different from Kimbers other pistols. The over all length of the pistol is 5.5″ with a grip of 3.9″. This pistol is extremely light being at 17 ounces with the gun empty. The magazine capacity is 6 rounds with an MSRP of $815. Kimber is very proud of their product!

kimber solo

  • Ruger LC9- An extremely affordable pistol with a simple design. This pistol has a 7 round magazine, 3.1″ barrel, and a height of 4.5″. The downfall to this pistol to some consumers is the external safety. Safeties can sometimes be a problem under stress. The trigger a has quite a bit of over travel and a long reset. This pistol is still a descent pistol to carry in the summer.


  • Kel Tec PF9- The lightest pistol to carry with with rounds inserted. This firearm is only 12.7 ounces unloaded and only adds 2.8 ounces with a 7 round magazine. The PF-9 is a small carry firearm with a 5.5″ length thats still able to fit in the palm of your hand. The pistols MSRP $356.53, but the reputation of Kel-Tec isn’t very popular amongst gun owners due to their low production of firearms.

kel tec pf9

Its summer time, so its time to bring out your small hand gun from your safe. These firearms are just a few firearms to keep in mind when carrying under your short sleeved shirt and shorts. Carrying your firearm in the Summer should be comfortable. Loosing a couple of rounds is hard to do after carrying your high capacity firearm, but carry a few extra magazines with you and know that you are still able to load up a fresh new magazine. Suns Out, Guns Out so carry with the confidence of knowing that you are still able to take down any threat when your out with your family this summer