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Oklahoma Seeks Bowhunting Observers


ATTENTION AVID BOWHUNTERS! Here’s your chance to impact wildlife management decisions and activities of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation! And all you’ll need to do is keep track of things you observe while in the forest or the field.

For the first time, the Wildlife Department will conduct a Bowhunter Observation Survey during the upcoming archery seasons. Bowhunters are invited to go online and register as an official observer and become a citizen scientist this year.

“This is a great opportunity to help the Wildlife Department learn more about our natural environment, and in turn help the wildlife that we are mandated to protect and conserve,” said Corey Jager, responsive management specialist for the Department.

Here’s how the survey will work:

Bowhunters will register by filling out an online form before Sept. 30.

Participants will receive an informational packet that they will receive by e-mail before the survey period begins Oct. 1.

When in the field or forest from Oct. 1 to Nov. 30, observers will record the number of deer, wild turkeys and furbearers they see, along with the number of hours they spend in the field.

Observers will submit reports of sightings either at the end of each hunt, or all at once after Nov. 30 using an online form.

After the survey is complete and data are processed, participants will receive a copy of the results.

“We believe this citizen-science survey will provide valuable information to the Wildlife Department for evaluating population demographics and the general health of these wildlife populations,” Jager said. “And it’s just so easy to jot down your observations from your hunting trips, but it really could help our biologists make the best management choices for the animals and hunters alike. This survey allows hunters to play a more active role in bettering the future of their sport.”

To sign up, go to through Sept. 30. For more information, contact Jerrod Davis, furbearer biologist, at or (405) 590-2583, or Erik Bartholomew, big game biologist, at or (405) 396-2503.

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Hoyt Archery is giving you a chance to win a New Ram 1500 just by test driving the All – New Defiant Bow Series at H&H Shooting Sports.

Just come by H&H Shooting Sports before September 30th, 2016 and test drive any of our Hoyt Defiant Series bows in our archery range.

We will give you a certificate to enter into the drawing held in October to win this truck! It’s that easy and fun. Get here today for your chance to win, and make sure you enter before 9/30/16.


Well its that time of the year again, time for the annual H&H Shooting Sports Summer Expo, the three day event that brings the shooting sports industry directly to Oklahoma City. This years Summer Expo will take place from Thursday the 14th until Saturday the 16th from 9am to 9pm. Each year over 100 factories are represented, including all of the major companies, and they come and show off their product lines directly to the public. While all of this is happening the main focus is the storewide savings that are offered all over the store. Deep discounts and several items offered below dealer cost! This is truly a one of a kind event.


What I believe will be the main attraction of this years Expo will be the Smith & Wesson table where they will be showing off the M&P line of Smith & Wesson firearms, including the M&P Shield. Smith & Wesson’s M&P Shield now joins the growing crop of palm-size, slim-and-trim single-stack 9mms that have been appearing on the handgun market at a rapid rate over the last few years. It is the lightest and smallest 9mm personal-defense auto S&W has yet offered: only six inches long, 4½ inches high, less than an inch thick and weighing just 19 ounces. Based on the duty-proven full-size S&W M&P design, it will undoubtedly take a prominent place in the concealed carry world. Moreover, the new Shield is also available chambered in .40 S&W. Same size, same weight, same design. The only difference between the M&P9 Shield and the M&P40 Shield, in fact, is that the magazines for the M&P40 Shield hold one less round than the M&P9 Shield magazines. The M&P9 Shield comes with one semi-staggered flat-base seven-round magazine and one extended-base eight-round mag; the M&P40 Shield comes with one six-rounder and one seven-round magazine. The Shield, along with the rest of the M&P line will be a highlight of the Summer Expo, and will keep the Smith & Wesson booth pretty busy for sure.


The H&H Shooting Sports Summer Expo is an event that the whole family can enjoy, as there will be something to keep everybody entertained. I have it on good authority that there will be a special appearance by the mascots for the Oklahoma City Dodgers,Brooklyn, who will be at the Summer Expo on Saturday from 12:30pm to 3:30pm. The Dodgers will also be sending out their inflatable bounce houses and other fun inflatables Friday 2-6 & Saturday 10-6.


The Kids Archery 101 Classes will be returning for the 2016 Summer Expo. The last two years these classes have proven to be one of the highlights of the Expo, and this year is sure to follow the trend. Young Archers will want to be sure to participate in these classes!

IMG_3054 (1)

This years Summer Expo will be so exciting, the building wont be able to contain it all, as there will be several activities out front, including Alan Broerse’s Storm Tracker News 9 truck, a knife forging demo & cutting competition.


While visiting the manufactures tables you will be given the opportunity to take any of their display firearms out onto the range for a test fire. It is this kind of hands on test firing that attracts shooters of all experience levels to the biggest party of the summer, the H&H Summer Expo. Outside of the factory representative tables there will also be storewide sales on many items. Highly attractive discounts will be given on the already low prices on merchandise storewide.


This years event will be bigger than ever with HOURLY DOOR PRIZES offered all 3 days (you must be present to win) leading up to the grand prize drawing on Saturday night (where you do not have to be present to win). Each ticket that you buy to shoot a firearm from the manufactures tables will enter you into that hour’s door prize drawing and into the big drawing on Saturday night. The tickets are $4 each or 3 for $10.

This year’s Summer Expo will attract shooters young and old, and of all experience levels as they take a look at what is new from the industry, all gathered conveniently in one location at H&H Shooting Sports off of I-40 & Meridian.

National Archery Day is observed annually on the second Saturday in May. In 2016 it is Saturday May 14th. Join us at H&H Shooting Sports to celebrate National Archery Day with Half Price Archery Range time all day on May 14th.

Celebrate National Archery Day by sharing your archery activities using #NationalArcheryDay on Social Media.


The 2015 H&H Shooting Sports Black Friday ad is here! This is the ad that will appear in The Oklahoman on Thanksgiving day. Their are many more items that will be on sale, that simply wouldn’t fit into the ad. H&H Shooting Sports will be closed Thanksgiving Day, but will be open from 9AM to 9PM on Black Friday. Doors will open again on Saturday at 9AM, and they’ll remain open until 9PM. The sale prices will continue to be honored on Sunday from 9AM to 6PM.  This is a 3 Day Sales event, however all items are available while supplies last.

H&H Shooting Sports Black Friday Ad 2015
Black Friday Ad insert for H&H Shooting Sports. Many more items on sale in store than what would fit in the ad. Join us Friday, Saturday and Sunday
2015 Black Friday Ad - Guns - Page 2
Select firearms on sale at H&H Shooting Sports for Black Friday. Many more on sale.
2015 Black Friday Sales Ad H&H Shooting Sports Archery & Reloading
Archery & Reloading Specials for Black Friday at H&H Shooting Sports. Editors Note: There will be no limit on the Standard Ammo in .45 ACP & .380
2015 Black Friday Ad H&H Shooting Sports Optics & Safes
Safes and Optics on special for Black Friday at H&H Shooting Sports
2015 Black Friday Sales Ad H&H Shooting Sports Safes
Gun Safes and biometric safes on sale at H&H Shooting Sports for Black Friday
2015 Black Friday Ad H&H Shooting Sports Knives & Ammo
Knives and Ammo Specials at H&H Shooting Sports for Black Friday
2015 Black Friday Sales Ad H&H Shooting Sports - Guns
Select Handguns on sale at H&H Shooting Sports for Back Friday, and ALL used guns 20% OFF.
2015 Black Friday Sales Ad H&H Shooting Sports Accessories
Great Gift Ideas at H&H Shooting Sports – Find the perfect gift for the shooter in your life.


Join us at the Summer Expo in the Archery Department, where your children ages 6-18 will be able to learn that basics of Archery. During the Expo U class they will learn the fundamentals and safety of Archery. With the help of Joe and Stacey Goodwin, who are certified Archery instructors that will be teaching the class, kids of all ages will get hands on experience on the Archery Range. Classes are offered each day of the Summer Expo from July 16-18 2015, with 24 slots open each day to join. The classes will be an hour-long, from 3pm-4pm. (All parents/guardians must stay with their children during this period on instruction.) The classes are $5.00 per student with the proceeds going to the H&H Helping Hands Fund, which donates to the 501(c) charities that support growing the Shooting Sports.

Classes can be registered for online here


Here are some select pictures from last years Expo U Kids Archery Classes.KIDSARCHERY-683x1024





PSE has added an exciting new addition to its 2015 Pro Series line with the Decree HD, an all-in-one bow designed for the shooter that loves range and 3D archery as much as they love to hunt. According to Blake Shelby, VP of Sales and Marketing for PSE, the Decree HD serves a consumer base that has had to compromise for far too long.

2192393“Specialized bows almost always make sacrifices,” says Shelby. “Speed bows mean a sacrifice; if you want a deep valley, there is a sacrifice. If you want to hunt, you sacrifice range ability. With the new Decree HD, you don’t have to make these sacrifices. PSE has developed an all-around bow that delivers high-performance at all levels.”

Featuring a 35″ Axle-to-Axle and a 6-1/2″ Brace Height, the Decree HD looks to find that sweet spot archers are looking for in a do it all bow, and thanks to PSE’s acclaimed HD cam, the Decree HD boasts an 80% letoff and shoots a fast-but-smooth 342 fps. The bow is also available in Mossy Oak’s brand new Break-Up Country pattern.

Also coming hot on the heels of PSE’s ATA announcement of the Decree HD is the news that the Vector 310 and Dream Season RDX 365 crossbows have hit the PSE line. Designed for small-framed archers, the Vector 310 crossbow from PSE is a compact 32″ in length, and easy to tune with a two-turn weight adjustment. This compact crossbow also packs some power, firing bolts at up to 310 fps.

2192389For the more experienced crossbow shooter, PSE also is introducing the Dream Season RDX 365. Teaming up with Drury Outdoors, PSE has delivered a field-serviceable crossbow built on an independent machined-aluminum barrel and composite stock for a perfectly balanced, accurate shot. Add to that a 3 lb. trigger and a speed of 365 fps, the Dream Season RDX is a crossbow to be reckoned with for 2015.

2192391“We knew that our crossbow offerings for 2015 needed to be something really special,” continued Shelby. “With the compact Vector and precision Dream Season RDX joining the affordable Fang in our crossbow line, we literally have a high-performance crossbow for any customer. I would gladly put our crossbow line up against any other line-up in the market.”

According to PSE, the Decree HD, Vector 310, and Dream Season RDX will be available soon, so contact your local PSE dealer for more information, or visit


Sparta, Wisconsin- On the heels of the ground-breaking release of the¨ NO CAM ST Technology, Mathews Archery, Inc. is excited to introduce the McPherson Series Monster Wake.

Built to deliver raw speed, the all-new Monster® Wake™ is a powerful dual-cam bow built with the patented Perimeter Weighted AVS® DYADTM eccentric system. Featuring incredibly tight tolerances, the all-new riser and limb configuration makes it a more stable shooting platform. With power to spare, the new Wake™ delivers speeds up to 355 fps at 75% let-off and 352 fps at 85%.

“For those looking for the highest quality and most innovative speed bow in the
world, the Wake certainly fits the bill,” stated Mathews CEO and Founder, Matt
McPherson. “At 352 fps, it is the fastest 85% let-off bow and is just a pleasure to


Brace Height 5″
Draw Weight 40, 50, 60, 70 & 80 lbs
Bow Weight 5.38 lbs
Let-off 75% & 85%
Draw Lengths 25-30″
Half Sizes 25.5 – 29.5″
Riser Length 32.28″
Cams Perimeter Weighted Dyad AVS
IBO Rating Up to 352 FPS at 85% Let-Off
Axle-to-Axle 35″
MSRP $1,699

Visit for details on all the new 2015 models.


PSE Reveals 2015 Bow Line

PSE Reveals 2015 Bow Line, introduces Dream Season® Decree™, three new Bow Madness™ Models.

On October 2nd, PSE Archery introduced the newest flagship addition to its Pro Series bow line with the 2015 Dream Season Decree. Though it shoots at an ATA/IBO speed of 355 fps, PSE is confident that the Decree is going to be immensely popular for more than just its speed.

“The Decree may be the best bow we’ve ever produced,” says Blake Shelby, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for PSE. “Yes it’s fast, and at PSE we are known for our speed, but it’s also got a very, very smooth draw, a nice valley, a high (75%) let-off, and a solid back wall. It really redefines the modern ‘speed bow’ as something that’s impressive in all-around shooting performance.”

According to PSE, these high marks in overall performance comes in part from a marriage of the Full Throttle speed pockets and their new Inertia Cam, as well as a redesigned 3rd Generation B.E.S.T. grip and a riser forged of 7075 aluminum and cut with a new Planar X 3D structural design.

The 2015 Dream Season Decree is also the first bow available in the new Mossy Oak Break-Up County camo pattern.

For their Mainline, PSE also introduced three new Bow Madness models, the Bow Madness 34, the Bow Madness 32, and the Bow Madness 30. The Bow Madness 34 and 32 are numbered based on Axle-to-Axle length, and both feature the new Madness Hybrid Cam, which according to PSE, delivers the performance of a hybrid cam, but still adjusts like a single-cam. The Bow Madness 34 and 32 both shoot above 340 fps and feature an 80% let-off. For those who still prefer a compact single-cam model, PSE has also introduced the new Bow Madness 30.

For more information, please visit, or see the full 2015 PSE Product Guide at