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Top 3 reasons to get into reloading.

Reloading ammunition is an extremely worth while effort.  The concept has been around just about as long as the center-fire cartridge has been.  With some older boxes of ammo even giving you instructions on how to reload it.  While it may seem like a daunting process at first once you get into the groove you just don’t want to stop.

Number 3:  Save’s time and money.

For the high volume shooter reloading your own ammo is a no brainier.  Being able to pick up your brass and then reuse it is not only a money saver but a time saver as well.  Now you won’t have to go to the store and buy some or have to wait for a long delivery process.  It can be ready when you want it and how you want it.  Some older guns may use calibers that either aren’t in production any more or are hard to find.  It’s not every day you find 9.3×74mmR.  As long as you take care of your cases you can use them about 5 times.

Photo By Sumatra – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Number 2: Great customization.

With long distance shooting, factory ammo might not cut it for you.  It might either be too expensive, hard to find or just not up to your standards.  So with reloading you can dial in your ammo to your gun like crazy.  You can change the bullet weight or gun powder weight my very tiny amounts that can take your .75 inch group down to a .45 inch group.   It’s all up to you though because your in full control of your press.  Psst, hey!  Is factory ammo too soft for ya?  Does it merely drop a deer after it takes a few steps instead of dropping it where it stands?  While it’s not recommended you can take your ammo to it’s absolute limits of what your gun can handle.  Though no one, not even my self will recommend this, it is possible.  Please make sure that your guns can handle what your throwing at it.  You can even go waay under for something like a suppressor.

Read all the warning so this doesn’t happen to you!

Number 1:  Stay shooting for longer.

While this last point may be a bit more nebulous it’ll make more sense once I fully explain it.  People who have stuck around and kept on shooting generally reload.  The reloading process gets you more involved into shooting so you feel more active in it.  The only way to be more active is to make your own guns honestly.  With reloading you’ll be able to talk about why your powder loads are the best and why every one should try yours out.  You get to talk to other re-loaders who have been doing going at it for longer than you’ve been alive.  Do you think you’ll be doing something you don’t like for that long?  I rest my case.

Now there are plenty of reasons to get into reloading.  Some can be huge or very minute.  What I’m trying to say is that it can be a very worth while investment.  With a good reloading press and some time you can get the best out of your guns and your brass.  So consider taking a reloading class at H&H!  Do you already reload?  If so sound off in the comments and tell us what you do and why you reload!  Thanks for reading.


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Top Ten Rental Guns

The range at H&H features over 100 different guns available for rental.  Over the years we have noticed several trends in what is most popular at the moment and what is good quality.  Remember, this list is my top 10, but I want to hear from you, if you don’t agree with my list shoot back in the comments.  I’d love to hear about something I’ve missed.

Number Ten:  The Smith and Wesson Victory 22.

Now this gun really isn’t something people ask for directly by name, but it does get rented out a lot. Now you may ask why is that?  When people come to the range and ask for something easy to start out on this my go to answer.  This gun has all the good qualities of a beginners gun – it is lightweight, easy to handle, has great iron sights, it is simple to operate and the ammo is cheap.  The S&W Victory .22 is great for experienced and new shooters alike.  It’s hard not to have a good time plinking away with a fun .22LR.

Number Nine: Glock 17 and 19

These two guns are just about the same so I’ll lump them together for simplicity.  Both guns are great options for people who have shooting experience under their belts.  Both are simple to use controls and cost effective 9mm ammo make both an easy way to test out your shooting skills.  With Glock’s overall popularity, reliability, and reputation these two guns are commonly asked for by newer shooters who know the brand name.  Take either the Glock 17 or Glock 19 out on the range and you will understand why Glock has earned its stripes.

Number Eight: Ruger 10/22

Just like the Smith & Wesson Victory, this rifle remains a favorite of shooters at all skill levels.  Its ease of use and affordable ammo make it a great recommendation to newer shooters who may be nervous about using a gun for the first time.  The low recoil and great accuracy eases anyone in to the idea of shooting.  It’s always great to have someone bring it back and get a glowing review of it!

Number Seven: Smith & Wesson 686

Now here is something people are slightly asking for.  Since Dirty Harry splashed onto the silver screen newer shooters where enthralled by the idea of a giant revolver that could “Blow your head clean off”.  The sad truth of the matter is, the Smith & Wesson 29 is too much gun for newer shooters.  But the idea of a nice, powerful revolver sticks in their heads.  Enter the 686.  This lovely revolver is a great choice for those who come in asking for a “big revolver” that wouldn’t snap their wrist in half.  The large weight of the 686 makes it a bit softer for .357 and even softer for the .38 special cartridge.  Plus shooting a wheel gun is an experience everyone should have at least once.

Number Six: Smith & Wesson Shield

Alright now we get into the guns people are really asking for.  The most popular guns for sale at the moment are compact concealed carry guns, and the shield fits the bill!  It’s slim dimensions make fore a great in the waist band gun.  In addition the tall grip makes for easy shooting.  It is most commonly rented out in 9mm but is available in .40S&W and .45 ACP.  Although this is anecdotal, I’ve never heard of a lot about it malfunctioning.  The Shield has stayed strong after 1,000’s of rounds and it seems like it still has move life in it!

Number Five: The Springfield armory 1911 mil-spec.

The true American pistol.  It’s hard to watch a World War II movie with out seeing a M1911 in a holster or in use.  The nearly 120 year old design has stood the test of time in the field’s of popularity and actual mechanical reliability.  It’s all steel construction makes for a smooth shooter.  The .45 ACP cartridge is a not exactly a beginner friendly but after just a bit of practice you’ll be slinging .45s like its second nature.  Not to mention that the 1911’s trigger has set the gold standard for a crisp triggers since it came out.  Not to mention that the grips just naturally fir to your hand.  H&H also has about 8 to choose from so take your pick!  It leaves no doubt that you have a firearm in your hand.  While H&H has this exact model, other models of 1911s are availible, such as some from Kimber and Nighthawk.

Number Four: M&P 15 sport, Smith and Wesson.

The AR in AR-15 stands for Armalite (the company that designed it) but I’m pretty sure that you could tell some people that it stands for America’s Rifle and they would believe it..  The range I used to work at has three AR-15s for rent and it’s not an uncommon site for all three of them to be out at any given time.  It is a light weight, easy to use, low recoiling, easy to shoot rifle.  It hits a perfect storm of what an average gun owner is looking for.  In a way it’s almost a successor to the Winchester 1894 in the sense of popularity and ease of use.   The ammo can be had for cheap and it’s no slouch either.  The AR-15 shows people a whole new world of rifle shooting.  It’s really something you have to understand for yourself by shooting one for yourself.  The most popular one that gets rented out is oddly enough the plain jane M&P 15 from smith and wesson.  It stands to reason that if you love the base model you’ll like any extra features.

Number Three: The glock 42/Glock 43

The concealed carry craze is no joke.   For years people have been asking glock for a single stack 9mm and they answered the call with a .380 and a 9mm.  These two guns are commonly asked for and recommended by the range staff.  So it’s no wonder why they are rented out a lot.  Glock’s simple and no nonsense approach to firearm design is evident is their compact carry design.  Thanks once again to Glock’s brand recognition, this gun is an easy choice to try out for those in the market for a carry gun.  And when the gun comes back from being rented, the reviews I get are just like it’s larger framed friends.  No failures to eject for miss feeds.  It’s simple and reliable.  What more can you ask for?

Number Two: The Sig 365

This gun is the king of the Hill.  This gun is asked for by name.  This one has people coming back to buy more ammo.  Every time it’s brought back, it comes back with glowing reviews.  For the concealed carry crowd, I’d say there’s no better option that we could rent out for you.  It has great capacity at ten+one rounds of ammo.  It’s accurate, looks good, feels great to hold and shoot.  People just can’t get enough of this little beast.  It hits all the qualities of a great pistol and at a great price too!  Not to mention it comes with all of the Sig manufacturing standards that you’ve come to expect.  Just go try it out yourself, just make sure you have a lot of money with you.  You might walk out the door with one.

Honorable mention:  Springfield Hellcat

This is an honorable mention for one reason.  We just got one for the rent rack and it is proving to be very popular.   That’s all I’ve got for you, on to number one!

Number one! The Smith and Wesson EZ Shield.

This pistol has been a gift from above!  There have no shortage of people who have just not had an easy time racking back a pistol slide, not to mention handle heavy recoil.  With a combination of light springs and the softer .380 acp, this gun is a great entry point for people who have reduced grip strength.  I’ve rented this gun out and have seen people go and purchase it.  Seeing some one who has never been able to rack a slide then be able to shoot with confidence really warms your heart.  It’s a lovely firearm that let’s just about every one have a chance at self defense!

What do you think of the list?  Maybe you could go to a range and try these guns out for yourself!

February 2020 Sales Event

From now until the end of February don’t miss these deals at H&H Shooting Sports. Each month we put together some of our top deals on the guns & gear throughout the store and offer them with a special discount all month long. Along with these H&H Deals you can also find info on new items, and special events going on in the store. Next time you’re in store pick up your copy or check out the digital copy below! We can even deliver this ad directly to your email inbox! Just shoot us a text to join our email list. Text HHOKC to 22828, we promise that we wont spam you, only 1 or 2 emails per month!

Visit us in February where the Smith & Wesson M&P 9 – M2.0 Compact 9mm with tritium night sights and 3 15 round magazines is now on sale at just $359.99. The Sig Sauer P365 Tac Pac with 3 12 round magazines and a Sig Kydex Holster is available for $549.99. We have a special package for the Thompson Center 22 with a Free red dot sight, sling, soft sided carry case, and 400 rounds of Browning ammo in a wooden box all yours for $339.99. Get a FREE Ggunvault Nanovault combo vault with the purchase of select Kimber EVO SP Pistols, with 4 different models of Kimbers to choose from.

Hurry in for these and many other great deals at Oklahoma’s Headquarters for Guns & Gear.


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December 2019 Sales Event

Check out our sale items for the month of December! Each month we put together some of our top deals on the guns & gear throughout the store and offer them with a special discount all month long. Along with these H&H Deals you can also find info on new items in the store. Next time you’re in store pick up your copy or check out the digital copy below!

H&H Shooting Sports is the gift headquarters fro all the shooters on your list this Christmas. With a wide variety of ammo, firearms, knives and more, H&H has what you need.

Don’t miss the HK VP9 9mm with 4 total mags and a free hat for only $649.99, the Sig Sauer P365 XL is $579.99 and the Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 Sport with MP100 optic included is now just $374.99

H&H Shooting Sports located just off I-40 & Meridian in OKC – H&H Shooting Sports is Oklahoma’s Headquarters for Guns & Gear.

Black Friday 2017 – FULL AD SCAN

Complete coverage of H&H Shooting Sports Black Friday 2017 Ads & H&H’s Black Friday deals info.

H&H Shooting Sports has a better way to do Black Friday, with our doors opening at 9 AM on Friday morning. So rush in, stock up, and save big on great deals storewide. Starting on Black Friday they’ve got special door-buster savings on Firearms, Safes, Accessories, Knives, optics and more! Get the Champion Model T Safe for $599, and the Walther PPS M2 9mm is now just $339. All Pietta Cowboy Action Revolvers are now $175 OFF. Plus everything from Browning will be at least 10% OFF storewide.

H&H Shooting Sports will be open during normal store hours, 9am – 9pm on Black Friday. We understand that other stores will be opening earlier, some even on Thanksgiving Day. We want to ensure that our team members and their families get a chance to enjoy their Thanksgiving celebrations. We will see you at 9am!

Black Friday Ad 2017 Outside Pages

Black Friday Ad 2017 Inside Pages

View our full Black Friday ad online now, and look for it in Thanksgiving Day’s edition of The Oklahoman’s newspaper.





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Earn up to $100 when you purchase Winchester Blind Side Waterfowl Ammunition. For a limited time, earn up to $00 when you purchase qualifying Winchester Ammunition. Rebate offered in the form of a check. $50 minimum rebate and $100 maximum rebate per household. Offer is valid on qualifying purchases made before December 31st, 2016. Offer expires and all requests must be received by January 15, 2017. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.


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H&H 35th Anniversary Sale

The 35 year anniversary celebration is happening Nov 6th to 13th at H&H Shooting Sports.

To celebrate this milestone H&H is offering across the store savings. Unbelievable prices on handguns and long guns. Special discounts on ammo, you can even take 10% OFF all gun safes!

At the H&H 35th anniversary sale you can take part in the ultimate gun giveaway – one gun everyday Nov. 6th – 13th. Simply visit H&H everyday to enter to win a FREE gun – no purchase required.

Only at H&H – Oklahoma’s Headquarters for Guns & Gear.



H&H Shooting Sports is thrilled to announce our first ever Warehouse Sale, March 17th-20th. This sale is so big; we’re opening up our warehouse for all these incredible items! Save Big on Firearms, knives, ammunition, clothing, accessories and more. Unbelievable savings on Beretta Range bags and Winchester 308 ammo is over 50% off. Save over 35% on Remington Tactical Shotguns and over 50% on K Bar Knives and Swords, YES Swords at the H&H Warehouse Sale. Unbeatable savings on browning Parkas, bibs and hats. Fifty rounds of Hornady .223 ammo over 30% off. Save over 20% on Taurus 9mm Pistols, and over 40% on Stoeger Air Rifles. All of the clearance items have been moved out of the store for a final blow out! Clearance Items over 70 % OFF at the H&H Warehouse Sale. March 17th – 20th

Warehouse Sale, H&H, H&H Shooting Sports, OKC


Warehouse Sale, H&H, H&H Shooting Sports, OKC

Have you ever been to the shooting range and forgot to bring any eye protection or any other essential range gear?  Well here is a list of essential items to bring to the range.

  1. Range Bag – A must, even if it’s a backpack. As long as it will carry your range gear from your vehicle to the range.  There are a wide variety of bags, many that are versatile enough for any situation that may arise on the range. SRB-13
  2. Magazines – It wouldn’t be any fun to load rounds one after the other by hand. You can never have enough magazines with you on the range.ar15-magazines
  3. Ammo –  This one is almost a no brainer, but you can never have enough ammo with you on the range.IMG_20130821_152613_383
  4. Ear Protection – Personal ear protection is the way to go. Also sometimes it’s good to double up.HLT-3
  5. Eye Protection – Eye glasses don’t work. It’s best to use eye protection that are ballistic.Eye-Oakley-1
  6. Targets – You need something to shoot at, so if your range doesn’t have targets or the fun-loving zombie targets you like to shoot at, then don’t forget to add these as well.ZombieTarget_1
  7. Trauma Kit – You never know when you can be the person to help yourself from a wound or anyone else.Tactical Development Group
  8. Bench Rest – Target practice or zeroing it is key to be stable. A bench bag like the Outdoor Connection Leather Filled Bench Bag pictured below provides a steady platform and grips the rifle forend for added stability. 81yB02J4GWL._SL1500_
  9. Spotting Scope – Sometimes this is helpful when you don’t want to walk down to your target outdoors.97824_ts
  10. Cleaning Kit – A clean firearm is a happy firearm. This Remington Universal Cleaning Kit is available for $50.01 Remington-17187-047700171876
  11. Allen Wrenches – Unless you have everything lock tight, then this is extremely helpful to reset the screws back down.1977_moped_parts_Metric-Allen-Wrench-Set-50140
  12. Lubrication  – Lubrication is very important for the metal on metal contact on firearms. AR’s love lubrication!Frog-Lube-CLP
  13. Speed Loader  – If you’re going to be loading your magazines constantly this will help out with speed and the fatigue of your hands.458590


Remember everything that you could bring to the range could be needed by you or the fellow shooter next to you that wasn’t well prepared like you were to have fun at the range. Do you have any items in your range bag that we didn’t list? Feel free to tell us about it in the comment section below!