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Think owning a gun is all the protection you need? Get the facts about gun laws, presented by U.S. Law Shield firearm program attorneys and law enforcement professionals.
Think owning a gun is all the protection you need? Get the facts about gun laws, presented by U.S. Law Shield firearm program attorneys and law enforcement professionals.

 Today GLOCK, Inc. announced the release of the new GLOCK single stack slimline 9mm pistol, the GLOCK 43. The G43 is the most highly desired and anticipated pistol release in GLOCKs history. Designed to be the answer to everyday concealed carry needs, the G43 is ultra-concealable, accurate, and comfortable for all shooters, regardless of hand size.


“The G43 is the most exciting product release to date because it addresses a variety of issues that many shooters face with pistols in the concealed carry category,” stated GLOCK, Inc., VP Josh Dorsey. “It will be the pistol of choice for law enforcement and civilians. The G43 sets a new standard for concealed carry pistols.”

A true slimline pistol, the frame width of the G43 is just over one inch and the slide width measures only 0.87 inch. The overall length is 6.26 inches. For those who have smaller hands, the trigger distance is only 2.6 inches, making it ideal for functionality. The single stack magazine holds 6 rounds and is the perfect concealed carry pistol for both duty and civilian use. The G43 is engineered to the same superior standards as all GLOCK pistols and the reliability instills confidence for all lifestyles. 

The G43 will debut at the NRA Annual Meeting, April 10-12, 2015, in Nashville, Tenn., at the GLOCK booth (#633).  Shipments of the product will begin directly following the convention.   

The GLOCK Group is a leading global manufacturer of pistols and accessories. GLOCK’s superior engineering has produced a pistol with only 34 parts and a rugged polymer-frame, providing industry-leading reliability shot after shot. GLOCK is renowned for its pistols which are safe, featuring three safeties; simple, offering a low number of components to provide reliability; and fast, with no encumbering parts to slow the speed to fire. This combination makes GLOCK pistols the first choice among consumers and law enforcement, with approximately 65 percent of agencies within the United States choosing to carry GLOCK. Austrian-engineered, the group has manufacturing facilities in the United States and Austria. Based in Smyrna, Ga., GLOCK, Inc. is an advocate for our nation’s law enforcement and military personnel, as well as all citizens’ Second Amendment right to bear arms. For more information, please visit

Concealed Carry has been in effect since the mid 90’s in Oklahoma, and Open Carry was adopted in 2012. However, I never really considered going number two while supporting the number two amendment might pose some serious challenges.  Colion Noir talks poop and guns in his latest vid, check it out:

Sound off in the comments below if you have some good ideas for concealed carry whilst pooping.


For many firearm owners, carrying their concealed handguns in a well-made holster is a priority. But with so many options available, such as pocket holsters, garment holsters, belt holsters and more, how do you choose the right one for your personal needs? It all comes down to safe, effective concealment that also allows for quick access. Let’s review some of the most important qualities of a good concealed carry holster, such as durability, ease of drawing speed, and retention options.



Comfort is key when it comes to choosing a holster. Oftentimes, concealed carry handguns themselves are blamed for irritation due to wobbling, sagging and shifting around in the holster. However, the holster is often the problem and is an inexpensive solution to the discomfort of carrying a large or heavy handgun.


Your holster should last for years, which means it should be made of a durable material. Don’t expect to pay $5 for a practical carrying solution for your $600 handgun. To ensure you get the highest quality holsters for concealed carry handguns, follow the rule of spending roughly 10-15 percent of the handgun’s cost. A quality manufacturer may even create holsters specific to the handgun you purchased, providing years of comfortable use. Such a holster should be impervious to adverse weather to provide the best protection for your investment.


You should be able to draw a handgun quickly and safely with the proper holster. It should not impede you from gaining a full grip on your concealed handgun, and should provide easy release of any retention devices. Place the holster on your dominant side to allow your dominant hand to easily withdraw the handgun with a straight-line draw that points toward the target. A good holster will never endanger the handgun owner while drawing.


A good retention device is a safety feature that should never be compromised. The holster itself may have a simple strap thumb break or other device that will keep the handgun in place during a hand-to-hand struggle or other physical confrontation. Regardless of type, a retention device is extremely important.


Your holster should always cover the trigger guard. If your holster material protrudes into the trigger guard, you will run the risk of setting off the trigger. The holster should also not interfere with the safeties on the handgun.

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry lost his right to carry a concealed firearm after being indicted Friday on two felony counts of abuse of power.

While under his indictment, Perry is not allowed to carry a concealed firearm in a public place, and according to federal law 18 USC 922(n), he’s also legally prohibited from buying guns and ammunition, Austin American-Statesman reports.

The letter of the law reads:

“It shall be unlawful for any person to sell of otherwise dispose of any firearm or ammunition to any person knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that such person (1) is under indictment for, or has been convicted in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year.”

However, if Perry is acquitted of his indictment, he will regain his rights.

Perry was indicted for coercion and official oppression after he vetoed millions of dollars in funding for Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg last year. On Tuesday, he turned himself in to the Travis County Justice Center to be fingerprinted and have his mug shot taken, though he was not arrested.

If convicted, Perry faces up to 109 years in prison.